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These days get long here in Texas. The zombie have found a way to raid some of the local food supply shelters. Either that or they are breeched by the ASMZ and the zombies are led in by the tens to devour anything that has substance. I almost liked it more when zombies only ate animate objects. Now, they are more like roaches or rats that eat just to eat. I'll cover the battle here at home soon enough. I want to fill you all in on whats going on in Africa first. I got two messages recently. One from Joshua, and the other from Star. Look, these are people that proved to be more than just zombie fighters. That's why they were chosen to handle the hunt in Africa. I have yet to sit down with them via Skype to explain looking for the ARC OF THE COVENANT, but soon. For now, lets start with Joshua's message to me... to you... and to everyone who is open to understand our resistance to the new world.


I know it has been some time sense my last update, didn't mean to worry you, been a bit busy. Let's just jump right in...I was able to get us a vehicle from the same contacts that got us the weapons. We were informed that they cannot help anymore, not because they don't want to, but because they're getting the hell out of Africa. They told us that their mission cannot be completed at this time with the influx of "dead opposition" and civil unrest. In saying that they did have some information that was very helpful. The Arc of the Covenant seems to be what they call a small nuclear generator called "Hyperion Power Generation" I guess the guy that invented this technology has some problems getting the license he needs in the states. Japan showed interest, but after the melt-down they withdrew. What better place to go test something no other country will let you, you got it. Africa.

Now, let's move on to this guy Jig. Before we got to the rendezvous point star proceeded to tell me that she has no trust at all for this guy, and would not be surprised if he was the one that set us up when we arrived here. Not knowing this Jig guy I will take what she thinks to heart. I cannot not tell what X thinks of the whole situation, he has been withdrawn lately. I think this place is just wearing on us. On a side note when we met with my contacts it did seem like X wanted to fight one of them. Not too smart, but you have to admire the heart, but I digress...When we arrived at the rendezvous I had a short meeting before getting out of our vehicle in case things go bad we will have a game plan. Also, star will not be satisfied until she knows the truth about Jig. I let her know I have her back and I'm sure X does as well. As we approached the jeep Jig and another guy got out, as we were walking towards each other I noticed that all of us had our hands on our weapons. I swear I heard X whisper "let's smoke em" I remember thinking please X don't go all Xbox on me. Damn kids want to shoot first all the time, and we cannot afford that right now. There were very few words exchanged be fore they told us to get in the jeep. Jig said "one of you can hop in front" per my instructions I got in behind Jig who was driving and Star behind the passenger, X in the middle "which he was not happy about," but he understood when it all went down. As we drove a bit I slowly pulled my .45 and gave Star the signal. She pulled a straight razor she keeps in her boot. I grabbed Jig by the hair and stuck the pistol to the back of his head while he was driving. The man he brought drew a pistol and pointed it at me "which I figured he would" his arm was extended across X's body. I was hoping if this didn't go as I planned X could push his arm or something so I didn't catch a bullet in the face. I calmly said "have your man put that pistol away and sit forward or my lovely companion here is going to use her razor to turn him into something like a pez dispenser before he gets a shot off." Jig told him (Mike T) to chill and the man lowered his pistol and sat forward. I told him to stop the jeep, he did. I said you better have the answers I'm looking for. I first asked him if he set us up at the airport & before he could answer bullets started hitting the jeep. In the distance we could see what seemed to be a pick-up truck with a large automatic gun mounted in the back, which I assume to be a .50 cal to be shooting at this range. Behind that truck was two others filled with armed men in the beds. It was local paramilitary trying to overthrow the current gov. Fortunately for us because of the rough and rocky ground the gunner could not keep a good zero on us. As we all ducked behind the jeep X was yelling THE ROCKET! THE ROCKET!. Then it hit me, he was yelling about the RPG we still had it. I pulled it from the back. We only have two rockets so we have to make them count. They all layed down some cover fire. I took the shot, it was high. Even though I'm ex military I have to admit I never fired an RPG, we don't use them in America. I loaded the second rocket and fired, the truck did a complete flip while in flames. It was like something you would see in the movies. X laughed so loud you clearly heard it over the commotion. The men in the other two trucks dismounted and started to engage. All of us were firing everything we had. We were dropping them, but they just kept coming. We were going to lose this battle, then it happened a chopper appeared and started the HUM attack. Having no earplugs in I dropped instantly, X and Star pulled me behind the jeep and covered my ears. When I came to, all I heard was Jig saying "great, that's just great!" Star helped me to my feet. When we looked all we saw was an army of zombies coming straight towards us. I couldn't think right, that HUM attack was still getting to me. Star jumped in the drivers seat and tried to start it, nothing...Then all we saw was a rocket come from a near by hill and wipe out half of the nasty bastards coming for us. As soon as that happened we started to engage the rest. By then the chopper was coming around for a second attack. Another rocket from the hills hit the tail and the bird went down. We have to be some of the luckiest SOBs on earth. When the smoke cleared we saw a vehicle approaching us from the direction of the hill. It was my contacts here, they told us that they were tracking a paramilitary force and heard the shots. We thought that we might be able to get our hands on that HUM device from the wreckage, but it was all too damaged. We thanked our saviors and they were on their way.

