Sunday, April 29, 2012


Do your own research II

Do your own research.


It's a new day. One whole day, and it feels like just seconds have passed. Isabelle, her sister Dorothy, Brandon, the driver..... and a new member of our family, Emma, came in last night. Emma is the name of the little girl that hid from the ASMZ when they stormed the Matagorda ZFC. So brave, but so crushed from the images and sounds she dealt with while she held her breath, hoping no one would see her. Matagorda ZFC had seen its last day. They left behind a house falling in on itself. All the children were gone, taken by the ASMZ. We put together a team to tracking them down. When I heard that it was in Colorado... at an airport... I knew just the place. Its the underground city built below the airport in Denver. I talked about this government abomination several months ago. Look it up, I cant go into it right now, but rest assured.. you will be awake after you read about the murals and hidden, cryptic symbols strategically placed all over the place. If that is the place, I don't know HOW were going to get in. The only person that might have a chance.. is Lokey... but he's in Africa for who knows how long.
This morning was rough. I got up, sat on the bed next to my wife and watched her sleep for a minute before telling her I was going to work. The weekend shift opens up opportunity to handle other things in my life which is good. My wife wishes I would do more house work, I'll try to do better. After brushing my teeth, I realized how much older I look since the start of this whole thing. Cracks in my face. Black stained edges around my fingernails which used to be blood.. and not my own I might add. I checked both rooms to see both my sons sleeping. My oldest with his Desert Eagle at his pillow. That's m'boy...
I made it over to the ZFC safe house in our neighborhood where Isabelle, her sister and Brandon were. We are currently deciding what to do with them. They are welcome to stay with us here, but Isabelle wants to go back and start a GALVESTON ZFC. She knows the risk. Starting your own ZFC is full of it. You basically put a huge target on your head. The ASMZ knows where you are, but so do hundreds of survivors that desperately need your help. Isabelle is young, but with Brandon... there's a possibility they could actually pull it off. We know what mistakes the Matagorda ZFC made, and they are noted... Speaking of the Matagorda ZFC... word got to X.
Not just that his ZFC compound was gutted like an elk during hunting season, but that there was a mysterious picture including him, with Isabelle and the now VERY famous house hold name... Lord Micah. And you can already guess, Lord Micah was already on his way from Dallas. As soon as things got settled here, we called Lord Micah and.. tried to explain what we found. He dropped the phone. We heard Sponge Bob Square Pants in the back ground until we figured he wasn't coming back on the line. He's on his way now. I only hope there is a good explanation for it all..Including the Sponge Bob show playing on the t.v. The photo Little girl Emma had, really does look like Lord Micah, X, and Isabelle are family.. we'll see. Not holding my breath.
I'm at work now. Listening to the machines run while I write this. The ride here from my neighborhood ZFC was pleasant. There was a wreck over by NASA. I always look at that place with a glare in my eye. I know about some of the things that are currently taking place there. Underground, I know about the zombie farms that are in operation. The deceit that burns from the heart of those few buildings, and the experiment funded world wide by the dogs that run the show. At the same time, I tip my hat to them. Not only for putting a man on the moon, but for bending the truth about our reality for so long, that we are comfortable with the lies told to us. It takes a tight operation to to that without blinking..... not bad.
The news is keeping my brain turning. With the 'pretend' presidential election taking place, there are so many things the media uses to keep our minds away from the ASMZ's clear take over of the United States. Mitt Romney and Obama have been put on pedestals to be hailed as hero's, never mind where the money comes from.... Goldman Sachs cough cough...wink wink nudge nudge.
The number of zombie farms alone funded by some of these elitist kooks would make your head spin. Not to mention the banks that are now cooperating to track the Occupy Protesters. The Occupy are planning on shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge on Tuesday May 1st 2012. We'll see what really happens. Hopefully hordes of zombies wont take over their movement like what happened in Georgia. That was a blood bath. Sux when people don't anticipate the multiplication of zombie population when they are let loose on the streets. The Occupy are planning on interrupting JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America offices as well. That's a pretty full day. I'm going to keep my radar on and see what they'll use as a cover up for the zombie attacks.... if there are any. The ASMZ is getting smarter with their use of zombies. Less Blatant.
Another thing I'm concerned about is the use of vaccinations in the country. I know for a fact that some "viruses are kept alive to help keep population down." So says BILL GATES in the TED conference. I think I mentioned that. Its all over YouTube, just look it up for yourself. The zombies are sure to hit the news sooner or later, and the poisons they contain will more than likely stir up the Eugenicist to pay off doctors to come up with new vaccines for us all to drown ourselves in. I'm not usually this negative, but my research lands on too many real points. Most kids suffering from WHOOPING COUGH are kids that were vaccinated... FACT. In 2010, 1000 children in New York suffered a mumps outbreak. 80% of them had been vaccinated with the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. I pulled that from Prison Planet. Its worth reading. They aren't covering much on zombie news... some, but not much. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I'm rambling now... I got a text from my wife a minute ago. Looks like X called in asking about Lord Micah being his father, and the possibility of finding his lost sister, scratch that, SISTERS. I'll wait on more information to talk about, at least until Lord Micah gets here and can speak for himself. I cant wait to hear this one.
JIG, Joshua, STAR, X, Mike T, and Captain LC are in Africa, driving toward their next safe house. As soon as I'm off work I'll be able to get a better fix on their location and how things are going. I haven't heard much from JIG lately so I'm concerned he's cracking. Him and his brother are pretty tight, but they seem to have been helping out, and leading when they are needed to. The Arc of the Covenant wont be easy to attain, but I wouldn't put the assignment in anyone else's hands than theirs. I'm proud of these 6 people, and you should be too.
The 1st GENERATOR: EPHOD will be used to funnel energy to the 2nd GENERATOR: The ARC of the COVENANT. We still aren't sure what the third generator is, but with Lord Micah working hard on it, I'm sure we'll get a better understanding on what it can do, and what the one world government truly plans on doing with it. We already know they want most humans dead, so they can restart the world the way THEY want it. In doing this, we have a pretty solid lead on them creating a God Like human with the combined power of all three generators. We are praying daily that we can prevent their evil from happening. Our lives are literally on the line. Zombies were born from the loins of the black hearted filth of the ASMZ and the one world government. As I said before, we are stronger than they think. Our flags will raise higher than theirs. Our voices are louder than any horde of zombies. We will prevail...
We fight as one, until there are none.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Lord Micah called with more details on what was taken. By now, I knew that Lokey made a trip special to Dallas and took what he wanted. Lokey IS on our side, but before we united forces.. he was, and IS a thief. Or GYPSY... what ever helps you sleep better. And further, I'm glad Lokey's on our side. I'd hate to have that kind of enemy. What upset Lord Micah wasn't the Frequency Weapon, but a stack of papers mixed in with all his research. The papers documented all the places his two children weren't. Unknown to any of us, Lord Micah had been on the hunt for his two kids. One boy, one girl. When he called, he sounded torn.

