Sunday, March 18, 2012


With our zombie fighters together finally in Africa, I had just a little bit off my shoulders. My wife and sons were busy building up the community awareness programs and doing great at it. As the days passed by in Africa, they did here too. Each had trials that we over came. There are a total of 5 members lost from the Houston ZFC. All zombie related. The worst was from an attack in South West Houston. Robert is his name. He is the ZFC leader for that area of town. Him and his wife are in charge of organizing water relief to those that need it, but arent able to get to it due to ASMZ restrictions (zombie deployment). The cover up is still pretty thick. The news doesnt report that the ASMZ is behind the zombie attacks... hell, they barely report the zombie attacks. They are hinting to it now just by referencing certain political pockets as being 'ZOMBIE MINDED'. But thats not the real story, and they know it. Sorry... im ranting.

Anyway, Robert and his wife go through a section of town called Sugar Land. A once beautiful and safe place to raise your children is now almost uninhabitable. Squatters have taken over the abandon aprtment complexes. ASMZ frequently drive through with paid off police officers to HUM ATTACK small areas, pushing out the weak. But Robert and his wife are pros. They know the routs to take to stay safe and out of the eye of the New World. This particular time... Robert came back... alone.

He said that on that day, Sugar Land was especially quiet. The streets had very few zombies. Enough for students to make it to college without having to fight any off. This was a bad sign. Oddly enough, in certain neighborhoods we've learned that when there are a shortage of zombies, it means that they've died off on their own from starvation, or they've been killed. In either case, new zombies were usually deployed as soon as the ASMZ found out about the shortage. This was the day of zombie deployment.

Like a swarm of humming bees, Robert said they came from around the corners. The eerie moan and distorted pant was what they heard first. As the sun rose in the humid morning, Robert noticed the shadows running across the walls down different alleys. His wife never liked zombies. She was already emotionally upset. But she kept saying. "DELIVER THE WATER, DELIVER THE WATER." Robert said his biggest regret was that he told her not to worry about anything. "I promise I wont let anything happen to you." Words he probably wont ever have the balls to say again. Who could blame him...

They were driving an old Chevy S-10. Inconspicuous enough to make it through any part of town without being noticed, and it had plenty of room to pack the 80 boxes of bottled water around in. The Leer cover on the back was an old one. Didnt match the rusty paint job on the truck, but who gives a crap about appearances anymore right?

Robert was pushing 60, and his wife was 6 years older than he was. They had been in the game since around June of 2011. They lost both their children since the outbreak, so they did everything they could to support our cause. And now that I think about it.. im not sure 'how' their children died. Just that their volunteer work was because of their childrens death.

Driving cautiously to avoid students running to school, and from zombies; Robert pulled the shotgun down from the glass behind them. (Yes, you can sport a shotgun in your trucks back window in Texas, sweet right?) He handed the gun to his wife to load while he tried to find the best way out. The streets filled with frightened people. Squatters, bums, students, convenient store clerks... the whole mix was here. He had taken a wrong turn somehow, and the somewhat safe street he turned from was now filled with hungry flesh eaters.

Complete pandemonium. The zombies he spoke of were like the ones in Africa. Black, watery puss oozing from the nose, eyes and mouth. Some of them didnt have eyes at all, just running wildly to the closest sound. They were wild, animal like beasts that were attacking each other. Even themselves. Almost like they were trying to get out of their own skin. "Absolute insanity" was how he described it.

He punched it. He immediately ran over zombies that were sprinting towards him. People were jumping out of windows around them, falling to their death. The gas station they drove by blew up. Burning zombies were slowly collapsing as they passed through this hell on earth. The radiator started blowing steam out from the hood and he smelled anti-freez. The truck was taking on heavy damage while the toll of zombies he was plowing into started to multiply by the second. Then... BAM!

His wife sat lifeless next to him. Robert menuvered, still trying to keep the truck going. Glancing over every other second. She was gone. The gun must have mis-fired while she was loading it. He said it over and over to me. Trying to convince himself that she didn't take her own life while he was driving. He heard the glass smash in from the back of the truck. They were on top of the water. Now, the only thing seperating him from the walking dead, were two thin sheets of glass. He drove violently towards the edge of mayhem. Thumping and crunching over zombie after zombie he saw a break in the smoke and screams ahead. He then heard the familiar wup wup wup wup of a helicopter over head followed by the sickening, gut wrenching sound of a HUM ATTACK. Trying to focus, his eyes started to vibrate. All he could make out were blurry scenes of zombies dropping in front of him. Some stood and screemed into the air, puking black ooze through the black smoke, then dropping to their death. His eyes started to water from the tension building up in his head. His truck hit a curb, a zombie, bounced off a brick wall then hit a light poll at 30 mph. The last thing he remembered seeing was his wife, sitting peacefully beside him.

When he awoke, the streets were empty. He was left for dead. The helicopters were gone.There were zombies and burning bodies laid randomly on the ground. He staggered out of the truck, falling to his knees to finally mourne the loss of his wife. He said he sat there for 20 minutes, then was interrupted by the next unsuspecting wave of students fresh out of their class and on their way home. His head was pounding as the group of 10 or more kids walked cautiously through the debris. Stepping over bodies and pointing at some as they passed through. They didnt see him, so he just looked at the destruction. Just like they were.

He drove his truck back to the ZFC in Sugar Land. They said the repairs are almost too great, but we might be able to get the help of a mechanic nearby. Most of our funds are going to Africa right now. We dont have much to begin with, and I might need to hit up Captain LC from the GYPSY GROUP again for some money. Things dont look good.

Robert's wife was buried behind his house. He wanted her close, and he wouldnt have it any other way. After so many years of being married, I'd give him what ever he wants. The service was nice. There were only a few ambulance echo's in the distance... and like I said before, the sound of an ambulance is better, then no sound at all.

==Robert, from all of us around the world, we are truley sorry for your loss.Your wife is proud of you for being so strong and such a great leader. We love you.==

I'll fill you in on whats happening in Africa as soon as I get more word from our crew. There are two more people that are coming up on our radar as beeing quite skilled at zombie killing. And as we get more intel on them, i'll fill you in with that too. As for now, STAR, if you are reading this... if you would be so kind as to send more of your journal entries. My wife and I are intrigued with your story before you came to be a fighter for our cause. We know you are very private so I understand how tall the order is, but it really does help us get to know you better. And as far as my tweets, Im sorry for making your situation in Africa... less than what it is. It wasn't my intention. As I went back an read my posts on twitter, I better understand where your coming from. I appreciate what you all are doing there, and as soon as I know you are all in a safe place for a day or so then I will tell you exactly 'why' you are there, and what the deal is with the ARC OF THE COVENANT. Thank you. Hug your team for us here in America. We are all pulling for you.

Until my next post. be careful American Zombie Fighters. We dont want to loose any more people. Focus and keep your head straight. Darker days are coming for those who arent prepared.

Eddie Rotten KILLEM'ALL!!!


  1. Eddie Rotten: this is my first time reading this blog and i must admit i find the shear weight of the facts disturbing. it is our duty as both humans and US citizens to battle this zombie invasion. i personally have seen much evidence of Zombie activity here in San Antonio. i can no longer sit idly by watching these zombies overtake my home. i will join your cause in whatever way i can.

    1. Welcome. Email your ZOMBIE LIFE name, weapon of choice, location & situation. KILLEM'ALL!!