Saturday, February 18, 2012


After the phone banged against the wall, I could hear the horror ensue on the other end of the line. Screaming, gun shots, helicopters, and then the HUM. The low frequency buzzed clearly over the phone.
After our team found cover, this email was sent:
This is STAR. I'm reaching to you from my cell. While Joshua was giving you details on our landing, helicopters surrounded the area and started blasting a HUM ATTACK over us all. Joshua dubbed the name HUM ATTACK, because that's exactly what it was. As soon as we got off our flight, Joshua insisted we wear earplugs until our unit was safe and secure. I cant ever thank him enough. Eddie, what happened at the small airport here in Africa is something we'll not soon forget. There wasn't any zombies in sight, until the HUM came. The helicopters had mounted bull horns. There were at least 100 or more people walking around, getting their tickets, boarding and unboarding small sesnas. When the HUM came, people dropped their bags, tickets, whatever they had in their hands and crumbled to their knees. Some never rose. Because we had the earplugs in, we weren't directly effected, but I still feel nauseous. During the HUM ATTACK, people were holding their ears and screaming. The African government (if that's who they even were) were firing rounds into the air, getting our attention. I don't think the attack was meant for us, but I could be wrong. Peoples ears started bleeding, their eyes started shaking violently in their head. That's when I grabbed Joshua and we fled. The people... changed. They started attacking each other. Almost like mass hysteria had set in. The mob of people were ripping limbs off each other and started eating each others flesh. Then they noticed us. We were shaken, but unaffected for the most part. In groups, they started sprinting towards us. Stepping on anything in their path. X yelled RETREAT!! And we ran as fast as we could to the nearest building with an open door. We locked the door and hid underneath a metal desk for just a moment. Joshua periodically peeked out and saw their eyes. Black. It was all black. Their eyes looked like black marbles sinking deeper and deeper into their heads. The skin on their face was a dark purple, almost like it was slowly being burned away. It was a blood bath outside. Those who weren't distracted by our location were ripping each other down to the bone. The frequency blasted from the helicopters was more advanced than anything we had seen in Canada, much less the U.S. The helicopters flew away as soon as the newly formed zombies started gnawing on each other. Eddie, I'm here to tell you, were dealing with a different type of zombie in Africa. If JIG was supposed to meet us here, God help him. We haven't seen or heard from him. And to be honest, were starting to feel like we've been set up.... again. The pounding on the windows which are apparently bullet proof, soon turned to sloppy thuds. Finally turning to squeaky rubs. Slowly they started to fade away. When Joshua gave the word, we all looked out. It was hard to see through the lower half of the blood smeared window so we pulled the desk up close and little X got up to peer out. There were only 5 or 6 remaining. X wanted to go finish them off by himself but Joshua said no. I was itching to pull my swords as well, but in this foreign place we have to all be careful. We opened the door and finished them off. We each had 2 zombs. They were easy to put down. There wasn't much left of them to begin with. Mine ended up with almost no eyes at all. Just deep dark sockets, and it looked like they had either bitten off their own tongues or they just rotted off at an accelerated pace. Very disturbing. We stayed close to the building until the sun started to go down. We didn't want to get far from it, as it had served as good cover. X went back inside off and on to scavenge anything he thought we might need along the way. He's probably the most resourceful little guy I've ever met. He still wont tell us his real name... if he even has one. Joshua has the two way radio, so right now were hoping to hear from JIG. Eddie, Captain LC; I hope you know what your doing with this JIG guy. Were in over our heads here and we might need immediate evac... yes... all the way from Africa. So for now, I'm listening to Pink Floyd on my ipod, Joshua is trying to get JIG to answer him on the two way, and X is playing Minecraft on his cell... and in the distance, we can hear the HUM going on and off every half hour or so. Its far far away though. Feels like a mass genocide Eddie. For now, were hiding. Let us know if you have orders for us. Were in the dark here. STAR

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