I immediately told him what I knew about Lokey taking the weapon, and maybe his papers were caught up with what was taken. "There's a chance Eddie... thanks." Is all he said. He didn't even speak once of the weapon that could potentially change the war on zombies and the ASMZ. He hung up the phone.

The conversation was on speaker phone like most are, and when I turned around, everybody glanced away as if they weren't paying attention. I could tell it was on every body's mind for the rest of the day. There's no better motivator than pain though. Where ever his kids are, I knew if they were half as awnry as Lord Micah they'd be fine. And because of the bad news, our ZFC became all the more focused on finding the Arc of the Covenant and getting our people home to their families... if they had any families left.

Star and Lokey made it to, and past their rendezvous destination of Bafoussam. Because they were in an original ASMZ bus, they were given the green light all the way through town. Not to mention the fact that the LITTLE BLACK BOX shredded any kind of life, dead or undead, in their path to find JIG, Joshua, and X. The ASMZ is resourceful though. As the hours ticked by, everyone knew that once the ASMZ found out about the slaughter, they would be coming for them. JIG contacted Lokey and gave him pin-point directions to meet and pick them up. Joshua took over the wheel and they drove toward the next safe house.

Back home we were dealing with a survivor named Isabelle. You might remember me talking about her a few weeks ago. She has a little sister that she is towing along.. surviving like the rest of us. She has been keeping contact better than some others, but she's young.. so I know getting help is a big deal these days. The same goes for Brandon. He phoned in from Florida and we worked out for them both to meet us here. Long story short, they made it. Brandons trip was a lot longer, but didn't seem any less filled with zombies as Isabelle's. They both shared stories of zombie battles along the way. Brandon said that Louisiana was the worst. HWY 10 offered up the ugliest zombies he'd ever seen. He told of a metal building he hid in for days before it was safe to leave. His food was stolen by bandits on the first day, and he scavenged the rest of the way till he got here. He is 13 years old. Not the best of situations for this young man, but survival brings out the strong ones.

Isabelle on the other hand had her little sister with her. That's a story in itself. Her mother died years ago as she said in her first published contact with us here, and she's been looking for her father ever since, sitting tight.. hoping he'd return. But the zombie apocalypse brings circumstances that force you to move, even if you swore you'd wait to live or die where you were.

The Houston ZFC had a bed and food for them all for several days. Isabelle's sister, Dorothy, was a real joy to be around. Always cracking jokes and doing the unexpected happy thing for everyone around her. We haven't had that spirit near us in a long time. Innocent and pure. Untouched from the fear of zombies, or the hate for the ASMZ. Just a child being a child. We didn't want any of them to leave, but there was a better place for them. Before X left for Africa, he set up a solid compound of self sufficient kids in Matagorda TX. Although it was around an hour or more from our location, we all decided that the younger children would be able to flourish there until X returned. With indoor gardens, solar panels, weapons and a few adult roaming around.. they seemed to be better able to handle the evils of life than we are here. We assigned a guide to go with Isabelle, Dorothy, and Brandon to head toward ZFC Matagorda. We took all the information we could from both Isabelle and Dorothy about their father and swore to do our best to track down his last location.

There are no guarantees though. Even when asking, Isabelle seemed to realize how narrow the possibility was that her father is still alive. Dorothy was optimistic though. So cute with her red shoes. The only pair she had. I noticed the brass buckle was broken on the left one, held together with blood stained duct tape. None of us asked what happened. Best to bury that story with the rest of them. I had them repaired before they left. It was the least I could do.

All was not well though. When they arrived at Matagorda ZFC there was bad news.... Really bad news.

