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Like I said, STAR is in Africa with the rest of our crew from both the US and from the UK. She is the only one from Canada. Her days are just as long as the others, and each one of them has their own troubles and fears they deal with on the inside. STAR is making a break through with us and with the people she is battling with in Africa. So with gratitude to you STAR.....

Log Entry #2
As I walked out the door, my daughter in her carrier, I stepped over the dried blood which sent shivers down my spine. I was reminded of the fear in that mans eyes when he came running to my door for help. He was so terrified.. what was he so afraid of? What hurt him? And why in Gods name would he turn on me?? I helped him…I cared for him! Something didn’t add up. I had to proceed with extreme caution in case whatever hurt him was still lurking around waiting to attack me.  I had a bag full of necessities for my daughter, the clothing on my back and a BIG-ASS sword in case anything tried to mess with us.  I looked around the neighbourhood… nobody in sight. And what was even weirder, is it looked like everyone had stopped whatever they were doing and just.. took off, or worse, like they just disappeared. Hoses and sprinklers were flooding the lawns, a few cars were in the middle of the road, one of them still on, door wide open! What on earth could have caused this, I wondered. And WHY didn’t I hear anything about it?? Surely it would have been on the news… something about a giant meteor heading toward earth at rapid speed, a full moon turning people into werewolves.. mass hysteria, something!
 Anyways, I crossed the street and headed toward my neighbours house to see if he could help me out, or give me some insight into what the hell was going on around here. His car was in the driveway so I prayed he was home. As I crossed the street I noticed something I hadn’t before… upon closer inspection the car that was running had blood on the windshield.. from the inside. I peeked around to the driver side and lying on the ground was a woman. I cautiously made my way toward her. “Ma’am…. Ma’am are you alive? Say something if you can hear me. Please!” I held that sword tighter than before. I got closer to her… what a grotesque sight. My heart dropped into my stomach as I looked at her face. Her lower mandible was ripped off and she was missing an eye. Not to mention the fact that she had an enormous hole in her head, her hair was lying all around her with bits of scalp viscera still clinging to it… that must have been one crazy animal… or was it? The way that guy in my room was coming after me, the look in his eyes. I’m telling you I would probably look like this woman here if he had gotten a hold of me. I could hear sirens and ambulances in the background which brought me back to reality… I shook my head and got my wits about me. I walked up the neighbours driveway and knocked on the door…. No answer ( SHOCKING!). I rang the bell…still nothing so I looked in through the window. I could see movement inside. “Oh Thank GOD, Jerry is that you?” I tried the door, it was open! But as I turned the knob my fingers slipped… blood. “Oh God…JERRY?? Are you okay?” I opened the door cautiously, only a small crack. Enough to peer into the living room where I saw the movement and before I could say another word “Jer-“ He came running toward to door! SLAM..... SLAM! And this blood-thirsty growl/screech, I dunno… I can barely describe it. He had that loathsome hunger in his eyes that was starting to become all too familiar to me. The door was keeping him from biting me, he was trying so hard that the metal frame of the door was cutting into his cheeks, practically sliced one clean off. I tried to shut the door but the blood on the knob made it very difficult. I so quickly took a step back, held onto my daughter as tight as I could and kicked the door in, throwing Jerry backwards into the glass coffee table. As he struggled to get out of the tables frame (what was left of it) I ran. The CAR! I ran into the car and slammed the door shut. I locked it just as Jerry came running toward us. Again… SLAM……SLAM…..CRACK! The window broke! I hit the gas and got my ass outta there! My daughter was FREAKING OUT! She is too young to understand what was happening but children are never too young to understand fear. I was scared, she was scared. Poor thing. I unhooked the carrier she was in from my shoulders/waist and rigged it to the seat.
Finally, I came across a gas station. I thought, be cautious, you don’t know who’s out there. I strapped my daughter to my chest, grabbed my sword and stepped out of the car.. I wasn’t leaving her in there alone. What if I had to run? No… I decided she was to stay with me at all times. Just as I took out the nozzle to pump I heard it. That ravenous sound of a horde of maniacs! There was nobody else around so it was obvious my daughter and I were their target. HIDE! Where do I hide? There was such a large number of them coming toward us, some fast, some very slow but all were zoning in on us regardless. I screamed and started to run. Too many to fight, what am I… John Rambo?? I ran behind the gas station and checked around the corner, they were almost right on us. What am I going to do??? I backed away slowly tried to collect my thoughts when I bumped into something, it was a person! I turned around quickly and screamed louder than I ever had in my life. I thought this was it. I was done for, and my poor little girl. It was a person! I mean an ACTUAL alive person! and there were 3 others with him. He put one finger to his mouth, “Shhh”. He took my hand and led me away from the horde, and apparently away from the line of fire. The “team” I guess you could call it, was stacked with weapons! Automatic, semi-automatic, grenades.. you name it, they had it strapped to them. They fired I don’t know how many shots into the crowd. TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT, they were dropping like flies, some kept right on coming no matter how many bullets penetrated their bodies. Did they feel no pain? How do they die? The man who led me away let go of my hand and pulled a grenade from his chest and in typical “Army-guy” fashion, he bit the pin and pulled it out. He smirked at me, gave me a wink and threw the grenade into the crowd. BOOM! Dead bodies everywhere! The team did a celebratory “WOOHOO” complete with high fives. Like kids who had finally got someone to buy them booze at a liquor store. They headed back the way they came, with my daughter and I in tow. We got into a hummer with 2 of them and the other two hopped into a jeep. Both were green and looked like they were actual army vehicles. They were loaded with weapons, metal shields and barbed wire. I felt halfway safe for the first time since this whole ordeal began.
“Who are you?” I asked the man who pulled me aside earlier. “My name is Steven. This is Brad and the guy and girl driving like a couple of drunk teenagers in the Jeep over there are Kelly and Malcolm”. I introduced myself and told him, “I can’t thank you enough! How did u find me?” Apparently they were out doing some scavenging. Looking for food, clothing, weapons and any excuse to kill these things. They also needed gas and I was just lucky enough to have been at the right place at the right time, although it hardly seemed like the right place at that time. “Where are we going?” I asked. Steven replied “The Armories. You and your daughter will be safe there. We’ve been there for a few days now. It’s very secure don’t you worry.” I said “As long as we’re around you guys I’m sure we’ll be fine, but I have to know… what the fuck happened to this place?” To which he looked at me, shot me a warm smile and said “Let’s get you two warm, comfortable and fed. I’ll explain as best I can once you’ve had a chance to relax and regain your composure. I’m sure this has been a pretty scary and confusing experience so far”……..Uh, you can say that again pal.

Thanks again for sharing STAR. And we thank the people who helped you when you needed it most. That's why we all do this isn't it? To help each other survive? To notice the people we've never seen before, but have lived across the street from since we were young?

I will post soon on the new fighters that are coming in by the hordes. They are young. They seem to come younger and younger, but you know what? They all seem to know about X's community of kids that fight off zombies here back home. We miss X's nature and hope that he and all the ZFC in Africa is OK. My next posts will explain the ARC OF THE COVENANT. I know many of  you are waiting patiently for that explanation.. as are our ZFC  in Africa. Until then...


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