Sunday, February 19, 2012


I was so disturbed by Joshua's phone call and Stars email I immediately got on to Skype with Captain LC. I wanted back up in Africa and he was the only person I knew that had the funds to do it. Over the last year and a half, the GYPSY GROUP has amounted several million dollars in cash, not to mention the jewelry and credit cards stolen from the zombies. Since the globalist bought out the media, they don't cover the zombie apocalypse. And in a way its good for the GYPSY GROUP. People that turn zombie usually have credit cards that don't shut off unless a family member calls it in. And usually, its a family member that takes the card from the newly zombified relative, if the GYPSY GROUP doesn't get to it first.

Captain LC told me no. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. 'NO' is such a final word. He said that Lord Micah was assembling a device much like the one Mike T from the UK had. The one that will make zombie heads shatter when its turned on. We could use that right now. But we could use it in Africa. "I'm sorry Eddie, we just don't have the resources to send another group of zombie fighters to Africa. We are in a race to have the same, if not a better weapon than the ASMZ is using, and we are running out of time. Lord Micah seems confident that his new research will create such a weapon. According to Lord Micah, the ASMZ are using Single Beam Frequency Patterns or SBFP's. These beams of frequency shoot to your organs and vibrate them until they start to heat up, causing nausea, vomiting, and severe dizziness and weakness. Finally heating up any air passage to the body meaning your eye sockets, nostrils, mouth etc. and burning it from the inside out. Well Lord Micah is creating what he calls Frequency Harmonics, where two or more beams of frequency can be used to either block the harmful HUM ATTACKS or create a more devastating HUM ATTACK of our own, depending on volume and pitch. Eddie... Eddie?"

I was distracted from all the tech talk and started stringing gum from my mouth. I forget how unforgiving Skype can be during a video call. Captain LC went on. "I can see how important all this is to you. Please let us know as soon as you hear from our team in Africa." His face vanished from my screen, followed by the all too familiar Skype woosh! I cant help it if I pay attention different than most. I got what he said... Lord Micah... Hums a new frequency.... something like that. Plus, have you ever had 3 pieces of bubbalicious in your mouth at the same time?

I was concerned for our team though. JIG was nowhere to be found, we had 3 of our best in a foreign country battling against every apocalyptic odd there was in the book. And the zombs keep rolling in. When does it end?

I needed to take a break. I took my shoes off and pulled the hassock close. My little phone does an amazing job of keeping me entertained. But I should have never opened the news app I have running. Ugh! Its so obvious the Globalists are running the show. Im not even a doomsdayer, or a conspiracy theorist (per say), I just know that they use the news to cover bigger operations. We all know it. Watching the news didn't last long. Syria and Egypt, The UK, China in cahoots with Canada, the US.... were all screwed. Killing zombies is the only thing that helps take the pain of living away. That and my family. Laughing at home is the best. Home made bread, birthday parties for the kids, pictures. I hope those things never go away. With or with out FEMA CAMPS.

So here I am, twiddling my thumbs. I'm waiting on a call from JIG or one of our team in Africa. Hopefully by now they've met up and moved to a safer location. When STAR said she heard the HUM in the distance, it made me think of all the YouTube videos I'd seen recently. There is a distinct HUM coming from somewhere. Its always up in the air, but far enough away to where people aren't sure what it is or where its coming from. Now I know, that hearing the HUM, means zombies, and death. Population control at its finest. HITLER would be proud. Lord Micah and Captain LC agree that the Eugenists, the Globalists and the ASMZ have been working together. Before introducing the most perfect human, they must first extinguish the rats. Creating a frequency weapon that causes normal human beings to become... those things... those zombies. Well, its the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Their science is moving forward so fast I cant keep up with it. I'm still trying to piece together how they made the leap from extracting poison from Puffer Fish to making Frequency HUMs.

My only hope is that they will discover things in Africa that will shed light for us all. Crossing my fingers. Hoping to hear something from our team before I pass out.

The sirens are quiet outside. Like I said before. I wish I heard them more often. At least then, I know humans are helping humans.

I'll post again when my energy returns.

Eddie Rotten


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