Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hoodies. Zombies. And Isabelle

Isabelle shared her situation a couple of days ago with us here at the Houston ZFC. She is stuck in Galveston and needs help. Her little sister Dorothy is a trooper for putting up with as much as she has for this long. If we have our story straight, we know that she goes to the library to get online every few days to look for her father. Poor girl. He might be looking for her too, neither know where to begin though. Since this zombie thing has come about, were all a little lost.... aren't we?

We sent a team of 10 people to the Galveston Island yesterday to look for Isabelle and little Dorothy. We named them GO'FER. Half way there, they reported back:

"Houston ZFC are you there"
"We have come across a......problem" "go on"
"We reached the town of Texas City and there seems to be a mob of people with signs, blocking the freeway"
"Well, normally a mob wouldn't stop us, but this mob is different... organized"
"in what way"
"First off, they are all wearing hoodies... looks like they are in protest for that kid being murdered the other day by that racist pig... you know the one?"
"yes, we know the one. Trayvon Martin"
"That's right, there seems to be more though. Police in riot gear. We don't want to get too close."
"Maybe you can fit in until you find a way through?"
"We thought so too, but there are too many people and cars on this stupid road....wait"
"What is it?"
"NEGATIVE NEGATIVE! NO WHERE TO RUN Get out of the car! Run! Fall back Fall back!!"

We heard HUM ATTACKS in the background. Gun Fire. The sound of splatting zombies and tearing flesh. Screams. Violence.

We had no response from GO'FER, but we 'did' get a response...


This spit in the face from 1st Commander Barry Soeterror, whoever that is was embarrassing. I have to keep my focus on Isabelle and her sister. We got word back from the library in Galveston. No sign of the girls as of yet, but were waiting.

Isabelle.. if your still alive out there. Please meet our remaining ZFC at the library. They will guide you back safely here where you will be able to rest as long as you'd like.

And contrary to what Barry Soeterror says....




After narrowly escaping an army sized horde of zombies, the HUM ATTACKS of the ASMZ, and even the different factions batteling each other in Africa, our ZFC was tired and confused. They all had questions for me about their journey and when they would be coming home. Around the camp fire, some of them got to know each other better. X was the most feared. Being the youngest of them all, they figured him a loose cannon. They were right, but he was trustworthy to the cause so they were all safe. Joshua and Star had their eyes locked on JIG and his brother Mike T. JIGs past was surley in question as he was still somewhat accused of massacering several peolpe at the GYPSY GROUP compound in College Station TX. Mike T was new to this jumbled scene of who's who and the adventures thus far Africa had to offer.

I prepared an explanation for them all. Lord Micah and Captain LC graciously came down for our Skype call to the remote campsite in Africa where our ZFC was hiding. When both screens were live, we could see how rough things had become for our zombie fighters. There were distant HUM ATTACKS in the back ground. Small explostions and rumbles that caused some of the ZFC to look away from the screen from time to time. The opposing factions in Africa were fighting. They esxplained to us that for us in the U.S. the KONY deal was over, but in Africa, American and other troops had moved in to 'help fight the bad guys', when really they were there pushing people out of the way to tackle resources (oil, lithium). Their focus wasn't on that as much as the HUM ATTACKS. By then, JIG gave them all special earplugs. JIGs scientist in the UK invented a device that greatly difusses the HUM broadcast by the swooping helicopters, enough to let them continue fighting... or running. Africa seemed to have things organized into a nice, perfect little HELL ON EARTH.

The Skype call got to a boiling point. Even Star raged in our faces. Her cuts and bruises were graphic, but she didn't step away from her belief in the cause. The cause... exactly. The cause. Why were they there? THE ARC OF THE COVENANT.

After things simmered down, they all took a place on the ground. Close to each other. Huddling up so they could all fit on the screen of the tiny laptop. With all the heavy artillary in the world to battle zombies with, they still didnt have the best communication hardware. I said, "Let me begin."

"With out rambling on, i'll get right to it. THE ARC OF THE COVENANT is why you are all in Africa. We believe that THE ARC is the second generator. It is the only thing on the planet that would be able to conduct the amount of energy needed to create life." "LIFE?" Joshua interrupted. "I've been following the blog just like anybody else who reads what you publish... like the people reading this conversation right now.... I understand that the governments are creating zombies to 'terrorize' the world into thinking the governments are the only thing that can save them... I got all that. But what your are saying is rediculous... that the governments are actually trying to CREATE LIFE? That's so.... Frankenstein! Pardon me for the lack of faith but you have to understand how it sounds to us!" Lokey, Lord Micah and I looked at each other, then back at the screen. "The perfect human. Thats what the goal is. To actually 'BE' God is what their goal is. Yes, it is alot like Frankenstein, but its much much worse. The idea of Frankenstein doesnt extinguish the rest of life on the planet. And that is precisely what they are planning on doing. A mass genocide of the human species, so that only the elite are left to rule over the new world.... the new humans. Their idea is that we are the runts of creation. That humans are our Gods mistake. They, from the beginning of time, have been preparing for the day when their powers can be combined to correct that mistake. And now, in these last days...... they are ready. We MUST get to the 2nd Generator before they do. The ARC OF THE COVENANT is made of pure gold. Being the number one conductor of power and energy, as we previously said. Its also the number one retardant of radiation. It will protect as well as destroy, depending on who's hands are on it." I went on...

"JIG and his brother are there to help. Please put your differences aside." "How can you say that?" X pushed into the screen. "JIG... on camera, murdered dozens of GYPSY GROUP members in College Station. How can you possibly defend that?" Lord Micah spoke up. "X, and the rest of you there... including JIG. Let me give you my explanation of that event. We know its been a while, and time between the video footage of JIG killing people at the GYPSY GROUP compound and now, has only caused everyone's speculation to bounce around like a top. I have information of a new cloaking device used by the military. It was first seen in a Mercedes commercial in England, but now it is used world wide. This device is able to not only cloak certain objects, but broadcast an image of another. In your own time, if you have the signal, YouTube it and see what you can learn on your own. Before it hit the internet, our team discovered that with a small change in software, the outside light that is reflected, can also reflect programed images. They are suits, masks, body armour, etc. Covered in miniature mirror like cells that serve as the cloaking or shape shifting agents. I know its hard to understand so I strongly to urge you to look up what you can about it to better understand it."

Now, with the entire ZFC looking more confused than ever, they finally understand what kind of evil they are up against. "So" JIG said. "HYPOTHETICALLY, if what you say is true, these.... enemies, be it the ASMZ or zombie or whatever the crap these animals want to throw at us... they can be invisible? Or even worse, look like any one of us bastards?" We all nodded our heads.

The ability to cloak and shape shift will greatly increase the advantage of the ASMZ. The zombies are a whole new threat. This new technology surley doesnt stop at the infultration level. The new zombies that we are seeing in Africa will most likely be modified by the end of the year. And at the end of the day, they are still the top threat to us all. Their blood is more potent than ever. The 'change time' is so small now, you barely have time to escape when someone around you is infected. Thats how whole families are turned in a number of minutes rather than hours like at the begining of 2011.

