Saturday, February 25, 2012


After receiving word from the crew in Africa, I had to bandage my finger up. I bit my finger down to the quick, worried to hell and back about our people. I don't want anything at all to happen to them. Then... I got word from JIG. We are still in that 'not so sure' stage. Im sure you understand. With that said, they have their own fears. According to JIG, they are just as worried about us as we are about them. I hope that its all good, and that we can work together. There is a storm coming. I know it. Our ZFC across the world knows it. Hell, you know it too.
Again, I don't want to speak for JIG, so I'll leave his message for you to read for yourself and get your own opinion. I believe him though. And when I speak with our crew in Africa, im going to tell them to trust JIG. I have news for all of them, and I need them to work together on this. And for those reading, none of our ZFC'ers in Africa know exactly why they are there. I'll explain to them the same time I explain to you. Bare with me. Once all the pieces are set, we can go forward. Trust me.
Here's JIG's message in its entirety:
"Since the last time we spoke, me and my best man Mike T are in route to Africa to meet up with some of Eddies best ZFC'ers. From what I understand we should be meeting up with Star, Joshua and X. I am under the impression that they are there already. Unfortunately Mike and I are still in the air on our private helicopter. We should arrive in Africa in about 3 hours time. Were searching for the second generator that a lot of people have been searching for. I'm not sure why but I know Eddie has the answers. I'm just here to help him find it first. Just so you know, Mike T and I had a quick conversation about you guys. He has his doubts just as you do. The conversation was recorded on the plane, and I had our computer print it out for me... Mike spoke first on the print out just so you don't get confused on who said who and what not."
"Why are we helping this goon anyway? They all think your a traitor"
"Look, things went down pretty bad at the GYPSY GROUP COMPOUND a few months ago, and I'm trying to make it right. They think it was me who attacked, when you know as well as I do that I wasn't even there."
"OK, But I still don't trust these people. I don't even know them."
"Look Mike, do you trust me or not?"
"YES. Of course i do"
"Then lets make this happen. The world is burning from the inside out, and it looks like were the ones that are supposed to put it out. Are you in?"
"OK, but I'm doing this for you."
"Thanks Mike"
So, I told him that him trusting me and having my back was all I needed....... With that....we cranked up the heavy metal we were listening to and rocked out. Will report back as soon as we land. As long as its safe."

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