Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catching up with the ZFC in AFRICA

Let me apologize for not communicating better. I know its been a bit since my last update. There's really no excuse but I'll give one anyway. My oldest son got a job at the movie theatre. Not the easiest task in the world considering... zombies. More kids die in front of the Cinemark these days than being shot by gang violence or overdosing from drugs. Zombie deaths have become the largest life taker in America since 2011. I notice it, and so do other parents. My youngest son and wife have set up to be whats been called the MOST EFFECTIVE ZOMBIE TRAINING IN THE U.S. People come over and learn how to defeat zombies effectively, then go out and train their neighbors, and so on. Its built like a pyramid (or multi-level marketing), but there's no money to exchange. Who the hell has money right?

Canada just retired their Penny from circulation, most likely followed by their other currency. America will most definitely follow suit and retire our currency as well, as predicted by this blog in 2011. I hope people are listening now. The information we get from the GYPSY GROUP is accurate and true, although VERY hard to swallow. They also said over the last few days that the DEATH OF THE AMERICAN DOLLAR will be towards the end of 2012. We will still use the imaginary currency to trade and barder with, but the value will all but be gone. The nation will start to merge into a world or 'GLOBAL' currency. As planned by the One World Government and Bilderburg. The GYPSY GROUP has really stepped up their game here lately. Their resources are multiplying daily and the help they get is coming from unlikely places. Some of the 'old' elitist are fearing mortality and coming to the GYPSY GROUP to spill the beans. They have families and friends also that need to know the truth about the fall of America, so they are telling what they know before they die. Some of these family members happen to be heavy supporters of.... you guessed it, the GYPSY GROUP.

I will get back to all that in later posts. Right now I'm going to tell you about the conversations Ive had over the last couple of days. Our ZFC's in Africa and the new members here in the area need some attention. First.. Africa.

Right now, we have JIG, his brother Mike T, STAR, X, and JOSHUA. To wrap up what has happened if your just joining us... and God help you if you are, here we go.


to be continued.

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