With the ZFC sitting together in their campsite, we decided to get account of all their supplies, weapons and ammo. They seemed to be in pretty good shape. Captain LC (Lokey) stepped up to the camera. "I see that your supplies look good. Joshua's contacts in Africa were obviously a life saver for you all. I need to know how long these supplies will last, and if you still have a way to more supplies if you need them." Joshua spoke up. "Negative. If and When we run out of supplies, that is it.We are alone here. Everyone and everything is against us. We need to make it to our next safe house... which still needs to be given to us, and hopefully get more supplies then. If not, this could very well be our last Skype call for some time."

Lokey looked at me. "We have to find that Generator Eddie... go ahead and tell them the rest."

I looked at the camera and continued. "There is a reason why the ZFC were deployed on the opposite side of where we believe the ARC OF THE COVENANT to be. There are safe houses along the way and they will be given to you as you travel. I don't want to give them all out here in one conversation. Its not safe. Where you landed was the safest place in Africa. The easiest to get into with out the entire WORLD knowing where you were. The world knows now....well, who ever reads this blog, but were betting on it still being pretty underground. The ASMZ is still not privy to most of what we discuss here.

There are stops along the way, that have to do directly with our fight against the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. The fight in SYRIA ties in, but again... I cant give too much over this conversation. The ARC is supposed to be in Ethiopia, so that is where we are headed. CAMEROON is your next stop. There is a safe house set up there by the locals."

Lokey was concerned with the lack of funds or supplies. "I think more needs to be done." Lokey went on. "I think you guys are in worse shape than your letting up on. Ive got people here to handle things. I'm coming to help." Lord Micah and I looked at each other. "WHAT?" "Yes, I think I'll be a better help there right now. I have people that can help, and we have the money to do it. I'll leave on the next flight to CAMEROON and meet you all there."

This conversation took a dramatic turn. Every body's face lit up on the screen. They would have the leader of the GYPSY GROUP there with them to help find the ARC OF THE COVENANT. What better way to lift their spirits. At the same time, it kind of screwed us here at home.

The ZFC camp disappeared when they left. Not a trace that anyone was ever there. Their trip towards CAMEROON would be a difficult one, but worth it to get to the next safe house. I'm waiting of word from each of them to see how their own personal battles are going... I'm sure they will come in as the week draws on.

Lokey bought his ticket and his ETA is Tuesday, May 1st. Fingers crossed and prayers said, he'll get there without trouble.

We have another story brewing as well. There is a ZFC'er out of Galveston TX that needs help,and a young fighter out of Florida who decided to offer his services here. The story of his trip from Florida to Houston is a brave one. I'll let him tell you in his own words. In time. For now... I rest.

Zombies are outside. I can hear them. Much more than I can hear the sirens or screams. That's the worst. It makes me feel alone. Alone with my family. I know there are more people out there who are waking up to the genocide. More that are waking up to the terrorism by way of zombie. More people.. That's what we need.... More PEOPLE.



Catching up with the ZFC in AFRICA

Let me apologize for not communicating better. I know its been a bit since my last update. There's really no excuse but I'll give one anyway. My oldest son got a job at the movie theatre. Not the easiest task in the world considering... zombies. More kids die in front of the Cinemark these days than being shot by gang violence or overdosing from drugs. Zombie deaths have become the largest life taker in America since 2011. I notice it, and so do other parents. My youngest son and wife have set up to be whats been called the MOST EFFECTIVE ZOMBIE TRAINING IN THE U.S. People come over and learn how to defeat zombies effectively, then go out and train their neighbors, and so on. Its built like a pyramid (or multi-level marketing), but there's no money to exchange. Who the hell has money right?

Canada just retired their Penny from circulation, most likely followed by their other currency. America will most definitely follow suit and retire our currency as well, as predicted by this blog in 2011. I hope people are listening now. The information we get from the GYPSY GROUP is accurate and true, although VERY hard to swallow. They also said over the last few days that the DEATH OF THE AMERICAN DOLLAR will be towards the end of 2012. We will still use the imaginary currency to trade and barder with, but the value will all but be gone. The nation will start to merge into a world or 'GLOBAL' currency. As planned by the One World Government and Bilderburg. The GYPSY GROUP has really stepped up their game here lately. Their resources are multiplying daily and the help they get is coming from unlikely places. Some of the 'old' elitist are fearing mortality and coming to the GYPSY GROUP to spill the beans. They have families and friends also that need to know the truth about the fall of America, so they are telling what they know before they die. Some of these family members happen to be heavy supporters of.... you guessed it, the GYPSY GROUP.

I will get back to all that in later posts. Right now I'm going to tell you about the conversations Ive had over the last couple of days. Our ZFC's in Africa and the new members here in the area need some attention. First.. Africa.

Right now, we have JIG, his brother Mike T, STAR, X, and JOSHUA. To wrap up what has happened if your just joining us... and God help you if you are, here we go.


to be continued.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Through the eyes of JIG

When I got word from Joshua in Africa, I knew that things were hairy... yes, but that everyone that went, survived. Despite the barrage of gunfire from multiple directions. Despite the black, puss spitting zombies that infected the area. Despite even the HUM ATTACKS that became so frequent in the African desert. All these things were over come by the spirit and tenaciousness of our ZFC'S. Now sitting around a camp fire, they have a chance to get to actually know one another. Their eyes will meet. Their conversations will turn from hostile mumbles to understanding similarities among the walking dead around them. These African nights might serve as a calming agent between them all. I know that JIG has a good explanation for what happened at the College Station GYPSY GROUP COMPOUND. Now... he has the time and opportunity to help them understand. The Eugenicists around the world have come up with mind boggling things in the past, I.E. cloning, gene splicing, military bio-engineering etc. I don't put it past them to create a double for JIG and blame a COMPOUND MASSACRE on him. But What do I know. For now, let me give you a piece of what JIG himself sent to me. Almost simultaneously from what Joshua sent me during the same period of time. Its interesting to see the same exact moment, from some one else's perspective... isn't it?

To. Eddie Rotten & the Houston TX ZFC

FINALLY...... We now have a fix on Joshua, Star and X. Were heading to them now. It may take a few hours but were in the process of getting a vehicle. These military guys in our view. Were about to take them out now...............................................................OK so were back. We have the vehicle. It was so taking candy from a child. Were on route to Eddies team now. Hopefully we should reach them soon........STOP!
Mike slammed the brakes on. 
"Why have we stopped?" Mike asked.
"Look in front of you."
There they were....I noticed STAR first. No one owns a samurai sword like that. Gives her away quite well. Joshua and X were following close behind. I jumped out of the car, and held up my gun. I noticed they also had there guns pointed at us. Mike held his gun out the side of the car. We all stared at each other for a few seconds until I shouted....
They jumped in the vehicle behind us and we set off.
A little into the journey I got smacked round the back of the head. It friggin hurt! And made me feel sick. Whoever hit me did a good job, and hit me bloody hard. He grabbed my by the hair, pulling me back into my seat. I noticed mike had pulled his pistol on the others.

