Saturday, March 31, 2012


After narrowly escaping an army sized horde of zombies, the HUM ATTACKS of the ASMZ, and even the different factions batteling each other in Africa, our ZFC was tired and confused. They all had questions for me about their journey and when they would be coming home. Around the camp fire, some of them got to know each other better. X was the most feared. Being the youngest of them all, they figured him a loose cannon. They were right, but he was trustworthy to the cause so they were all safe. Joshua and Star had their eyes locked on JIG and his brother Mike T. JIGs past was surley in question as he was still somewhat accused of massacering several peolpe at the GYPSY GROUP compound in College Station TX. Mike T was new to this jumbled scene of who's who and the adventures thus far Africa had to offer.

I prepared an explanation for them all. Lord Micah and Captain LC graciously came down for our Skype call to the remote campsite in Africa where our ZFC was hiding. When both screens were live, we could see how rough things had become for our zombie fighters. There were distant HUM ATTACKS in the back ground. Small explostions and rumbles that caused some of the ZFC to look away from the screen from time to time. The opposing factions in Africa were fighting. They esxplained to us that for us in the U.S. the KONY deal was over, but in Africa, American and other troops had moved in to 'help fight the bad guys', when really they were there pushing people out of the way to tackle resources (oil, lithium). Their focus wasn't on that as much as the HUM ATTACKS. By then, JIG gave them all special earplugs. JIGs scientist in the UK invented a device that greatly difusses the HUM broadcast by the swooping helicopters, enough to let them continue fighting... or running. Africa seemed to have things organized into a nice, perfect little HELL ON EARTH.

The Skype call got to a boiling point. Even Star raged in our faces. Her cuts and bruises were graphic, but she didn't step away from her belief in the cause. The cause... exactly. The cause. Why were they there? THE ARC OF THE COVENANT.

After things simmered down, they all took a place on the ground. Close to each other. Huddling up so they could all fit on the screen of the tiny laptop. With all the heavy artillary in the world to battle zombies with, they still didnt have the best communication hardware. I said, "Let me begin."

"With out rambling on, i'll get right to it. THE ARC OF THE COVENANT is why you are all in Africa. We believe that THE ARC is the second generator. It is the only thing on the planet that would be able to conduct the amount of energy needed to create life." "LIFE?" Joshua interrupted. "I've been following the blog just like anybody else who reads what you publish... like the people reading this conversation right now.... I understand that the governments are creating zombies to 'terrorize' the world into thinking the governments are the only thing that can save them... I got all that. But what your are saying is rediculous... that the governments are actually trying to CREATE LIFE? That's so.... Frankenstein! Pardon me for the lack of faith but you have to understand how it sounds to us!" Lokey, Lord Micah and I looked at each other, then back at the screen. "The perfect human. Thats what the goal is. To actually 'BE' God is what their goal is. Yes, it is alot like Frankenstein, but its much much worse. The idea of Frankenstein doesnt extinguish the rest of life on the planet. And that is precisely what they are planning on doing. A mass genocide of the human species, so that only the elite are left to rule over the new world.... the new humans. Their idea is that we are the runts of creation. That humans are our Gods mistake. They, from the beginning of time, have been preparing for the day when their powers can be combined to correct that mistake. And now, in these last days...... they are ready. We MUST get to the 2nd Generator before they do. The ARC OF THE COVENANT is made of pure gold. Being the number one conductor of power and energy, as we previously said. Its also the number one retardant of radiation. It will protect as well as destroy, depending on who's hands are on it." I went on...

"JIG and his brother are there to help. Please put your differences aside." "How can you say that?" X pushed into the screen. "JIG... on camera, murdered dozens of GYPSY GROUP members in College Station. How can you possibly defend that?" Lord Micah spoke up. "X, and the rest of you there... including JIG. Let me give you my explanation of that event. We know its been a while, and time between the video footage of JIG killing people at the GYPSY GROUP compound and now, has only caused everyone's speculation to bounce around like a top. I have information of a new cloaking device used by the military. It was first seen in a Mercedes commercial in England, but now it is used world wide. This device is able to not only cloak certain objects, but broadcast an image of another. In your own time, if you have the signal, YouTube it and see what you can learn on your own. Before it hit the internet, our team discovered that with a small change in software, the outside light that is reflected, can also reflect programed images. They are suits, masks, body armour, etc. Covered in miniature mirror like cells that serve as the cloaking or shape shifting agents. I know its hard to understand so I strongly to urge you to look up what you can about it to better understand it."