Isabelle got out of the car and helped Dorothy get her things. Brandon noticed the front door. Blood. There was blood smeared everywhere. The adults that were left to help look after the ZFC were found on the side of the house, burned to a black pile of flesh. The windows were smashed in, the side doors were kicked in with bloody wooden splinters sticking out in all directions. The driver asked everyone to stay near the car just in case, but these were zombie fighters. They paid their dues as far as zombie fighting goes, and they'd be damned if anyone asked them to 'stay put'. They all entered together. Dorothy moved boxes of charred food aside with her red shoes as they made their way closer to the center of the house. Everyone was gone. "There was a fight" Brandon said. "Look!" Brandon pointed and made his way around the debris on the floor. He noticed the tip of an M16 pointing out from the upper deck of the home. They all filed upstairs, now fully noticing the war they just missed. Brandon picked up the M16 and checked to see if it worked. TATATATATATATATATAT!!! All across the far wall, Brandon emptied the clip then looked at everyone else with wide eyes. "Sorry." "Be careful with that thing, you could have shot my sister!" Isabelle shouted. He nodded and pointed toward a door at the end of the hallway at the top of the stairs. There was a.... sound, coming from behind a door. They huddled up and quietly walked toward it.

The sound got louder as they got closer. It was a small, buzzing noise. "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Isabelle said, and took two heavy steps to the door and kicked it open. Flies. Dead bodies and flies. So many that they had to run back to the end of the hallway. Isabelle asked the driver to stay with Dorothy while she and Brandon went to check it out. There was obviously no life in that room. Dead or undead. Their biggest fear was that they would find all the children of the Matagorda ZFC crammed in there. Hoping it wasn't a mass slaughter. The last thing anyone wanted was to end the day with 60 plus murdered children to answer for.

They pulled their shirts over their nose and mouth, and went in. Grown ups. Stacks of them. Piled one on top of another there were grown ASMZ members. Dead. It looked like they never turned zombie which is a good thing. The only thing worse than the ASMZ is a ZOMBIE ASMZ!! Just then, the driver yelled from downstairs. "HEY KIDS! YOUR GONNA WANT TO COME DOWN HERE....SLOWLY OK?"

Brandon and Isabelle peeked out the door. Brandon glanced around the floor to find another M16 magazine. No dice. It was a child. The driver and Dorothy were sitting across from a child. Dirty face and hands, and thin.... very thin. The child had a pistol aimed at Dorothy's head. Isabelle walked quickly to the steps at the end of the hallway. "What do you want? Point the gun at the driver, POINT THE GUN AT THE DRIVER!!" Isabelle screamed uncontrollably and started charging toward the child. The child turned her head, dropping her aim, and fell to her knees weeping.

The little girl was so scared and alone for so long, she was in a daze. The only emotion she had left was to kill. Mans first and last survival instinct. Brandon grabbed the gun, emptying the one shell in the chamber. It was meant for the next intruder to her home. They all helped her up held her. She needed to be held. Like a child. Like everything was going to be ok. At at this moment it was. She was able to tell them what happened at Matagorda ZFC. The ASMZ found them and moved in with several dozen officers. Barry Soeterror was the leader of the pack. He and a few of his men fell back when the ASMZ were being shot down by the children of the ZFC. The wave of officers never let up. Helicopters and armoured trucks moved in, allowing Captain Soeterror to enter the house. The little girl witnessed the captivity of the entire Matagorda ZFC. The adults were led outside, dropped to their knees, and forced to either be eaten by zombies to the bone, or to shoot each other. They never stopped yelling DONT TREAD ON ME! So they were burned alive. She said the children were moved to Colorado. "Under the airport" is exactly where she said. She went on by telling us somegthing about them being cryogenically frozen for study, or until they weren't needed anymore. They then piled up the dead ASMZ in the room upstairs, followed by a spraying of some sort of gas.... and left.

Hours passed. The little girl woke up in the arms of her new care takers. There were cans of food all over the floor, mostly with bullet holes in them, but some with out. They were ready with a spoon full of soup. The girl smiled when she saw Isabelle's face. "Where's your brother?" She said with a weak voice. Isabelle looked confused, looked around, and said, "Brother? What do you mean.... brother?" "Where is YOUR brother?" The little girl was barely able to speak. "Oh poor baby, she must be delirious.. she needs to rest" Isabelle said and patted a damp rag on the little girls head. The child patted her pocket, then passed out again, weak from the day.

Isabelle moved the little girls arm, and reached two fingers into her pocket. She pulled out an old picture. Isabelle's eyes teared up, then started to cry, dropping the picture. She grabbed Dorothy and walked to the next room, sitting on a chair lit up by the only window that wasn't shot out. Brandon picked up the picture. "Its a picture of Isabelle. She's standing next to..... It cant be..." The driver snatched the photo and noticed just as Brandon did. It was a photo of Isabelle, standing next to Lord Micah. And in his arms......X



Sunday, April 22, 2012



Lokey. Banged up pretty good from his fall from the sky used caution leaving the Cross River National Park. He was lucky landing on a zombie, ultimately breaking his fall. And probably saving his legs. But there were other wandering zombies in his path towards his target BAFOUSSAM.

Why STAR wanted to meet there was a question Lokey intended to ask. As he got closer and closer, the mountains in the area became a hindrance more than anything else. It was beautiful though. Lokeys only real trouble was hiding when the occasional ASMZ helicopters flew over, and slitting the throats of multitudes of zombies that walked amongst the trees. But the trees broke into shrubs and the mountains were at his feet now. With out the cover, he was much more worried. He knew that the chem trails he saw earlier would pose a problem later in the day, possibly they following. He was expecting bad weather. At least.... that's what chem trails brought back home. BAD WEATHER. That's the last thing he needed.