I heard a voice say to me,
"Tell your man to lower his weapon.....ova-wise I will take your life quicker than he can think about shooting us."

I then realized the one they call Joshua had a gun to the back of my head.

"MIKE....I would appreciate it if you could lower your weapon.....I kinda like my life at the moment....and my partner will kill you if anything happens to me. You remember what she said."

Mike lowered his pistol.

Just as he did.....out of nowhere....we took heavy fire from a vehicle up the road from us. Luckily he was a terrible shot and barley hit us.
All of a if plucked from thin air, Joshua pulled out a  bad ass rocket launcher. He shot the first round and missed....the second sent the vehicle spinning into the air. It was amazing.

Mike shouted "ZOMBIES!!!"

He was right....a massive hoard of zombies were heading our way. I remember thinking that this was it....this was the end.

Then came the helicopter. Everyone started shooting at it but before we could even dent the metal work....the HUM attacks began. Me and Mike kept shooting for a few minutes after.....switching from helicopter to zombies. The zombies went down like flies but nothing could seem to do any damage to the helicopter (which I kind of expected.)

Then we hit luck. Out of nowhere a third RPG hit the mounds of zombies completely dismembering them.

But the helicopter was swooping round for a second HUM attack. But once again from the hills, out of nowhere came another RPG hitting the helicopter sending it spinning around in the air.
It eventually crashed and burned.

The problem was.....another jeep turned up with people in it. I held my gun firmly in my hand, about to shoot when Joshua shouted


"I know these people....there my contacts"

I put my side arm back in its holster and followed him towards the men.
They were trying and hoping to get their hands on the HUM device to use against our enemies. But it was too smashed up in the wreckage to be of any use to us.
With that we thanked them for saving our life's and they went on their way.
We have now set up camp for the night. Were all tired after that attack. X has taken the fist watch.....but I don't trust him to sleep in his presence just yet. I'm sleeping with one eye open for this rest.

Will report back soon.


Placing Isabelle

Inside what happens here in Houston, zombies are all over the place. We just got word from a survivor in the Galveston area. I think her best bet is to be transferred to either our ZFC here, or to go to the MATAGORDA ZFC that X has set up. They seem to have more children there, which would be good for her little sister, at least until her father is located.. If not, we'd love to have her here in Houston. So, before I dive into whats happening with our ZFC in Africa, here is the courageous note we got from Isabelle....


WEAPON OF CHOICE: I prefer not to use weapons, I carry around a Winchester handgun and an old boy scout Swiss army knife I found for safety and hunting.

 LOCATION: Galveston, Texas.

 SITUATION: I live with my little sister Dorathie, seven years, In an old duplex in Galveston, Texas. Because we live on the island, every one has been vacated since I was a child, I'm now sixteen. My mom died a couple days after Dorathie was born and my father went missing when I was
about eight years old, so I have been raising and taking care of her for years. We keep all of the doors locked and the windows closed, but Dorathie is always worried about our survival and health. There are limited resources on the island, and the trip to the grocery store is getting more useless, due to the lack of food in the area. We have tried many times to make the trip to Dickinson before night fall, but we always fail and have to go back for the food and water that is left in our neighborhood.
  We have one neighbor, Sue, who we visit quite often so that Dorathie can relax and nap, while I help Mrs. Sue with her house hold chores. She is a widow, her husband was an air force pilot who died a while before any of this "new world" crap has happened. She is growing quite old, and will die soon. We can last maybe a few months if we are careful, but no longer. The water is starting to get contaminated and, like I said before, there is less and less food each day. We just got over a long and cold winter with out any kind of warmth, so I tell my self, 'if we can do what we have been doing for ever seven years, we can do anything', but that is starting to prove me wrong.
  I hate asking for things that I can find myself, but I'm starting to doubt that i CAN find the things that we need. Food, water, or maybe even a trip to the closest town would mean the world to us. If anything were to happen to my sister, I couldn't live with myself....

  Please get back to me. I go to the local library every other day to grab a few books for Dorathie and check my email (just in case my father has been searching for me as much as I have been searching for him), so an answer would be amazing. 
 Thanks a bunch....



Like I said, STAR is in Africa with the rest of our crew from both the US and from the UK. She is the only one from Canada. Her days are just as long as the others, and each one of them has their own troubles and fears they deal with on the inside. STAR is making a break through with us and with the people she is battling with in Africa. So with gratitude to you STAR.....

