Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I was up late. Didn't want to be but my wife was watching a zombie movie called MUTANTS and my son told me he wasn't into church anymore. So I couldn't sleep if I wanted. My phone gave its chime (new email from JOSHUA). I was excited because it would bring my mind back to where it was comfortable. Dealing with a zombie apocalypse was easier than handling heathan children somehow. My grasp on fatherhood slips away sometimes. I'm digressing.

The email. Its a telling post on Joshua's part. I underestimated his leadership ability and resources. Africa is a hard place to make contacts with, and since JIG didn't  show up, they improvised for defense. Well, I'll let you read for yourself.

This is Joshua, I am contacting you via phone. Service from Africa is sketchy to say the least. We are in a bad way here, Star and I have some trust issues and X....well he's X. I have not shared this info with anyone yet including my comrades here. The trust issues go both ways. While we were held-up in that building I was keeping watch with a monoscope, I spotted a person in a tree at distance. Last time I checked zombies or "lames" as we call them in the Burgh do not climb tress. Too far away for details, but I spotted them because I caught a reflection telling me that they were using "binos" watching us. All I could make out was some sort of uniform NOT anything like the ASMZ. That attack was not random, it was meant for us. I contacted a old military connection here and was able to get our hands on some AK47's and a RPG. Star was reluctant to take it, but I more less threw it at her. That girl loves her blades. X couldn't be happier, can't wait to see that AK to knock him on that smart ass. Have not had a HUM attack sense the first day. Although the next one I think I might take a shot at the chopper just to show them we don't play. Who knows is I hit maybe we can get are hands on the HUM weapon...wishful thinking I guess. NO sign of JIG as of yet, unless that was that shady bastard in the tree. We are moving slowly due to it only being safer at night. Right now we are held-up in this shack no bigger then my shed at home, the sun is going down and we are about to be on the move. Wait... there are people outside, cannot understand what they're saying. There was a shot, have to go! Contact when we can.

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