Up. The Bambouto mountains climbed into, and disappeared through the ridge of clouds as Lokey wiped the beads of sweat from his face and arms. The morning was gone, and the sun was baking everything on the ground. The smell of rotten flesh permeated the woods he was leaving behind. Zombies weren't known for their skills in mountain hiking so he knew he'd be safer on the face of this petrified, volcanic rock. But alone. There was something to be said about the scent of rotting flesh. At least you know somewhere out there, there's something.... and your not completely alone in the dark. Same goes for the ambulance syndrome we have back home. If you hear the siren, you know there's life out there. So up he went. Small back pack. Small fire arms and blades.

In the meantime back home:

Lord Micah called me and told me how crazy things were back in Dallas since he got home. The Lab he works in was broken into and the frequency gun he's been working on had been stolen. This poses a pretty serious problem. If the thief that stole the frequency gun can reverse engineer the weapon, they can build their own. Possibly better. This was the weapon that was supposed to even the playing field between us and the ASMZ. This weapon was supposed to "CHANGE THE WAY WE BATTLE ZOMBIES" according to Lord Micah. But now... its gone.

His rant on the phone was intense. He rambled on with words I'll never know, or have the balls to look up in fear that my stupidity will finally look me in the face. The lab entrance wasn't damaged, and there were no footprints, fingerprints.... nothing. We were all stumped. Lord Micah asked me to keep him posted if I came across any news on the device. Then, 20 minutes later... he called back to see if I had any news on the device. I was starting to grasp how detrimental this frequency gun was to our victory against the zombies and the ASMZ.

Just then, I got a call from JOSHUA. He was in the safe house in Africa with X, JIG, and MIKE T. "Eddie, did STAR call and confirm she was going to meet Lokey? Because she up and left us here with out saying more than a "I'll be back." I've never met a more introverted woman in my life!" Joshua went on. "Eddie, if they don't come back soon, they will be left behind. Lokey said he could help us out here and by help, I'm assuming with money so we can buy and barter our way to Ethiopia. X is pissing me off so bad I could spit, Jig and his brother Mike T are always talking so quietly, I don't know what they're up to! We need more input man! And my training tells me something is up. I hope you've had contact with STAR or LOKEY, and I hope you can tell me they're on their way, Cause if not...

Just then a low growling frequency came over the phone. Like MEGATRON from TRANSFORMERS erupted over the phone. JOSHUA screamed out -- KILLEM'ALL KILLEM'ALL KILLEM'ALL!!-- BREECH BREECH!!

Gun shots and loud growls, screams and sputtering moans were all that I heard over the phone. I held on, listening through the mayhem. "GRAB IT! GRAB IT ALL! LETS GO! MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE!!" JOSHUA yelled at the ZFC. I heard foot a door open, the sounds of nature seeping immediately through the line, then foot steps running on gravel road. JOSHUA spoke again, panting but in control. "X is behind us laying land mines, Jig and Mike are running with me covering X with random shots which you can clearly hear over the line! Were running to the trees. I think it'll be safer there. Zombies found us. I don't know how, maybe the ASMZ has been tracking us the whole time. But we need these SAFE HOUSES TO BE SAFE DAMNIT!"

I didn't have an excuse. He was right. The safe houses we have set up along the way to Ethiopia should be safe.. safer. I apologized and gave my word I would work on it. Out of breath, he interrupted, "Don't apologize, just do it... PLEASE!" I knew he was right. And I've already started. My wife and youngest son have time dedicated to working with the GYPSY GROUP to secure more SAFE HOUSES in Africa. But that's all I can do.

Our ZFC hid in the trees. Looking. Waiting... Cussing.

Lokey made it to the summit and crossed over to the downside of the mountain. It was raining now. Exactly what he thought it would do. The chemtrails were now open blankets across the sky, lying underneath the natural clouds that passed over at a quicker pace. Darkness was coming. The day proved to be long and hard but Lokey covered lots of ground. The volcanic floor of the mountain offered up new terrain, smells, sounds. Wildlife was as it was before the walking dead took over the world. So, he sat and listened. Granola bar. And one sip of water from his flask.

Lokey sat underneath a huge leaf that covered almost his whole body. The rain water was dripping off it, hitting his steel toe boots. A sound came from ahead. Lokey instantly put his palm over his throwing knives located across the outer waist line of his black vest. THUDUDUDUDUDD! He turned his head and noticed a throwing knife similar to his own stabbed and still vibrating not but 5 inches from his head. Lokeys hand moved from his knives to his side arm. This looks like trouble...

A voice came from a few feet ahead, hidden in the trees just as he was. "Don't get all RAMBO on me Lokey, I'm coming out, so don't trip. Its me.... STAR." STAR eased out with another throwing knife ready to go in her right palm, faced out for Lokey to see. Lokey stood up.

"YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED STAR!" "SSSHHHHH!" STAR hushed Lokey and waved him over toward her through the dense thickness of the trees and bush. "Look" Star said and pointed out toward the city of Bafoussam. Lokey looked over her shoulder and saw the worst possible scenario for escaping the ASMZ and zombies imaginable.

