Thursday, March 22, 2012

Placing Isabelle

Inside what happens here in Houston, zombies are all over the place. We just got word from a survivor in the Galveston area. I think her best bet is to be transferred to either our ZFC here, or to go to the MATAGORDA ZFC that X has set up. They seem to have more children there, which would be good for her little sister, at least until her father is located.. If not, we'd love to have her here in Houston. So, before I dive into whats happening with our ZFC in Africa, here is the courageous note we got from Isabelle....


WEAPON OF CHOICE: I prefer not to use weapons, I carry around a Winchester handgun and an old boy scout Swiss army knife I found for safety and hunting.

 LOCATION: Galveston, Texas.

 SITUATION: I live with my little sister Dorathie, seven years, In an old duplex in Galveston, Texas. Because we live on the island, every one has been vacated since I was a child, I'm now sixteen. My mom died a couple days after Dorathie was born and my father went missing when I was
about eight years old, so I have been raising and taking care of her for years. We keep all of the doors locked and the windows closed, but Dorathie is always worried about our survival and health. There are limited resources on the island, and the trip to the grocery store is getting more useless, due to the lack of food in the area. We have tried many times to make the trip to Dickinson before night fall, but we always fail and have to go back for the food and water that is left in our neighborhood.
  We have one neighbor, Sue, who we visit quite often so that Dorathie can relax and nap, while I help Mrs. Sue with her house hold chores. She is a widow, her husband was an air force pilot who died a while before any of this "new world" crap has happened. She is growing quite old, and will die soon. We can last maybe a few months if we are careful, but no longer. The water is starting to get contaminated and, like I said before, there is less and less food each day. We just got over a long and cold winter with out any kind of warmth, so I tell my self, 'if we can do what we have been doing for ever seven years, we can do anything', but that is starting to prove me wrong.
  I hate asking for things that I can find myself, but I'm starting to doubt that i CAN find the things that we need. Food, water, or maybe even a trip to the closest town would mean the world to us. If anything were to happen to my sister, I couldn't live with myself....

  Please get back to me. I go to the local library every other day to grab a few books for Dorathie and check my email (just in case my father has been searching for me as much as I have been searching for him), so an answer would be amazing. 
 Thanks a bunch....



  1. Too freaking cool cous, love to brain some zombies! Love it and love y'all. Give the family my love and stay safe don't get stuck in a herd of the zombies, I know u won't. Keep rockin and rollin!

  2. Just gotta say this is super awesome and u have made me an official blog follower for the first time EVER! Miss u guys, hope to see y'all soon