Thursday, March 22, 2012

Through the eyes of JIG

When I got word from Joshua in Africa, I knew that things were hairy... yes, but that everyone that went, survived. Despite the barrage of gunfire from multiple directions. Despite the black, puss spitting zombies that infected the area. Despite even the HUM ATTACKS that became so frequent in the African desert. All these things were over come by the spirit and tenaciousness of our ZFC'S. Now sitting around a camp fire, they have a chance to get to actually know one another. Their eyes will meet. Their conversations will turn from hostile mumbles to understanding similarities among the walking dead around them. These African nights might serve as a calming agent between them all. I know that JIG has a good explanation for what happened at the College Station GYPSY GROUP COMPOUND. Now... he has the time and opportunity to help them understand. The Eugenicists around the world have come up with mind boggling things in the past, I.E. cloning, gene splicing, military bio-engineering etc. I don't put it past them to create a double for JIG and blame a COMPOUND MASSACRE on him. But What do I know. For now, let me give you a piece of what JIG himself sent to me. Almost simultaneously from what Joshua sent me during the same period of time. Its interesting to see the same exact moment, from some one else's perspective... isn't it?

To. Eddie Rotten & the Houston TX ZFC

FINALLY...... We now have a fix on Joshua, Star and X. Were heading to them now. It may take a few hours but were in the process of getting a vehicle. These military guys in our view. Were about to take them out now...............................................................OK so were back. We have the vehicle. It was so taking candy from a child. Were on route to Eddies team now. Hopefully we should reach them soon........STOP!
Mike slammed the brakes on. 
"Why have we stopped?" Mike asked.
"Look in front of you."
There they were....I noticed STAR first. No one owns a samurai sword like that. Gives her away quite well. Joshua and X were following close behind. I jumped out of the car, and held up my gun. I noticed they also had there guns pointed at us. Mike held his gun out the side of the car. We all stared at each other for a few seconds until I shouted....
They jumped in the vehicle behind us and we set off.
A little into the journey I got smacked round the back of the head. It friggin hurt! And made me feel sick. Whoever hit me did a good job, and hit me bloody hard. He grabbed my by the hair, pulling me back into my seat. I noticed mike had pulled his pistol on the others.

I heard a voice say to me,
"Tell your man to lower his weapon.....ova-wise I will take your life quicker than he can think about shooting us."

I then realized the one they call Joshua had a gun to the back of my head.

"MIKE....I would appreciate it if you could lower your weapon.....I kinda like my life at the moment....and my partner will kill you if anything happens to me. You remember what she said."

Mike lowered his pistol.

Just as he did.....out of nowhere....we took heavy fire from a vehicle up the road from us. Luckily he was a terrible shot and barley hit us.
All of a if plucked from thin air, Joshua pulled out a  bad ass rocket launcher. He shot the first round and missed....the second sent the vehicle spinning into the air. It was amazing.

Mike shouted "ZOMBIES!!!"

He was right....a massive hoard of zombies were heading our way. I remember thinking that this was it....this was the end.

Then came the helicopter. Everyone started shooting at it but before we could even dent the metal work....the HUM attacks began. Me and Mike kept shooting for a few minutes after.....switching from helicopter to zombies. The zombies went down like flies but nothing could seem to do any damage to the helicopter (which I kind of expected.)

Then we hit luck. Out of nowhere a third RPG hit the mounds of zombies completely dismembering them.

But the helicopter was swooping round for a second HUM attack. But once again from the hills, out of nowhere came another RPG hitting the helicopter sending it spinning around in the air.
It eventually crashed and burned.

The problem was.....another jeep turned up with people in it. I held my gun firmly in my hand, about to shoot when Joshua shouted


"I know these people....there my contacts"

I put my side arm back in its holster and followed him towards the men.
They were trying and hoping to get their hands on the HUM device to use against our enemies. But it was too smashed up in the wreckage to be of any use to us.
With that we thanked them for saving our life's and they went on their way.
We have now set up camp for the night. Were all tired after that attack. X has taken the fist watch.....but I don't trust him to sleep in his presence just yet. I'm sleeping with one eye open for this rest.

Will report back soon.


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