Through the trees was an opening into a field lined with trees. And one road leading to Bafoussam. Inside the rain soaked field were buses. 10 of them. White. With the ASMZ letters painted in white spanning their entirety. Zombies were getting off and wandering in circles, some attacking each other like dogs. A few had escaped the packs already, making their way out into the jungle. ASMZ officers were patroling the area with their HUM ATTACK weapons pointed at the zombies in case they got too close. The zombies were big. Bigger than we've seen before. The black ooze gushed from their mouths, vomiting as if it were a necessity of life. The red of blood was all but gone unless their skin was torn. There was an officer standing on top of one of the buses with a bull whip yelling, and snapping the whip at the zombies. They were actually doing what they were told. The ASMZ learned how to control the actions of these zombies by force. Almost scaring them into doing what their told by offering up a police state in the area. Lokey was intrigued. STAR was antsy.

"What do you think?" STAR said. "I think we wait....then go through the middle" Lokey answered quietly.

Not completely understanding, STAR went along with Lokeys words. He seemed to be well versed and set up for just about any situation, so for now... she trusted him.

"I don't want to get to far ahead, so take my hand and follow quietly" Lokey said. STAR reached out and grabbed Lokeys wet hand. They went around as far as they could before they spotted zombies walking through the trees amongst them. They crouched. Pulled out their throwing knives and quietly dropped zombies, making a safe path for them to run through the field. With out saying a word, they dropped zombie after zombie and smiled at each other at the skill they shared. Pick up the knives as they moved forward, they prepared to run through to the other side of the field. The buses were on, discharging the black, diesel exhaust into the rainy air. The plan was to wait till the last zombie exited the bus closest to the road, get there as fast as they could with out being noticed, steal the bus and drive as far as they could without dying.

STAR put in her head set piping the DOORS into her mind, getting ready for what lies ahead. The zombies were thinning out from the center of the field as they all made their way into the dark jungle around them.

They both put in ear plugs just in case.

"READY?" Lokey said. "1.....2....3!"

Lokey and STAR dashed towards the bus. Immediately several zombies noticed them. STAR had blades ready and threw them like arrows, stabbing them in the brain. Faster and faster they ran. The ASMZ noticed them too when the zombies turned and screamed their black, gargling bursts at them. The zombies were a mix of big, small, slow and fast. Some tried to run but were dropped by Lokey as he popped them with his pistol. The larger ones found a way to get closer. STAR with drew her sword, ran up the leg of the largest zombie and swung, lopping off the head of the walker. STAR was forced to fast pacing backwards, still in the targeted direction but there were just too many. Then the HUM ATTACK broke the sound of zombie war on a wet battle field.


The HUM ATTACK was shot by an ASMZ officer, pointing his bull horn into the air. All the zombies that had scattered to the trees, were now RUNNING towards Lokey and STAR. They had made it to the bus. The door was open, and it was pointed towards the road leading to Bafoussam. But they were surrounded. Out of breath and soaked with rain, they stood there ready to die. Sword drawn, STAR looked at Lokey. It looked like he had ants in his pants. He was reaching into the front of his pants frantically. The ASMZ walked closer and closer to them. And in the distance, they could see the running zombies flooding out of the trees. There wasn't even enough time to reach the door. "GOT IT!" Lokey said aloud.

He pulled out a small, black box from his pants. STAR looked perplexed, and drew her pistol.. which she never EVER used and pointed it toward death. Lokey held the device out in his hand, palm up and pressed a small red button on top with his thumb. STAR immediately threw up. She looked over at Lokey and saw he was saying something but all the volume of life was gone. Lokey was smiling and pointing out to the ASMZ. STAR looked out and watched the heads of the officers pop like grapes. They all dropped to their knees. And that was the first pulse.

The little red light on the side of the device turned off and STAR heard Lokey yell, "GET READY FOR THE SECOND PULSE!! PUSH THE EAR PLUGS DEEPE.."

The little red light turned back on. Silently, the second pulse began, completely shattering the rotten corpses that ran toward them. As the waves of zombies came at them through the trees, Lokeys device powered up and blasted ever 2 to 3 seconds. It pushed the zombies off their feet and into the air, bashing them against the trees, ripping them in half. The zombies screamed with anger and hunger, but they were no match for the black box that Lokey held in his hand. Like somebody was sweeping dirt from an old house floor, the zombies were scooped into the rain and shredded into pieces, left on the ground for the jungle to devour and reclaim.

STAR ran behind Lokey and got in the drivers seat of the running bus. The zombies kept coming. Lokey figured the distance between them and the flesh eaters, put the black box away and shot into the crowds of zombies as they came.

They shut the door and drove. Side winding out of the filed, STAR floored the gas through the wet and mud making it to the dirt road leading to town. Lokey holsterd his pistol and walked to the back of the bus to check for supplies. Nothing.

"So....are you going to tell me what the hell that... box is?" STAR looked at Lokey through the long rear view mirror of the bus.

Lokey walked to the front and sat behind her, "UM....I kinda.....Borrowed it from Lord Micah."



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rendezvous with Captain LC

After the Skype call with our ZFC in Africa, I realized how desperate everyone was. Not just here but in Africa... hell.... all over the world. The nervousness was felt in the room when Lokey said he was leaving at once. And he did. He boarded a flight and made it to Africa several days ago. Lord Micah and I were left in Houston to clean up the remains of what the ASMZ left behind. A bloody, carcass smelling city left for dead. Lord Micah was deep in research with his weapon. Trying to combat the ASMZ is getting harder and harder. But its keeping us on our toes. Some of the people around here have just given up.