Log Entry #2
As I walked out the door, my daughter in her carrier, I stepped over the dried blood which sent shivers down my spine. I was reminded of the fear in that mans eyes when he came running to my door for help. He was so terrified.. what was he so afraid of? What hurt him? And why in Gods name would he turn on me?? I helped him…I cared for him! Something didn’t add up. I had to proceed with extreme caution in case whatever hurt him was still lurking around waiting to attack me.  I had a bag full of necessities for my daughter, the clothing on my back and a BIG-ASS sword in case anything tried to mess with us.  I looked around the neighbourhood… nobody in sight. And what was even weirder, is it looked like everyone had stopped whatever they were doing and just.. took off, or worse, like they just disappeared. Hoses and sprinklers were flooding the lawns, a few cars were in the middle of the road, one of them still on, door wide open! What on earth could have caused this, I wondered. And WHY didn’t I hear anything about it?? Surely it would have been on the news… something about a giant meteor heading toward earth at rapid speed, a full moon turning people into werewolves.. mass hysteria, something!
 Anyways, I crossed the street and headed toward my neighbours house to see if he could help me out, or give me some insight into what the hell was going on around here. His car was in the driveway so I prayed he was home. As I crossed the street I noticed something I hadn’t before… upon closer inspection the car that was running had blood on the windshield.. from the inside. I peeked around to the driver side and lying on the ground was a woman. I cautiously made my way toward her. “Ma’am…. Ma’am are you alive? Say something if you can hear me. Please!” I held that sword tighter than before. I got closer to her… what a grotesque sight. My heart dropped into my stomach as I looked at her face. Her lower mandible was ripped off and she was missing an eye. Not to mention the fact that she had an enormous hole in her head, her hair was lying all around her with bits of scalp viscera still clinging to it… that must have been one crazy animal… or was it? The way that guy in my room was coming after me, the look in his eyes. I’m telling you I would probably look like this woman here if he had gotten a hold of me. I could hear sirens and ambulances in the background which brought me back to reality… I shook my head and got my wits about me. I walked up the neighbours driveway and knocked on the door…. No answer ( SHOCKING!). I rang the bell…still nothing so I looked in through the window. I could see movement inside. “Oh Thank GOD, Jerry is that you?” I tried the door, it was open! But as I turned the knob my fingers slipped… blood. “Oh God…JERRY?? Are you okay?” I opened the door cautiously, only a small crack. Enough to peer into the living room where I saw the movement and before I could say another word “Jer-“ He came running toward to door! SLAM..... SLAM! And this blood-thirsty growl/screech, I dunno… I can barely describe it. He had that loathsome hunger in his eyes that was starting to become all too familiar to me. The door was keeping him from biting me, he was trying so hard that the metal frame of the door was cutting into his cheeks, practically sliced one clean off. I tried to shut the door but the blood on the knob made it very difficult. I so quickly took a step back, held onto my daughter as tight as I could and kicked the door in, throwing Jerry backwards into the glass coffee table. As he struggled to get out of the tables frame (what was left of it) I ran. The CAR! I ran into the car and slammed the door shut. I locked it just as Jerry came running toward us. Again… SLAM……SLAM…..CRACK! The window broke! I hit the gas and got my ass outta there! My daughter was FREAKING OUT! She is too young to understand what was happening but children are never too young to understand fear. I was scared, she was scared. Poor thing. I unhooked the carrier she was in from my shoulders/waist and rigged it to the seat.
Finally, I came across a gas station. I thought, be cautious, you don’t know who’s out there. I strapped my daughter to my chest, grabbed my sword and stepped out of the car.. I wasn’t leaving her in there alone. What if I had to run? No… I decided she was to stay with me at all times. Just as I took out the nozzle to pump I heard it. That ravenous sound of a horde of maniacs! There was nobody else around so it was obvious my daughter and I were their target. HIDE! Where do I hide? There was such a large number of them coming toward us, some fast, some very slow but all were zoning in on us regardless. I screamed and started to run. Too many to fight, what am I… John Rambo?? I ran behind the gas station and checked around the corner, they were almost right on us. What am I going to do??? I backed away slowly tried to collect my thoughts when I bumped into something, it was a person! I turned around quickly and screamed louder than I ever had in my life. I thought this was it. I was done for, and my poor little girl. It was a person! I mean an ACTUAL alive person! and there were 3 others with him. He put one finger to his mouth, “Shhh”. He took my hand and led me away from the horde, and apparently away from the line of fire. The “team” I guess you could call it, was stacked with weapons! Automatic, semi-automatic, grenades.. you name it, they had it strapped to them. They fired I don’t know how many shots into the crowd. TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT, they were dropping like flies, some kept right on coming no matter how many bullets penetrated their bodies. Did they feel no pain? How do they die? The man who led me away let go of my hand and pulled a grenade from his chest and in typical “Army-guy” fashion, he bit the pin and pulled it out. He smirked at me, gave me a wink and threw the grenade into the crowd. BOOM! Dead bodies everywhere! The team did a celebratory “WOOHOO” complete with high fives. Like kids who had finally got someone to buy them booze at a liquor store. They headed back the way they came, with my daughter and I in tow. We got into a hummer with 2 of them and the other two hopped into a jeep. Both were green and looked like they were actual army vehicles. They were loaded with weapons, metal shields and barbed wire. I felt halfway safe for the first time since this whole ordeal began.
“Who are you?” I asked the man who pulled me aside earlier. “My name is Steven. This is Brad and the guy and girl driving like a couple of drunk teenagers in the Jeep over there are Kelly and Malcolm”. I introduced myself and told him, “I can’t thank you enough! How did u find me?” Apparently they were out doing some scavenging. Looking for food, clothing, weapons and any excuse to kill these things. They also needed gas and I was just lucky enough to have been at the right place at the right time, although it hardly seemed like the right place at that time. “Where are we going?” I asked. Steven replied “The Armories. You and your daughter will be safe there. We’ve been there for a few days now. It’s very secure don’t you worry.” I said “As long as we’re around you guys I’m sure we’ll be fine, but I have to know… what the fuck happened to this place?” To which he looked at me, shot me a warm smile and said “Let’s get you two warm, comfortable and fed. I’ll explain as best I can once you’ve had a chance to relax and regain your composure. I’m sure this has been a pretty scary and confusing experience so far”……..Uh, you can say that again pal.

Thanks again for sharing STAR. And we thank the people who helped you when you needed it most. That's why we all do this isn't it? To help each other survive? To notice the people we've never seen before, but have lived across the street from since we were young?

I will post soon on the new fighters that are coming in by the hordes. They are young. They seem to come younger and younger, but you know what? They all seem to know about X's community of kids that fight off zombies here back home. We miss X's nature and hope that he and all the ZFC in Africa is OK. My next posts will explain the ARC OF THE COVENANT. I know many of  you are waiting patiently for that explanation.. as are our ZFC  in Africa. Until then...



I was sent a copy the other day, via the comments section of this blog. Not sure where it originated from, but Captain LC told me to be cautious before posting. It seems to be from the United States Government? The Gypsy Group have been tapping wires for...well since the beginning, and they might have stumbled on something here. Possibly an actual conversation in the higher ups talking about zombie farms. I'll let you decide. This is part of what was sent to me. Proceed with caution, and if you have any ideas, please feel free to email me or add your comments below:

"What do you see?" "I see lines. Your point?" "What do you see?" "I already told you what you already know. And from the looks of it, don't know." "What do you see?" "Enough of this, take this blindfold off me! I'm John Mitchell, contractor for the United States Government. That is all I can say, all I know." "The Chinese and Indians. Vast populations. Most in the world, some would say off the cuff." "yea? and?" "they hate each other. That region. Pakistanis. Indians. Chinese. Now the Indian Prime Minister is set to visit South Korea on what its says is national security. If South Korea is attacked by North Korea, China falls suit, all bets are off, and will have the world distracted, that it begins its attacks. We have bases in Japan and South Korea, Mr. Mitchell. Their existence is based on our readiness levels to react. So truly, who do you have your loyalty to, Mr. Mitchell? Life is not a pie to be cut up and shared, Mir. Mitchell. It is high-stakes gambling and you either sit and watch as decisions are made or go all in." "...India has 17.5% of the world's population, and China alone has almost 1.4 billion.... 20%... combined they have a big piece of the pie. But like I said, life is not about sharing pies.... zombies, Mr. Mitchell. You and I damn well know they exist. You sent memos to your management. There's a lot of zombies to be had in that region... Now, back to the lines... latitude 40.458148, longitude 93.39.145... where in DC are they looking...?" It's sometimes difficult, though not impossible... to be the blind man sitting in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn't there... and still finds it.. staring back.

This post was leaked to us by ANONYMOUS. We don't know who they are, or where the information came from. We can only hope that more of it comes. This seems to be a confidential conversation about countries making political decisions based on where they can deploy zombies!! This would blow the lid of the media.. if they would actually talk about it. 

There is more too. I received another Journal entry from STAR. Hot and in uncomfortable company, she emailed this piece of her past to me. She said I could share it with the world. So... I am. And if this is the best way for her to communicate to us all, then we'll take it.

This is STARS most recent Journal Entry sent to me...

to be continued:

Sunday, March 18, 2012


With our zombie fighters together finally in Africa, I had just a little bit off my shoulders. My wife and sons were busy building up the community awareness programs and doing great at it. As the days passed by in Africa, they did here too. Each had trials that we over came. There are a total of 5 members lost from the Houston ZFC. All zombie related. The worst was from an attack in South West Houston. Robert is his name. He is the ZFC leader for that area of town. Him and his wife are in charge of organizing water relief to those that need it, but arent able to get to it due to ASMZ restrictions (zombie deployment). The cover up is still pretty thick. The news doesnt report that the ASMZ is behind the zombie attacks... hell, they barely report the zombie attacks. They are hinting to it now just by referencing certain political pockets as being 'ZOMBIE MINDED'. But thats not the real story, and they know it. Sorry... im ranting.