We set-up camp for the night, the tension is thick between us and JIG. I'm sure he didn't forget what happened before all the gunfire. Not sure how to continue with my plan from here. For now we should get some sleep, X said he will take first shift. I hope he does not kill them while they sleep. Waiting on word from you. Joshua.

Joshua's message made me realize how crazy things are getting in Africa. Not just for our team, but for the whole country. There are wars going on besides the zombie apocalypse?!? What the hell is this world coming to?? Over all, I'm glad that Jig and Mike T secured a Jeep to at least make it out to meet our ZFC.  I hope they find a way to understand each other. Sometimes camp fires are good for that. Let me get into what STAR sent me. Then I rest. My gun jammed today and I manually killed two zombies. I hadn't done that in a few weeks and let me tell you... it takes it out of you. I'm whooped. Now, for STAR'S message. It was more of a mind opening read for me. I didn't know exactly where she came into all this from. And her mystery was just that... a mystery. Nobody really knows much about her at all, so it was nice for her to send me this. It seems to be an entry to her own personal journal since the beginning of all this. Anyway, I'm rambling.... and bleeding so I need to get some bandages. Here you go.

Log Entry #1

To Whoever reads these entries. I’m writing this “documentation” of the events that have transpired in Hamilton, Ontario. I don’t know how far this reaches, how far gone we all really are. I pray to god it has been quarantined by now. Before it has a chance to reach out farther than mankind can control. I say “it” because I really don’t know what else to call it. Call it a virus, call it a curse, call it a slight to humanity but my god, “it” is Zombies! Like, right out of a movie. I never thought it would be possible. I feel deep in my heart that this wasn’t something air born that was brought to us by some insect, animal or the like. I can’t help but feel that this was something man made. For reasons I don’t know and that keep me awake at night wondering about. It used to scare me, I was terrified….You know what, let me just start from the beginning…
It was a day like any other, I was in the kitchen making lunch when without warning a man came running up to my door… he was hurt.. bad. He was banging on my door and pleading for help. I was alone with my daughter so I normally wouldn’t have opened the door to a man screaming on my front porch, but this was different, and I knew this person genuinely needed someone, needed me. I grabbed the first weapon I could find which was a butcher knife from the kitchen and headed toward the door. I peeked out of the curtain and was terrified by what I saw. Blood! My god his blood was everywhere! I looked around and there was nobody in sight so I swung the door open, pulled the man in and shut the door and locked it as fast as I could. It was his arm that had been wounded. Not smooth enough to be a cut, no sign of bullet holes, just…ripped, torn flesh. Like he had been attacked by a rabid dog or something. I don’t drive so there was no way I could get this poor man to a doctor with my baby in tow. I called the police to send an ambulance, the line was busy! How the HELL can it be busy?? I called for a cab. Nobody answered. I was running out of time, this man was bleeding profusely. I grabbed a dishcloth to stop the bleeding, I tended to his wound as best I could. He lasted for about 22 hours and slept through most of it. But one day he passed on, right in front of my eyes. I had never seen anyone die in front of me before. It was eerie to say the least. I figure he must have gotten infected by whatever bit him. I said my peace and as I covered him with the blanket…. he sat up! I was so happy to see he was still alive! I pulled the sheet off of him and noticed something different about him. Something in his eyes. Vacant. Loathsome. Hungry. He lunged at me. He looked like he was trying to bite me…and he was! I didn’t know what had gotten into him and I wasn’t going to wait to find out. I had a crazy man in my house and a baby playing one floor below us. A weapon.. something to use against this lunatic. I remembered something that was tucked away in my closet.  An heirloom that had been passed down in my family for generations. It was my great great-grandfathers samurai sword. I opened the closet door and grabbed it, unsheathed it just in time too. He was right on me. I swung around as fast and hard as I could and cut his head clean off. I was amazed at the power I held in my hands. I have to admit, I  felt…good….exhilarated. To take this mans life. To kill someone who was a danger to myself and worse, to my daughter. He had to die. It was the right thing to do. I went downstairs and immediately picked up the phone to call the police.. no signal. Why the HELL would there be no signal at a time like this! Well I wasn’t going to stay in the house with a dead psychopath in my room. I was getting my daughter out of there. If I can’t reach the cops by phone, I’ll just have to go there in person. I packed up some necessities and we headed out the door.

I want to thank STAR for sharing these desperate moments with us all. If this is the best way for her to open up to us than we'll take it. These people that are fighting with us are REAL PEOPLE. I care for them each individually and wouldn't send them all the way to Africa if I didn't think good things would come from all this. The fight against zombies is only part of the terror that is coming. We must fight as one, until all are gone.



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