Sunday, March 11, 2012


Its been a week since my last post. I didn't want to ever say it but its really getting hard to post as much as I used to. Its not just the posting but the mental work that goes into reporting all the crap that happens around here. Our guys are in Africa. That much you know. These bastard zombies are actually scaring me these days too. Just the other night there was one in my garage. He was just as blind as I was, but I could hear him. The uncontrollable grunt and groan they have gives 'em away every time. Long story short, quick shovel to the head and he was down. I drug him to the front yard and layed him there, too tired to throw him in the street or call the city to come get him. They have their hands full. The next day the corpse was nothing but dry bones. These urban zombies are hungry now. People are trained and waking up to their environments.... finally.

So lots of things have happened in Africa. Our crew of three last reported to be in the basement of a shack they found while taking cover from the HUM ATTACK helicopters and zombies. X called in soon after their last update. He said that there were people outside the shack they were in. After looking over them, they realized they were ZFC members from the UK. Trained in the African tongue and dressed like ASMZ officers. Either they were ZFC members that broke away and joined the ASMZ for money, or JIG has been cross training his men to do more than we expected.

Speaking of JIG, the last message I posted from him was that he was headed to Africa. The newest message was much different. After reading his words to my local ZFC, I got mixed reactions. His message said that his helicopter went down. Most people in my little team here rolled their eyes but continued to listen. Here is his latest communication: I know I told you that I would report back as soon as we landed in Africa, but there were a few complications. You see, Mike T told me he was 100% confident in flying our (rented) private helicopter. His landing... not so much. He lost control somewhere around Ogbomosho Nigeria. He admitted mid crash that he wasn't a scholar at landing this type of chopper. We came down soft, but only because we were already so close to the ground. To be honest, we are lucky to walk away from that. The props are completely jacked, and the only thing that actually turns on is the radio. If I could get to it. Most of the floor pushed up and we were thrown out. Again, counting our blessings. My fear is that we are completely stranded in Nigeria, we have no way, other than cell phone to contact the US ZFC, and worse our transportation is a no go for the rest of the mission... what ever it is. You better not be killing us off Eddie. Were trusting you. We know there are HUM ATTACKS in the area though. We hear them. I have a duffel bag full of special ear buds (among other things) that block most of the harmful frequencies, so we should be able to travel in safety for the most part. We haven't encountered any zombies as of yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't running around here somewhere. Mike T is trying to contact Joshua as I'm writing you. The best way to communicate for now, is through text or email. Most lines I'm sure are being listened to by big brother.. or who ever they have over here. This place is massive. Intimidating. For now, we are heading west. There is a town on our map called Ibadan we are going to seek shelter. Hopefully we'll get a hold of Joshua, X, or Star through text. We will try to find transportation and make our way toward the bay of Lagos in the next day or so. Let me know you got my message. For now, were safe. JIG & MIKE T. UK ZFC FF

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