Anyway, Robert and his wife go through a section of town called Sugar Land. A once beautiful and safe place to raise your children is now almost uninhabitable. Squatters have taken over the abandon aprtment complexes. ASMZ frequently drive through with paid off police officers to HUM ATTACK small areas, pushing out the weak. But Robert and his wife are pros. They know the routs to take to stay safe and out of the eye of the New World. This particular time... Robert came back... alone.

He said that on that day, Sugar Land was especially quiet. The streets had very few zombies. Enough for students to make it to college without having to fight any off. This was a bad sign. Oddly enough, in certain neighborhoods we've learned that when there are a shortage of zombies, it means that they've died off on their own from starvation, or they've been killed. In either case, new zombies were usually deployed as soon as the ASMZ found out about the shortage. This was the day of zombie deployment.

Like a swarm of humming bees, Robert said they came from around the corners. The eerie moan and distorted pant was what they heard first. As the sun rose in the humid morning, Robert noticed the shadows running across the walls down different alleys. His wife never liked zombies. She was already emotionally upset. But she kept saying. "DELIVER THE WATER, DELIVER THE WATER." Robert said his biggest regret was that he told her not to worry about anything. "I promise I wont let anything happen to you." Words he probably wont ever have the balls to say again. Who could blame him...

They were driving an old Chevy S-10. Inconspicuous enough to make it through any part of town without being noticed, and it had plenty of room to pack the 80 boxes of bottled water around in. The Leer cover on the back was an old one. Didnt match the rusty paint job on the truck, but who gives a crap about appearances anymore right?

Robert was pushing 60, and his wife was 6 years older than he was. They had been in the game since around June of 2011. They lost both their children since the outbreak, so they did everything they could to support our cause. And now that I think about it.. im not sure 'how' their children died. Just that their volunteer work was because of their childrens death.

Driving cautiously to avoid students running to school, and from zombies; Robert pulled the shotgun down from the glass behind them. (Yes, you can sport a shotgun in your trucks back window in Texas, sweet right?) He handed the gun to his wife to load while he tried to find the best way out. The streets filled with frightened people. Squatters, bums, students, convenient store clerks... the whole mix was here. He had taken a wrong turn somehow, and the somewhat safe street he turned from was now filled with hungry flesh eaters.

Complete pandemonium. The zombies he spoke of were like the ones in Africa. Black, watery puss oozing from the nose, eyes and mouth. Some of them didnt have eyes at all, just running wildly to the closest sound. They were wild, animal like beasts that were attacking each other. Even themselves. Almost like they were trying to get out of their own skin. "Absolute insanity" was how he described it.

He punched it. He immediately ran over zombies that were sprinting towards him. People were jumping out of windows around them, falling to their death. The gas station they drove by blew up. Burning zombies were slowly collapsing as they passed through this hell on earth. The radiator started blowing steam out from the hood and he smelled anti-freez. The truck was taking on heavy damage while the toll of zombies he was plowing into started to multiply by the second. Then... BAM!

His wife sat lifeless next to him. Robert menuvered, still trying to keep the truck going. Glancing over every other second. She was gone. The gun must have mis-fired while she was loading it. He said it over and over to me. Trying to convince himself that she didn't take her own life while he was driving. He heard the glass smash in from the back of the truck. They were on top of the water. Now, the only thing seperating him from the walking dead, were two thin sheets of glass. He drove violently towards the edge of mayhem. Thumping and crunching over zombie after zombie he saw a break in the smoke and screams ahead. He then heard the familiar wup wup wup wup of a helicopter over head followed by the sickening, gut wrenching sound of a HUM ATTACK. Trying to focus, his eyes started to vibrate. All he could make out were blurry scenes of zombies dropping in front of him. Some stood and screemed into the air, puking black ooze through the black smoke, then dropping to their death. His eyes started to water from the tension building up in his head. His truck hit a curb, a zombie, bounced off a brick wall then hit a light poll at 30 mph. The last thing he remembered seeing was his wife, sitting peacefully beside him.

When he awoke, the streets were empty. He was left for dead. The helicopters were gone.There were zombies and burning bodies laid randomly on the ground. He staggered out of the truck, falling to his knees to finally mourne the loss of his wife. He said he sat there for 20 minutes, then was interrupted by the next unsuspecting wave of students fresh out of their class and on their way home. His head was pounding as the group of 10 or more kids walked cautiously through the debris. Stepping over bodies and pointing at some as they passed through. They didnt see him, so he just looked at the destruction. Just like they were.

He drove his truck back to the ZFC in Sugar Land. They said the repairs are almost too great, but we might be able to get the help of a mechanic nearby. Most of our funds are going to Africa right now. We dont have much to begin with, and I might need to hit up Captain LC from the GYPSY GROUP again for some money. Things dont look good.

Robert's wife was buried behind his house. He wanted her close, and he wouldnt have it any other way. After so many years of being married, I'd give him what ever he wants. The service was nice. There were only a few ambulance echo's in the distance... and like I said before, the sound of an ambulance is better, then no sound at all.

==Robert, from all of us around the world, we are truley sorry for your loss.Your wife is proud of you for being so strong and such a great leader. We love you.==

I'll fill you in on whats happening in Africa as soon as I get more word from our crew. There are two more people that are coming up on our radar as beeing quite skilled at zombie killing. And as we get more intel on them, i'll fill you in with that too. As for now, STAR, if you are reading this... if you would be so kind as to send more of your journal entries. My wife and I are intrigued with your story before you came to be a fighter for our cause. We know you are very private so I understand how tall the order is, but it really does help us get to know you better. And as far as my tweets, Im sorry for making your situation in Africa... less than what it is. It wasn't my intention. As I went back an read my posts on twitter, I better understand where your coming from. I appreciate what you all are doing there, and as soon as I know you are all in a safe place for a day or so then I will tell you exactly 'why' you are there, and what the deal is with the ARC OF THE COVENANT. Thank you. Hug your team for us here in America. We are all pulling for you.

Until my next post. be careful American Zombie Fighters. We dont want to loose any more people. Focus and keep your head straight. Darker days are coming for those who arent prepared.

Eddie Rotten KILLEM'ALL!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


These days get long here in Texas. The zombie have found a way to raid some of the local food supply shelters. Either that or they are breeched by the ASMZ and the zombies are led in by the tens to devour anything that has substance. I almost liked it more when zombies only ate animate objects. Now, they are more like roaches or rats that eat just to eat. I'll cover the battle here at home soon enough. I want to fill you all in on whats going on in Africa first. I got two messages recently. One from Joshua, and the other from Star. Look, these are people that proved to be more than just zombie fighters. That's why they were chosen to handle the hunt in Africa. I have yet to sit down with them via Skype to explain looking for the ARC OF THE COVENANT, but soon. For now, lets start with Joshua's message to me... to you... and to everyone who is open to understand our resistance to the new world.