Now, with the entire ZFC looking more confused than ever, they finally understand what kind of evil they are up against. "So" JIG said. "HYPOTHETICALLY, if what you say is true, these.... enemies, be it the ASMZ or zombie or whatever the crap these animals want to throw at us... they can be invisible? Or even worse, look like any one of us bastards?" We all nodded our heads.

The ability to cloak and shape shift will greatly increase the advantage of the ASMZ. The zombies are a whole new threat. This new technology surley doesnt stop at the infultration level. The new zombies that we are seeing in Africa will most likely be modified by the end of the year. And at the end of the day, they are still the top threat to us all. Their blood is more potent than ever. The 'change time' is so small now, you barely have time to escape when someone around you is infected. Thats how whole families are turned in a number of minutes rather than hours like at the begining of 2011.

With the ZFC sitting together in their campsite, we decided to get account of all their supplies, weapons and ammo. They seemed to be in pretty good shape. Captain LC (Lokey) stepped up to the camera. "I see that your supplies look good. Joshua's contacts in Africa were obviously a life saver for you all. I need to know how long these supplies will last, and if you still have a way to more supplies if you need them." Joshua spoke up. "Negative. If and When we run out of supplies, that is it.We are alone here. Everyone and everything is against us. We need to make it to our next safe house... which still needs to be given to us, and hopefully get more supplies then. If not, this could very well be our last Skype call for some time."

Lokey looked at me. "We have to find that Generator Eddie... go ahead and tell them the rest."

I looked at the camera and continued. "There is a reason why the ZFC were deployed on the opposite side of where we believe the ARC OF THE COVENANT to be. There are safe houses along the way and they will be given to you as you travel. I don't want to give them all out here in one conversation. Its not safe. Where you landed was the safest place in Africa. The easiest to get into with out the entire WORLD knowing where you were. The world knows now....well, who ever reads this blog, but were betting on it still being pretty underground. The ASMZ is still not privy to most of what we discuss here.

There are stops along the way, that have to do directly with our fight against the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. The fight in SYRIA ties in, but again... I cant give too much over this conversation. The ARC is supposed to be in Ethiopia, so that is where we are headed. CAMEROON is your next stop. There is a safe house set up there by the locals."

Lokey was concerned with the lack of funds or supplies. "I think more needs to be done." Lokey went on. "I think you guys are in worse shape than your letting up on. Ive got people here to handle things. I'm coming to help." Lord Micah and I looked at each other. "WHAT?" "Yes, I think I'll be a better help there right now. I have people that can help, and we have the money to do it. I'll leave on the next flight to CAMEROON and meet you all there."

This conversation took a dramatic turn. Every body's face lit up on the screen. They would have the leader of the GYPSY GROUP there with them to help find the ARC OF THE COVENANT. What better way to lift their spirits. At the same time, it kind of screwed us here at home.

The ZFC camp disappeared when they left. Not a trace that anyone was ever there. Their trip towards CAMEROON would be a difficult one, but worth it to get to the next safe house. I'm waiting of word from each of them to see how their own personal battles are going... I'm sure they will come in as the week draws on.

Lokey bought his ticket and his ETA is Tuesday, May 1st. Fingers crossed and prayers said, he'll get there without trouble.

We have another story brewing as well. There is a ZFC'er out of Galveston TX that needs help,and a young fighter out of Florida who decided to offer his services here. The story of his trip from Florida to Houston is a brave one. I'll let him tell you in his own words. In time. For now... I rest.

Zombies are outside. I can hear them. Much more than I can hear the sirens or screams. That's the worst. It makes me feel alone. Alone with my family. I know there are more people out there who are waking up to the genocide. More that are waking up to the terrorism by way of zombie. More people.. That's what we need.... More PEOPLE.



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