Saturday, February 18, 2012


I know I know. Its been so long since my last post. When I moved to the weekend shift, I figured it would be so easy to catch up on all the killings, that I 'haven't' talked about. Reality is, the zombie fight gets pretty heavy the more I'm at home. I'm stuck in between two places on how to handle getting my message out to everyone. A rock, and another rock. Either way... I'm here now. So lets get on with it.

First thing I wanted to cover was our new ZFC member Joshua. Again, I don't know alot about this guy, only that he's a seasoned zombie killer. And at a time like this, we'll take all we can get. Pittsburgh is where his ZFC hails from. At first, it was just emails coming in, then I started to get emails from his group of ZFC. It was nice to see so many people involved in his fight against not only the zombies, but the ASMZ as well. I asked him to come to Houston and meet with me and the GYPSY GROUP leader Captain LC. He has a correspondent who speaks for him when he's too busy. Apparently the zombies in Pittsburgh are pretty thick. Just a quick heads up on what kind of fighter were dealing with, here's an email we received from the Pittsburgh ZFC a few days ago:

Hello Houston ZFC. My name is Jackson. As you requested, I will give you Joshua's credentials and zombie fighter history. As I write this, he is on his way to Houston to meet with Houston ZFC Leader EDDIE ROTTEN and GYPSY GROUP leader Captain LC. Joshua has been fighting zombies since they became a threat in January of 2011. His leadership skills in the military served its purpose here at home, as he has organized Pittsburgh's first ZFC. We are under constant attack from the ASMZ and the zombies they produce. Joshua has been the leader in our resistance. His absence will be greatly missed. He has left me, Jackson in charge until his return. Again, according to your request, I will leave an example of Joshua's fighting history and technique. We were attacked by the ASMZ recently, not be foot troops, but by sound. They are using a new frequency based weapon we were not prepared to deal with, so we lost several members after their first HUM ATTACK. HUM ATTACKS are when the ASMZ fly over head with their helicopters and blast a frequency hum that forces us to drop to our knees. Zombies follow the HUM ATTACK shortly after, making it easy for them to rip our ZFC into shreds. Literally. Because of Joshua's training, he was able to dodge the first HUM ATTACK and save several of our original members. Earplugs are handed out on a constant basis at our home base now thanks to Joshua's quick thinking. Earplugs don't fully do the trick, so Joshua is coming to the Houston ZFC to get a better idea on how to battle the HUM ATTACKS. We still have disoriented members due to last weeks HUM ATTACK. They are unable to answer simple questions, and are unable to walk a straight line. The effects are felt several days in, and occasional vomiting happens because of the constant dizziness. All in all, we are still a strong team. The Pittsburgh ZFC has helped thousands of people become more than citizens, but well trained zombie fighters. I will leave you to ask Joshua what you will about the rest of his training. He is a secretive person, but he has a right to be. We all do. Please return him safely. If he decides to venture to Africa, please send regular updates on our quest for victory. Thank you. WE FIGHT AS ONE, UNTIL ALL ARE GONE. KILLEM'ALL!! Pittsburgh ZFC

Needless to say, Joshua agreed to go to Africa. The hardest part about sending our finest to Africa, was getting them to show up here in Houston. The ones who decided to to were the aforementioned Joshua, Star from Canada, and X from Texas. Right off the bat, there was a problem. Joshua was pissed that we were letting such a young person go. X was just a kid in most of their eyes, until they saw what he had accomplished on his own. His dependency on the Houston ZFC was just as important as our dependency on his. Words were passed, a few not worth mentioning, and they were off to the airport.

Jig said that the meeting of the minds was going to be in Lagos Africa. I got one last text from Star as the plane left the ground. It said simply, "I HATE YOU FOR THIS."

With them gone, we had to find new game changers. Several people stood up to take the place of the missing zombie fighters. Joshua naturally chose Jackson to take over in Pittsburgh. X had an adult ready to take his place. But X's attitude was young and quite frankly... smart assish.. if that's a word. So he wouldn't tell us the name of the person he chose to step in. Star chose her sister, she named RIVER. Protecting the identity of the fill ins was important. So I let it be so. Except for Jackson, no names. Simple.

A day passed and we hadn't heard a word one from any of the travelers. JIG either. We here at the Houston ZFC were starting to worry that the plane either didn't make it or it had been intercepted by the ASMZ. Or worse, that JIG set us all up to get rid of our best zombie fighters, chessing us up for an attack.

Finally, a phone call. "We are at a small airport in Lagos Nigeria," Joshua said on the phone. The sounds of small aircraft and buses were in the back ground. A coordinate and some landmarks were spouted out to let us pin point their location on a map we had on a wall. That was X's idea. As he spoke, I could hear a disturbance in the background sound. People escalating their voices. From loud talking to uncontrollable screaming, I heard the chaos take over. Joshua shouted orders to his team while he explained to me what was happening.

There were African Government Officials in helicopters appearing at their location. The first one hovered over head and made it really hard to hear Joshua. In the midst of the chaos, I heard random gun shots and demands in the native African language. "We gotta run!" Joshua shouted over the phone as I heard it drop and knock hard on the wall it was fastened to.


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