Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was sent a copy the other day, via the comments section of this blog. Not sure where it originated from, but Captain LC told me to be cautious before posting. It seems to be from the United States Government? The Gypsy Group have been tapping wires for...well since the beginning, and they might have stumbled on something here. Possibly an actual conversation in the higher ups talking about zombie farms. I'll let you decide. This is part of what was sent to me. Proceed with caution, and if you have any ideas, please feel free to email me or add your comments below:

"What do you see?" "I see lines. Your point?" "What do you see?" "I already told you what you already know. And from the looks of it, don't know." "What do you see?" "Enough of this, take this blindfold off me! I'm John Mitchell, contractor for the United States Government. That is all I can say, all I know." "The Chinese and Indians. Vast populations. Most in the world, some would say off the cuff." "yea? and?" "they hate each other. That region. Pakistanis. Indians. Chinese. Now the Indian Prime Minister is set to visit South Korea on what its says is national security. If South Korea is attacked by North Korea, China falls suit, all bets are off, and will have the world distracted, that it begins its attacks. We have bases in Japan and South Korea, Mr. Mitchell. Their existence is based on our readiness levels to react. So truly, who do you have your loyalty to, Mr. Mitchell? Life is not a pie to be cut up and shared, Mir. Mitchell. It is high-stakes gambling and you either sit and watch as decisions are made or go all in." "...India has 17.5% of the world's population, and China alone has almost 1.4 billion.... 20%... combined they have a big piece of the pie. But like I said, life is not about sharing pies.... zombies, Mr. Mitchell. You and I damn well know they exist. You sent memos to your management. There's a lot of zombies to be had in that region... Now, back to the lines... latitude 40.458148, longitude 93.39.145... where in DC are they looking...?" It's sometimes difficult, though not impossible... to be the blind man sitting in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn't there... and still finds it.. staring back.

This post was leaked to us by ANONYMOUS. We don't know who they are, or where the information came from. We can only hope that more of it comes. This seems to be a confidential conversation about countries making political decisions based on where they can deploy zombies!! This would blow the lid of the media.. if they would actually talk about it. 

There is more too. I received another Journal entry from STAR. Hot and in uncomfortable company, she emailed this piece of her past to me. She said I could share it with the world. So... I am. And if this is the best way for her to communicate to us all, then we'll take it.

This is STARS most recent Journal Entry sent to me...

to be continued:

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