Two days ago, there was a mass suicide. 5 blocks down from my house at least a dozen or more residents grouped together and decided it was easier to become the walking dead, than to die slowly. No faith. Worst thing was the looters that came in their absence. Half of them became zombies themselves. Unprepared. Untrained. My sons went in and cleaned house. They came back with food, water, and notes that were meant to go to their families. Fathers, Mothers... hell all branches of family marched out together hand in hand and gave themselves up to the flesh eaters. The ASMZ conveniently showed up hours later to mop up the red off the street. Then the Canary Group came in with their yellow suits, spraying the homes as if the walls were infected with roaches, and other unspeakable bugs. Just getting ready for the FOR SALE signs that were put up in front of their yards this morning. Gross testament to the lack of humanity our leaders have. Funny how were supposed to look up to the ASMZ.

Back to Captain LC.

Lokey arrived in Africa on a Tuesday morning. As affiliated at he is, he had been to Africa before, but didn't talk about it much. He is VERY private. When his identity was released that he was the leader of the GYPSY GROUP, he denied any interviews or conversations with any of our ZFC's. That is until the zombies came in such huge numbers. Everyone has their point of realization. Surviving in numbers gives you a better chance of surviving at all.

He made it to a secure place. It wasn't a safe house, but for Lokey, finding a place to hide out came more naturally than to others. Days went by before he called. he said that his presence was obviously known of but he wanted to seem dead to anyone in the area. His travel from the airport to the ZFC was by way of helicopter. He noticed during his flight that there were 2 or 3 helicopters about a mile or more away from him. They seemed to be shadowing his pilot. He wasn't sure if they were friends or if they were African ASMZ. Lokey watched closely as the helicopters rotated out. One after another they would land, and in place there were other helicopters taking the position. In all, Lokey noted 13 helicopters land. That's when the pilot mentioned the mass amounts of chem trailing ahead.

Out the front window, dozens of chem trails webbed the African sky. The beryllium and aluminum flakes reflected the brilliant African sun offering up a stunning canvas in front of them. Lokey didn't like what he saw. As beautiful as it was, he knew how dangerous chem trails were, and in numbers like this there was no telling what kind of storms were ahead. Lokey looked out and didn't notice any shadowing helicopters so he asked the pilot to circle around a 20 mile radius. He told the pilot it was "To see what the weather was going to do". But the truth was, he wanted to get a better idea on what those helicopters were up to.

The pilot chirped in through the microphone and head set, "Dosh! Dosh!" Which is slang for money. The pilot looked as worried as Lokey felt inside. He obviously didnt like chem trails any more than Lokey did. But he did as he was told when Lokey pulled out a wad of ear plugs and African money. They circled wide, low and fast.

On their second pass, they saw the helicopters staggered on the hot African floor. The pilot snatched the ear plugs Lokey gave him and crammed them in his ears. Lokey did the same. They started to see the hordes. Hundreds, maybe thousands of zombies were walking in the direction of the ZFC's original safe house. From the sky it was easy to see, the zombies were flowing around the grounded helicopters. ASMZ members were outside on the ground with bull horns blasting HUM ATTACKS keeping the zombies from coming too close to them. Smoking cigarettes and laughing, the ASMZ took random shots at the zombies, dropping them easily. There were 8 to 10 bigger transport helicopters that were on the ground with zombies pouring out of them. Then, they all looked up.

Lokey's helicopter was noticed. ASMZ started pointing at them and began firing wildly into the air. Lokey just happened to fly into an ASMZ zombie training operation and he was watching it unfold in front of his eyes. "LET ME OUT!" Lokey said. The ground was whizzing underneath them, the pilot pulled back and gained altitude as fast as he could screaming all sorts of African words. Lokey looked out to watch the camp of zombies and ASZM small into a dot as they reached the low African clouds. Lokey turned off his cell and any other GPS devices he had and grabbed the pilots shoulder. "IM JUMPING OUT! MY PARACHUTE WILL LEAVE ME NEAR THOSE TREES UP THERE! ITS THE CROSS RIVER NATIONAL PARK! LOOK FOR MY FLARE!" The pilot turned his head and replied in English, "I KNOW! JUST GET THE HELL OUT!!"

Lokey grabbed his bags and parachute, slid open the side door, and jumped. The sound of the helicopter was quickly replaced by the muffled sound of the wind violently screaming past his face. Lokey found direction and began tracking. He jetted through the African clouds, cloaked, and hidden. There were several layers that he passed through. The third layer down he noticed a perfect hole in the clouds. Then another, and another. Then, like a drunk person bumping into you on the subway, Lokey was knocked sideways by what he knew immediately, had to be a  HUM ATTACK! The hole left in the clouds by the blast was enough for him to put two and two together. The attacks were aimed at his pilot who was frantically trying to get away. If it hadn't been for the earplugs, Lokey would surley have been stunned and unable to fly as precise as he was.

Lokey tracked again and powered forward closer toward the ground. He looked over his left shoulder and saw the helicopter he was just in, spinning out of control and going down, intercepted by a surface to air missile. The explosion shot debris in a million directions in mid air. Lokey knew for sure he was spotted, but wasn't sure if the ASMZ saw him jump.He flew on. Seeing the edge of the Cross River National Park, Lokey readied his parachute. He was outfitted with an AOD (automatic opening device) which allowed him to deploy his chute just a couple hundred feet from the ground. Even with ear plugs in, the bang of the reserve chute rang Lokey's ears as he came down violently fast to the ground. He pulled the snap on his knife sheath attached to his belt, pulled his blade, and buried it in the head of a lost zombie, breaking his fall. Lokey's ears were still humming on the inside. The HUM ATTACK that narrowly missed him combined with the blast of the parachute left him half dizzy, but he didn't hesitate. He grabbed the body of the zombie and drug it into the dark woods, hiding him from the world.