I know it has been some time sense my last update, didn't mean to worry you, been a bit busy. Let's just jump right in...I was able to get us a vehicle from the same contacts that got us the weapons. We were informed that they cannot help anymore, not because they don't want to, but because they're getting the hell out of Africa. They told us that their mission cannot be completed at this time with the influx of "dead opposition" and civil unrest. In saying that they did have some information that was very helpful. The Arc of the Covenant seems to be what they call a small nuclear generator called "Hyperion Power Generation" I guess the guy that invented this technology has some problems getting the license he needs in the states. Japan showed interest, but after the melt-down they withdrew. What better place to go test something no other country will let you, you got it. Africa.

Now, let's move on to this guy Jig. Before we got to the rendezvous point star proceeded to tell me that she has no trust at all for this guy, and would not be surprised if he was the one that set us up when we arrived here. Not knowing this Jig guy I will take what she thinks to heart. I cannot not tell what X thinks of the whole situation, he has been withdrawn lately. I think this place is just wearing on us. On a side note when we met with my contacts it did seem like X wanted to fight one of them. Not too smart, but you have to admire the heart, but I digress...When we arrived at the rendezvous I had a short meeting before getting out of our vehicle in case things go bad we will have a game plan. Also, star will not be satisfied until she knows the truth about Jig. I let her know I have her back and I'm sure X does as well. As we approached the jeep Jig and another guy got out, as we were walking towards each other I noticed that all of us had our hands on our weapons. I swear I heard X whisper "let's smoke em" I remember thinking please X don't go all Xbox on me. Damn kids want to shoot first all the time, and we cannot afford that right now. There were very few words exchanged be fore they told us to get in the jeep. Jig said "one of you can hop in front" per my instructions I got in behind Jig who was driving and Star behind the passenger, X in the middle "which he was not happy about," but he understood when it all went down. As we drove a bit I slowly pulled my .45 and gave Star the signal. She pulled a straight razor she keeps in her boot. I grabbed Jig by the hair and stuck the pistol to the back of his head while he was driving. The man he brought drew a pistol and pointed it at me "which I figured he would" his arm was extended across X's body. I was hoping if this didn't go as I planned X could push his arm or something so I didn't catch a bullet in the face. I calmly said "have your man put that pistol away and sit forward or my lovely companion here is going to use her razor to turn him into something like a pez dispenser before he gets a shot off." Jig told him (Mike T) to chill and the man lowered his pistol and sat forward. I told him to stop the jeep, he did. I said you better have the answers I'm looking for. I first asked him if he set us up at the airport & before he could answer bullets started hitting the jeep. In the distance we could see what seemed to be a pick-up truck with a large automatic gun mounted in the back, which I assume to be a .50 cal to be shooting at this range. Behind that truck was two others filled with armed men in the beds. It was local paramilitary trying to overthrow the current gov. Fortunately for us because of the rough and rocky ground the gunner could not keep a good zero on us. As we all ducked behind the jeep X was yelling THE ROCKET! THE ROCKET!. Then it hit me, he was yelling about the RPG we still had it. I pulled it from the back. We only have two rockets so we have to make them count. They all layed down some cover fire. I took the shot, it was high. Even though I'm ex military I have to admit I never fired an RPG, we don't use them in America. I loaded the second rocket and fired, the truck did a complete flip while in flames. It was like something you would see in the movies. X laughed so loud you clearly heard it over the commotion. The men in the other two trucks dismounted and started to engage. All of us were firing everything we had. We were dropping them, but they just kept coming. We were going to lose this battle, then it happened a chopper appeared and started the HUM attack. Having no earplugs in I dropped instantly, X and Star pulled me behind the jeep and covered my ears. When I came to, all I heard was Jig saying "great, that's just great!" Star helped me to my feet. When we looked all we saw was an army of zombies coming straight towards us. I couldn't think right, that HUM attack was still getting to me. Star jumped in the drivers seat and tried to start it, nothing...Then all we saw was a rocket come from a near by hill and wipe out half of the nasty bastards coming for us. As soon as that happened we started to engage the rest. By then the chopper was coming around for a second attack. Another rocket from the hills hit the tail and the bird went down. We have to be some of the luckiest SOBs on earth. When the smoke cleared we saw a vehicle approaching us from the direction of the hill. It was my contacts here, they told us that they were tracking a paramilitary force and heard the shots. We thought that we might be able to get our hands on that HUM device from the wreckage, but it was all too damaged. We thanked our saviors and they were on their way.

We set-up camp for the night, the tension is thick between us and JIG. I'm sure he didn't forget what happened before all the gunfire. Not sure how to continue with my plan from here. For now we should get some sleep, X said he will take first shift. I hope he does not kill them while they sleep. Waiting on word from you. Joshua.

Joshua's message made me realize how crazy things are getting in Africa. Not just for our team, but for the whole country. There are wars going on besides the zombie apocalypse?!? What the hell is this world coming to?? Over all, I'm glad that Jig and Mike T secured a Jeep to at least make it out to meet our ZFC.  I hope they find a way to understand each other. Sometimes camp fires are good for that. Let me get into what STAR sent me. Then I rest. My gun jammed today and I manually killed two zombies. I hadn't done that in a few weeks and let me tell you... it takes it out of you. I'm whooped. Now, for STAR'S message. It was more of a mind opening read for me. I didn't know exactly where she came into all this from. And her mystery was just that... a mystery. Nobody really knows much about her at all, so it was nice for her to send me this. It seems to be an entry to her own personal journal since the beginning of all this. Anyway, I'm rambling.... and bleeding so I need to get some bandages. Here you go.

