Saturday, March 3, 2012


What the hell? Back home were so screwed! Ever since they took Thomas Jefferson out of the history books, every government side seems to take pride in flushing our freedoms down the crapper! These friggin zombies are tearing this country from the inside and the 'protect and serve' office is taking a break to watch the entertainment of Armageddon unfold. MORE BLOOD MORE BLOOD!! I know that's what they're thinking. And in some high circles, that's what they're saying.

The problem is, is that these zombies are what the citizens are afraid of. The fear alone keeps us in line. The more we see the ASMZ, the more were supposed to trust that everything is going to be fine. Only the few, like us, see what their purpose really is. The news wont ever report the ASMZ dropping off zombies to attack certain (ethnic) neighborhoods. The globalist and Eugenicist are clearly trying to purify the land by destroying one race at a time by way of zombie. Who knows who will be left.

All we can do is hope for the future. The zombies here are as bad as Ive ever seen. The ASMZ does come and clean up. Every once in a while I still see those ugly ass yellow outfits the Canary Group wears. They show up when the attacks are really messy, which is more and more lately. But over all, with our guys in Africa trying to find each other, Lord Micah and Captain LC trying to figure out our own HUM ATTACK WEAPON, and zombies becoming the biggest terror in America... we have our hands full.

In reality, the zombies aren't even the real terrorists. Its the ASMZ... like you didn't know.

We've had a few attacks here over the last week. Nothing really serious. And by that, I mean that no one has died. We live next to the hospital and are friends with some of the more resistance minded doctors. They've been working on a cure since day one, but so far no luck. They are trying to tie the link between nano technology in medicine, with frequency based changes in the brain. The problem is that the scientist behind this whole thing are smart enough to move from poison to poison. We are currently unable to track their next move. These monsters have decades on us. The head start they have is staggering, and were trying to solve their Rubix Cube before they place it in front of us. I wont give up though. The people bitten change quickly now. Lots faster than before. And just like Africa zombs, ours is spurting out that blackish ooze when they turn. Eyes turn dark if not completely black. It really does seem like its just from the head up too. They bleed red, but not from the face or neck. Almost like the frequency damage changes the color of their blood as they morph from human to slave.

We continue. Our communities have pulled together now. My wife isn't the only female teaching zombie combat. And in small secret places, my sons are teaching their peers how to survive beyond the zombies. Our greatest fear is that the Elitist will get tired of our entertaining fight against them, and drop a nuke sized EMP above one of the major cities, shutting us all down for a generation or two. We are literally preparing ourselves for human genocide. No one seems to be safe from what we see coming. If the globalist end up convincing the leaders of this new world that 90% of the population isn't needed, we can be sure that zombies will run like packs of rabid dogs all over this earth until we are all gone. They have their own technology proving to control the walking dead, so what do they have to loose by having the world populated by them until that is all that's left? While they sit happily in their UTOPIA of perfect humans waiting until all the true heartbeats on the surface stop. Their equipped helicopters would finally be seen one last time, HUM ATTACKING every last zombie in the world until just the few chosen ones exist, to start over the way they think this world should be ran.

My perfect nightmare. That's why were in Africa. I got together with Lord Micah and Captain LC a few days ago to confirm our plans to GO AHEAD with our mission. We know that there are three generators needed to produce enough power for the perfect human to be created. Our research is proven and goes back way before zombies walked our streets. Even Hitler spoke of a power greater than man. A GOD like power is what was sought so many years ago, and is still in search of today by the Elitists. With the power and energy of a GOD, they could create and crush anything they want. You and I have known of a type of three generators as well. We just called it something else. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three beacons of power have been used to generate power and to hone ourselves as humans. But these new cats, well.... they're not interested or do they have any concern whatsoever on the three power generators of the old world. The new generators are tangible, at least we think they are.

The first, is the Ephod. The Biblical golden breast plate with stones and gems placed in certain geographical places on it, fabled to produce enough energy to open a channel to the heavens. And proven to be used to block radiation and certain forms of HUM ATTACKS.

The second is why we are in Africa. And its a long shot at that. But the only other thing we can think of that can produce that kind of power, energy, and conducting strength is made of pure gold. Like the Ephod. We think we are looking for The Arc of the Covenant.

Eddie Rotten


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