Propped up against a tree, Lokey did what he did best. He looted the body of the the dead zombie. It took him a whole 5 minutes to retract the knife that was stabbed deep into the head of the unfortunate zombie he landed on. Occasionally looking up, Lokey found money, jewelry, a pocket knife, and a baseball cap that was stuffed in the deads back side belt. Taking just a minute to rest and think, Lokey sipped his water and realized.... since when do HUM ATTACKS have the power to stun a helicopter? Rendering it useless, taking all its power causing it to fall from the sky? It wasn't a HUM ATTACK at all. It was an EMP blast. That's what left the gaping holes in the African clouds as he passed by.

Lokey then checked his phone, and other battery operated devices. He wouldn't have been able to contact JIG and the other ZFC if he hadn't turned it all off. The EMP blast would have ruined everything he had. "Lucky bastard" Lokey said. "Lucky bastard." If his luck truly was on his side, the army of undead and the ASMZ would have tracked the helicopter they shot down to make sure there were no survivors. And in reality, if the ASMZ wasn't reading the blog over the past few weeks, they might not even know he's IN Africa?

Lokey didn't want to take that chance. He stood up, pouched his water flask and made the call to JIG, STAR, X, JOSHUA, and MIKE T. He paced back and forth between trees while the phone was ringing and noticed a slight pain in his left leg. The parachute landing is starting to take its toll, and his adrenaline is wearing off.

STAR answered the phone. "LOKEY, I guess you made it in one piece? Where are you so we can find some way to meet. Either way one or all of us are going to have to back track to come get you."

"I'm in the Cross River National Park"

"You sure can pick a great place to land Lokey."

"Don't start with me STAR, I don't want to be here but you guys need help. My transport is....down. Tell Jig, his helicopter was probably his by an EMP like mine was... Where can we meet?"

"Lets shoot for BAFOUSSAM. Stay off the main road and I'll call you when I'm close."

"Star, did you just volunteer yourself to come back for me? You should know there are thousands of zombies, a dozen HUM ATTACK helicopters, and countless ASMZ in the area...."

"Lokey, yes... I just volunteered to come get you, but more importantly.. if I don't get out of here, I'm going to rip my own head off. I'm the only female here and these pigs are just begging to be stabbed in the night. I'll call you in 12 hours. Find high ground and don't puss out on me. I don't care if your the leader of the GYPSY GROUP, we need help finding the ARC of the COVENANT. Thank you for being here, but I'm not in the groveling mood."

"uuummmm.....ROGER? 10/4 OVER AND OUT.....STAR"

Eddie Rotten


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Understanding the NEW WORLD ORDER

I walked outside the other day. Foggy. Dim lit street lights. One of those mornings that Texas brings when you least expect it. I heard a moan coming from somewhere in the yard. Too foggy to see more than 10 feet in front of me. BLAM! A burst of light shot ahead toward the ground. Then.. an amber glow from a cigarette approached me. It was my oldest son.

"So... your smoking now?" I said with half acceptance. What was I to do? The stress of this zombie Apocalypse takes its toll on people differently. I should know. I've had one here and there over the past few months. My moral compass always drifts though. I can feel the poison seep into my blood when I smoke these days. Maybe that's why I did it.

I walked toward my son and saw the clump of zombie he left on the grass. It was half gone to begin with. My son said it looked like people were still playing ZOMBIE RUN. The game where people would tie zombies to the back of the car and see how many other zombies they could knock over. I gotta tell you though, even with an undead half body crawling through my yard, my son smoking in front of me got to me even worse. It means he's got more to worry about than how his old man will think of him. Don't know weather to be upset or shake his hand.

He was using his Desert Eagle. His favorite gun. I hadn't seen him take it out in a while so it was nice to see it shine through the thick fog of the morning. Things were weird with Lokey gone. Africa awaits him. He's probably already there but I haven't heard from him. Lord Micah called yesterday and said some things to me that were... unsettling. He mentioned having children. He never said anything before but the sound of his voice seemed like it was pretty serious. 3 children. 2 girls and a boy.

After the zombies came in 2011, he lost everything. Because of a divorce his children were scattered and he wasn't able to find them. 'Still' isn't able to find them I should say. So, along with killing zombies and regrouping the Houston ZFC.... it looks like I'm going to help Lord Micah trace his kids down. That should be interesting. He said he'd call back soon and give me details. He thinks they might be in my area. I didn't have the heart to tell him but, there is NOTHING in my area. Most of the neighborhoods are dead. The ASMZ made damn sure of that. The only reason why my family and I are still here is because we make such a big fuss over everything. If we disappear, everything we've said over the past year and a half would be true. So for now, we live.

My son and I walked around to the front of the yard and barely made out my NEW neighbor. The old neighbor was put down by the cops the other day. He was bitten at the convenient store. Turned. And attacked the dude behind the counter. Vicious bastard. Even before he turned zombie. Its probably better he was put down.

My new neighbor was standing there looking at us. Just.... looking. Blank look on his face. As we got closer to him I started to feel dizzy, almost like puking. I remember my son grabbing my arm and pulling me back towards the house. THUD THUD THUD. My head was banging on the inside. I fell down and my son dragged me by my arms to the porch. He got on top of me and started slapping me in the face. As I looked up at him he was yelling. But I didn't hear him. Almost like I was in a dream. He continued slapping me and feeling my forehead. He pulled his gun from his holster and aimed it out into the fog. I saw the white blasts from the Desert Eagle, but again. I heard nothing. He mouthed to me, "GET UP! GET UP!!" I started to regain reality again. My knees moved with out me thinking about it so my senses were coming back. He grabbed a second gun from his back and handed it to me. 9mm. My favorite. I looked into the fog where he was shooting and saw them. ZOMBIES. At least 20 or more zombie coming to us through the heavy gray air.