Log Entry #1

To Whoever reads these entries. I’m writing this “documentation” of the events that have transpired in Hamilton, Ontario. I don’t know how far this reaches, how far gone we all really are. I pray to god it has been quarantined by now. Before it has a chance to reach out farther than mankind can control. I say “it” because I really don’t know what else to call it. Call it a virus, call it a curse, call it a slight to humanity but my god, “it” is Zombies! Like, right out of a movie. I never thought it would be possible. I feel deep in my heart that this wasn’t something air born that was brought to us by some insect, animal or the like. I can’t help but feel that this was something man made. For reasons I don’t know and that keep me awake at night wondering about. It used to scare me, I was terrified….You know what, let me just start from the beginning…
It was a day like any other, I was in the kitchen making lunch when without warning a man came running up to my door… he was hurt.. bad. He was banging on my door and pleading for help. I was alone with my daughter so I normally wouldn’t have opened the door to a man screaming on my front porch, but this was different, and I knew this person genuinely needed someone, needed me. I grabbed the first weapon I could find which was a butcher knife from the kitchen and headed toward the door. I peeked out of the curtain and was terrified by what I saw. Blood! My god his blood was everywhere! I looked around and there was nobody in sight so I swung the door open, pulled the man in and shut the door and locked it as fast as I could. It was his arm that had been wounded. Not smooth enough to be a cut, no sign of bullet holes, just…ripped, torn flesh. Like he had been attacked by a rabid dog or something. I don’t drive so there was no way I could get this poor man to a doctor with my baby in tow. I called the police to send an ambulance, the line was busy! How the HELL can it be busy?? I called for a cab. Nobody answered. I was running out of time, this man was bleeding profusely. I grabbed a dishcloth to stop the bleeding, I tended to his wound as best I could. He lasted for about 22 hours and slept through most of it. But one day he passed on, right in front of my eyes. I had never seen anyone die in front of me before. It was eerie to say the least. I figure he must have gotten infected by whatever bit him. I said my peace and as I covered him with the blanket…. he sat up! I was so happy to see he was still alive! I pulled the sheet off of him and noticed something different about him. Something in his eyes. Vacant. Loathsome. Hungry. He lunged at me. He looked like he was trying to bite me…and he was! I didn’t know what had gotten into him and I wasn’t going to wait to find out. I had a crazy man in my house and a baby playing one floor below us. A weapon.. something to use against this lunatic. I remembered something that was tucked away in my closet.  An heirloom that had been passed down in my family for generations. It was my great great-grandfathers samurai sword. I opened the closet door and grabbed it, unsheathed it just in time too. He was right on me. I swung around as fast and hard as I could and cut his head clean off. I was amazed at the power I held in my hands. I have to admit, I  felt…good….exhilarated. To take this mans life. To kill someone who was a danger to myself and worse, to my daughter. He had to die. It was the right thing to do. I went downstairs and immediately picked up the phone to call the police.. no signal. Why the HELL would there be no signal at a time like this! Well I wasn’t going to stay in the house with a dead psychopath in my room. I was getting my daughter out of there. If I can’t reach the cops by phone, I’ll just have to go there in person. I packed up some necessities and we headed out the door.

I want to thank STAR for sharing these desperate moments with us all. If this is the best way for her to open up to us than we'll take it. These people that are fighting with us are REAL PEOPLE. I care for them each individually and wouldn't send them all the way to Africa if I didn't think good things would come from all this. The fight against zombies is only part of the terror that is coming. We must fight as one, until all are gone.



Thursday, March 15, 2012


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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Joshua, Star and X. My attempts to get a hold of these three is going to drive me to smoking cigarettes again. This 'wooden shack' X spoke of was freaking me out. Where in Lagos were they? Which wooden shack were they in? I needed a way to report back to JIG so they would eventually come together. Once they could all find safety, I would tell them what they are looking for. And between me and you, if I would have said anything before now, there's no way they would have gotten on that plane. I'm lucky they've gone this far. After all, this is all just a hunch. Again, between me an you. I've already been chewed out for sharing information to the readers of this blog before I share it with the zombie fighters I report on. Cant we all just get along? Its my blog right?

And then, an email from STAR.

Eddie, I don't say much, because there is not much to say. We both know where this world is headed and we have both chosen to take active parts in fighting for what we believe in. But this Africa thing? We still don't know why the hell were here. We are running out of food and water. Joshua says that we have a purpose here and because of his military back ground, I listen and follow his lead. And I admit he has made some good choices out here. X.... Oh my gosh, that kid is too smart. Its like an old man is trapped inside of a kids body. But look. We narrowly escaped a friggin zombie attack the other day. Not just any zombie attack, big freakin' black puking, dark eyed evil zombies that want more than to eat me. They are like rabid dogs out here. Not to mention the HUM ATTACKS. Its been almost 7 days. We are in a dark basement of some sort. X says there's a way out down the hallway, but all we hear are zombies. ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES! We cant make a run for it, because the ASMZ is everywhere. And to top it all off, your on Twitter making our situation out to be some kind of entertainment. I see what you've been putting. "WILL THEY SURVIVE?, BEWARE AFRICAN ZOMBIES!". Its all BS dude. These old ass potatoes and carrots are starting to look good to me. Not much light though. We had a meeting in the hallway the other night. We discussed one of your Twitter posts. You mentioned something about the 3 generators. The first, the EPHOD, we are all familiar with. And because of its origin, I cant really dispute what you think the 2nd generator is. But THE ARC OF THE COVENANT? Are you out of your mind? We've been looking for that thing since the beginning of time. I didn't come to Africa to fulfill my dream of being the first female Indiana Jones, Eddie. Plus, that thing is fabled to be in Ethiopia. Why in the world would you have us meet in Lagos? We are on the wrong side of the continent. THE WRONG SIDE OF THE CONTINENT! Its dark, its hot, and there are zombies bred to turn us into mindless slaves. We don't know whats on the outside of that door and.... wait. Joshua is here, he wants to talk to you.

Eddie, Joshua here. X has found a way out of this coffin. I was contacted by JIG. Apparently he brought his brother Mike T along for the ride. He said that they have transport, but we have to make it to Ibadan which is only a 2 hour car ride from here. Now to secure a car. Things don't look that great. STAR wants to take a shower.She'll be fine though. We underestimated the situation here in Africa. There is more than just zombies and the ASMZ. There is chatter over our two way radio of a revolution. I'm not sure what the group is called but they are planning something. I distinctly heard "THEY WILL ATTACK US FOR OUR RESOURCES." Again, I don't know who is talking, or what they are talking about, but something is coming here. And if we are supposed to travel across Africa to Ethiopia... well, our troubles are just beginning. And another thing. When we traveled from the port of Lagos to where we are now, we noticed U.S. troops sweeping certain areas. We stayed out of site, which wasn't easy. In the dark its hard to do anything. But we know they have bigger better weapons, so we kept our distance. I just cant figure out what they would be doing here. Isn't the war in Syria? There were also crowds of people at the little airport where we were HUM ATTACKED, holding anti AFRICOM signs with a picture of this dude named KONY.?. Do you know anything about this dude? The signs look like he's some kind of resistance leader or something. I don't know. With these puss spouting zombies here, I cant seem to make sense of anything. The thing I cant figure out is, if this KONA dude is supposed to be some kind of resistance leader against AFRICOM, why would he be campaigning here? The LRA disappeared back in 2006. At least that's what the news back home says. What do you know? Don't tell me our troops are here to secure more resources.... That's not what I signed into the military for years back.. I'm assuming. Let me get back to the problems at hand. As it stands, we've got zombies that come in waves outside. X is keeping a close ear to a trap door that leads out. We are taking shifts so we can all get the rest we need. We need JIG though. We are hoping he has supplies. We are hungry. X pulls out granola bars every now and then, splits them up and shares them with us. We are trying to avoid eating the potatoes and carrots that are down here. They have dust and mold on them. But they look pretty tempting at the same time. Look, when we do sit down, we all need an explanation on this ARC OF THE COVENANT thing. I'm not a holy man, but I saw the TEMPLE OF DOOM, and I don't want to touch anything like that! We are getting ready for battle between resting. We know we have to make it out of here to meet with JIG. Wish us luck. Give us good news. US ZFC FF


Its been a week since my last post. I didn't want to ever say it but its really getting hard to post as much as I used to. Its not just the posting but the mental work that goes into reporting all the crap that happens around here. Our guys are in Africa. That much you know. These bastard zombies are actually scaring me these days too. Just the other night there was one in my garage. He was just as blind as I was, but I could hear him. The uncontrollable grunt and groan they have gives 'em away every time. Long story short, quick shovel to the head and he was down. I drug him to the front yard and layed him there, too tired to throw him in the street or call the city to come get him. They have their hands full. The next day the corpse was nothing but dry bones. These urban zombies are hungry now. People are trained and waking up to their environments.... finally.