My neighbor stood there emotionless. With out moving, he stared blankly at us. I was on my feet now. My hearing started to return, muffled but improved. I took aim and shot. One after another the zombies were dropping. My clip was only half full but my sons Desert Eagle was taking multiple zombs out at a time. MW3 Tactic. Who's says video games are pointless?

My neighbor started stomping his foot. Then his feet. Then he opened his mouth and rotated his head around and around. Through the fog, I saw him start to smoke. His eyes. His mouth. Yes.... He was burning! Burning from inside! Almost like he was awake to what was going on but unable to do anything about it. His eyes turned black and dark ooze started erupting from his mouth. He turned violently to his truck, opened the door, reached under the seat. Then.... POP! A bright white flash came from the cabin of the F-150. His body dropped lifeless on the seat behind the passenger door. My son and I continued firing into the mob of zombies charging toward us. Through the heat of our rounds and Gods hand, the fog started to disperse. The zombies thinned out and the survivors were now crawling over the dead bodies to get at us. Howling that awful empty, dry scream into the foggy morning. My son noticed, "Dad! Look!" From the far side of the zombies we could clearly see a white van. Unmarked. Windows. And the description of someone we now fear. Barry Soeterror. 1st Commander of the ASZM. He had a gun aimed in our direction. Not at us, but at the zombies. We stopped firing. He knew we saw him but his aim stayed fixed on the zombies. Almost like a remote control car. He was smiling like a child. No bullets came from this odd shaped gun, and the zombies that were left to crawl began smoking from the ears and mouth just as my neighbors did. One by one they stopped moving.

My son and I stood there at the front door. What the hell did he have? 1st Commander Barry Soeterror saluted us, gave a quick grin and shouted, "Pocket sized! We can thank the Russians!" The van drove of spiraling fog into a donut behind it.

In its wake was a pile of smoking zombies. We didn't even need to waste the ammo. I think now that our neighbor was an innocent bystander. Poor dude. I wasn't able to understand the suicide until I went in with my son and tried to make sense of what Commander Barry Soeterror yelled at us. "WE CAN THANK THE RUSSIANS."

I googled it. RUSSIANS DEVELOPE ZOMBIE GUN. Sure enough. The EMP gun that was found in the catacombs of NASA had been modified. Apparently by the Russians. They are using it as a mob deterrent but in the wrong hands, it could be, and is deadly. Its getting attention though. I found it in Yahoo News and other sources are carrying the story too. Not good. It seems to be just like the HUM ATTACK weaponry that the ASMZ are using in Africa, but silent and able to fit in your hand. After putting together the story from the net, and seeing what happened to my neighbor, I assessed that the silent electromagnetic microwaves fried him from the inside out. Thus explaining the smoke coming from his ears, nose and mouth. I'm for ever grateful to my son for pulling me out of the way.

My wife walked in and saw what we were doing. "You guys are all alike. Your focusing on one or two small things. You should be focusing on the big picture. They don't want us to look up. Hell... they don't want us to look at all." I swiveled away from the computer and gave my attention to her. My son put his hands up and walked into the kitchen. "Don't you see honey? The world is a pilot for Americas downfall. Everything that happens here has been tried and proven to work elsewhere in the world. You think small cars were brought back to save gas? They were a pilot program in China, England, Russia... and now here. It was just another test by the NEW WORLD ORDER to shrink the size of our families.... through trendy 2 door coups. How are you supposed to take 5 kids to the park in a Mini Cooper? Population control! Not to mention PROJECT GLASS by GOOGLE. DONT GET ME STARTED ON MIND CONTROL!"

I sat there and shrugged my shoulders. "This zombie gun is no different." She went on. "They tried it out in other countries and now its a device that will be publicized by the banks that own the media and before you know it, all the world will be rejoicing about HOW WONDERFUL THE NEW ZOMBIE GUN IS!!!!" My wife doesn't usually go off, so I could tell this all really freaked her out. "Don't you ever wonder if this fits into what the Bible says about THE EARTH BEING BAPTIZED BY FIRE? Maybe these EMP guns were chosen to fulfil Gods plan of destiny here on Earth?!?"

I stood up and helped my wife sit down. She was pissed. Pissed that she got up early and watched her son blast a crawling zombie in our yard. Pissed that she had to go get her shotgun and watch out the window, just to make sure she could help if we needed it. Pissed at how it seems were loosing this war to the most evil and foul creatures of this planet. And I'm not talking about zombies....

After sitting down my wife continued. "Don't you see? There's something were not supposed to see. Something that is keeping our eyes from looking up. Why wont they just leave us all alone? These Ipads and cell phones, hand held games and GPS. They want us to look down. They want us to ONLY look down. Slaves. We've all become slaves!" She started crying.

I held her and rocked with her back and forth for most of the morning. She was done. I was too.

She calmed down and apologized to me. "Our community needs us. Our ZFC needs us, we cant give up. Don't let me give up and I wont let you." We kissed, held hands and watched our new favorite show on HULU PLUS. The River. Pretty good show.