So lots of things have happened in Africa. Our crew of three last reported to be in the basement of a shack they found while taking cover from the HUM ATTACK helicopters and zombies. X called in soon after their last update. He said that there were people outside the shack they were in. After looking over them, they realized they were ZFC members from the UK. Trained in the African tongue and dressed like ASMZ officers. Either they were ZFC members that broke away and joined the ASMZ for money, or JIG has been cross training his men to do more than we expected.

Speaking of JIG, the last message I posted from him was that he was headed to Africa. The newest message was much different. After reading his words to my local ZFC, I got mixed reactions. His message said that his helicopter went down. Most people in my little team here rolled their eyes but continued to listen. Here is his latest communication: I know I told you that I would report back as soon as we landed in Africa, but there were a few complications. You see, Mike T told me he was 100% confident in flying our (rented) private helicopter. His landing... not so much. He lost control somewhere around Ogbomosho Nigeria. He admitted mid crash that he wasn't a scholar at landing this type of chopper. We came down soft, but only because we were already so close to the ground. To be honest, we are lucky to walk away from that. The props are completely jacked, and the only thing that actually turns on is the radio. If I could get to it. Most of the floor pushed up and we were thrown out. Again, counting our blessings. My fear is that we are completely stranded in Nigeria, we have no way, other than cell phone to contact the US ZFC, and worse our transportation is a no go for the rest of the mission... what ever it is. You better not be killing us off Eddie. Were trusting you. We know there are HUM ATTACKS in the area though. We hear them. I have a duffel bag full of special ear buds (among other things) that block most of the harmful frequencies, so we should be able to travel in safety for the most part. We haven't encountered any zombies as of yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't running around here somewhere. Mike T is trying to contact Joshua as I'm writing you. The best way to communicate for now, is through text or email. Most lines I'm sure are being listened to by big brother.. or who ever they have over here. This place is massive. Intimidating. For now, we are heading west. There is a town on our map called Ibadan we are going to seek shelter. Hopefully we'll get a hold of Joshua, X, or Star through text. We will try to find transportation and make our way toward the bay of Lagos in the next day or so. Let me know you got my message. For now, were safe. JIG & MIKE T. UK ZFC FF

Saturday, March 3, 2012


What the hell? Back home were so screwed! Ever since they took Thomas Jefferson out of the history books, every government side seems to take pride in flushing our freedoms down the crapper! These friggin zombies are tearing this country from the inside and the 'protect and serve' office is taking a break to watch the entertainment of Armageddon unfold. MORE BLOOD MORE BLOOD!! I know that's what they're thinking. And in some high circles, that's what they're saying.

The problem is, is that these zombies are what the citizens are afraid of. The fear alone keeps us in line. The more we see the ASMZ, the more were supposed to trust that everything is going to be fine. Only the few, like us, see what their purpose really is. The news wont ever report the ASMZ dropping off zombies to attack certain (ethnic) neighborhoods. The globalist and Eugenicist are clearly trying to purify the land by destroying one race at a time by way of zombie. Who knows who will be left.

All we can do is hope for the future. The zombies here are as bad as Ive ever seen. The ASMZ does come and clean up. Every once in a while I still see those ugly ass yellow outfits the Canary Group wears. They show up when the attacks are really messy, which is more and more lately. But over all, with our guys in Africa trying to find each other, Lord Micah and Captain LC trying to figure out our own HUM ATTACK WEAPON, and zombies becoming the biggest terror in America... we have our hands full.

In reality, the zombies aren't even the real terrorists. Its the ASMZ... like you didn't know.

We've had a few attacks here over the last week. Nothing really serious. And by that, I mean that no one has died. We live next to the hospital and are friends with some of the more resistance minded doctors. They've been working on a cure since day one, but so far no luck. They are trying to tie the link between nano technology in medicine, with frequency based changes in the brain. The problem is that the scientist behind this whole thing are smart enough to move from poison to poison. We are currently unable to track their next move. These monsters have decades on us. The head start they have is staggering, and were trying to solve their Rubix Cube before they place it in front of us. I wont give up though. The people bitten change quickly now. Lots faster than before. And just like Africa zombs, ours is spurting out that blackish ooze when they turn. Eyes turn dark if not completely black. It really does seem like its just from the head up too. They bleed red, but not from the face or neck. Almost like the frequency damage changes the color of their blood as they morph from human to slave.

We continue. Our communities have pulled together now. My wife isn't the only female teaching zombie combat. And in small secret places, my sons are teaching their peers how to survive beyond the zombies. Our greatest fear is that the Elitist will get tired of our entertaining fight against them, and drop a nuke sized EMP above one of the major cities, shutting us all down for a generation or two. We are literally preparing ourselves for human genocide. No one seems to be safe from what we see coming. If the globalist end up convincing the leaders of this new world that 90% of the population isn't needed, we can be sure that zombies will run like packs of rabid dogs all over this earth until we are all gone. They have their own technology proving to control the walking dead, so what do they have to loose by having the world populated by them until that is all that's left? While they sit happily in their UTOPIA of perfect humans waiting until all the true heartbeats on the surface stop. Their equipped helicopters would finally be seen one last time, HUM ATTACKING every last zombie in the world until just the few chosen ones exist, to start over the way they think this world should be ran.

My perfect nightmare. That's why were in Africa. I got together with Lord Micah and Captain LC a few days ago to confirm our plans to GO AHEAD with our mission. We know that there are three generators needed to produce enough power for the perfect human to be created. Our research is proven and goes back way before zombies walked our streets. Even Hitler spoke of a power greater than man. A GOD like power is what was sought so many years ago, and is still in search of today by the Elitists. With the power and energy of a GOD, they could create and crush anything they want. You and I have known of a type of three generators as well. We just called it something else. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three beacons of power have been used to generate power and to hone ourselves as humans. But these new cats, well.... they're not interested or do they have any concern whatsoever on the three power generators of the old world. The new generators are tangible, at least we think they are.

The first, is the Ephod. The Biblical golden breast plate with stones and gems placed in certain geographical places on it, fabled to produce enough energy to open a channel to the heavens. And proven to be used to block radiation and certain forms of HUM ATTACKS.

The second is why we are in Africa. And its a long shot at that. But the only other thing we can think of that can produce that kind of power, energy, and conducting strength is made of pure gold. Like the Ephod. We think we are looking for The Arc of the Covenant.

Eddie Rotten