Wednesday, February 8, 2012


After our free trade was opened up with X from Matagorda County, we had our hands full of new inventory. Weapons were a hard thing to come by in the city. We each had a few fire arms yes, but real weapons, real guns.... those were a fantasy. X was willing to let go of 50 Cals. and anti air missiles that we would have otherwise never come across. But the trade is solid both ways. He has access to our water towers here in town, and on each trip they get their pick of medical supplies and meat. Fruit and candy are harder to come by. Stupid choreographed economy is sucking the life out of the few survivors left. The meds and meat are ok to go for now, but there is a wave of suffering coming. And if your new to the blog you will soon discover how real this all really is.

Moving on. My meeting with the UK ZFC.

I was contacted by Captain LC just last week and asked why I hadn't posted about my meeting with the UK ZFC. I just ran out of time. My passion is still there, but there is literally millions of things going on right now. Did you know, that STAR has been contacting me? Yup. The chosen one... She wont stay on the line for long but just long enough to tell me what she is willing to do for our resistance. I'll get to her soon, just wanted to throw it out.

So, the UK ZFC. I picked up a man from the airport. His name was Mike T. He had a head set on, big Hollywood glasses, and sort of a Justin Beiber haircut, but cooler. He looked like a skater, but on a business day... if that makes sense. He put his suitcase in the back of the car, got in and offered me a hot dog... "Excuse me"? He then pulled a hot dog from out of his jacket, relish and all, and offered it to me. This puppy still had steam coming off it. It looked so good. This is one of those rare moments where, nobody can see you, and nobody would ever know (besides this blog), but I declined.

We started driving. Zombies made their way to the Bush Intercontinental Airport around May of last year. The security is good if you ask me, but they frown on stoppers, which is what we are. When you see a zombie, its your obligation to stop... and bash. Well, the police don't like that. That is THEIR job they say. While we stand in line and get our junk felt up by the TSA, zombies are allowed to roam free in the confines of airport property. Its sickening. They weren't that bad though that day. And we only had the whistle blown on us three times for stopping. But those zombs had it coming... they all have it coming.

After his relish hot dog, he pulled out a coke and popped the cap. Glass bottle... with perspiration glistening off the side of the Coke logo. Don't know how he was doing it, but I was liking this guy. Quiet and self sufficient. I wonder what else he had in that jacket??

After arriving to the Houston ZFC HQ, Mike T. found a chair and brought it to the center of the room. He then brought another chair in from the dining room and set it right across from the first chair. "Who is in charge around here?" he asked with a smile. "I am". I said reluctantly. I didn't know what this cat had up his sleeve, but anyone who can plop out a steaming relish hot dog and an ice cold Coke... well, you never know. "Take a seat". He said.

"Do you have any zombies?" he asked. I looked around. Behind me there were a few members that shrugged their shoulders.

"You mean, as in.... spare... zombies?" I asked hesitantly. This conversation started off weird and I had no idea whatsoever, where it might end up. "Yes, spare zombies. You see... Ive got something JIG wanted me to show you and I don't have time. I'm getting on a flight to go back home as soon as you see what I have." The man was sharp and very to the point all of the sudden.

"About JIG." I said. "We need to talk about his betrayal against the GYPSY GROUP out of College Station. People died that day and JIG is to blame for the whole thing." I said as sternly as I could sound.

"JIG, if that's what you insist on calling him... will speak with you personally about what you think you saw, my job is to show you your new tool, and to explain to you why AFRICA is key." Mike T. said as he lowered his Hollywood sunglasses.

The tone in the room changed. Mike opened his suitcase and pulled out an endless supply of earplugs. The ones that are pink and fluorescent orange. "We've got these." I said frustrated with the situation. "No sir... you don't have these. I just brought these, so how could you already have them?" He went on.

"These earplugs have a frequency barrier in them that will prevent your head from exploding, so I suggest putting them on." We did. All of us.

As the foam started to fill my hearing canal, I could hear the moaning of the zombies outside slowly go away. The screams from the un-named neighbor disappeared. The sirens from the ever passing ambulance hushed by these new earplugs.

The door flew open. A member was yelling, "I got this bastard!! Where do you want him?" He was death gripping a zombie around the neck. The zombies arms were flailing everywhere violently, to a point to where its left arm completely separated from its body. The arm flew across the room and hit Aubrey (ZFC member) in the face. She fell down screaming. Kinda funny if you ask me.....

Mike T. calmly opened his bag and removed a miniature air horn. Black with a huge skull and cross bones cross the face. "Let em' go" Mike T. motioned with his hand. The zombie was pushed in our direction. I scampered to my feet, kicking the chair out of the way as the zombie ran towards me like a banshee straight out of hell.  Mike T. held up the small sized bull horn and pressed a red button on top. Just for a moment, I felt my insides rumble. Almost like I had to use the bathroom.. but different.

The zombies head exploded right in front of us all. Its running body continued until it his the wall behind us. Dead again, the zombie laid there and we all stood in complete disbelief. Jig had sent a weapon that would immobilize zombies at the press of a button.

After taking my eyes off the corpse on the floor, I turned and noticed a few of the members vomiting, coughing, staggering dizzily around and holding each other up.  Mike T. took his earplugs out. "You must be careful. Your earplugs must be in as far as you can get them, otherwise the frequency of this device will affect your mind and body. The military are using this device to control the Occupy Movement around the world, so we...... borrowed one and used your Lord Micah to.... tweak it for us. I hope you don't mind.

I was awe struck, but happy. The mess on the ceiling and the walls.... not so much.

He held the device again and walked toward the door. "So, in a real world situation." He opened the door and stepped out. We followed. Zombies that were snarling and tripping over one another on the streets looked over to us. The hiss they made is blood curdling. Eyes turned black with hate and rage. They all ran towards us. "Ear plugs everyone."

They got closer than I would have liked. Some of them had pieces of their own bodies ripped away. That means that they are resorting to attacking each other again. Like in the beginning. People are fighting back so it makes it harder for the zombies to feed.

He held the device up and pressed the button again. Nothing happened... Again he pressed. Nothing. "RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!!!" People scattered back inside. We were able to secure the door just in time. The pounding and screaming from the zombies will haunt my brain for the next few weeks I'm sure.

Two of our ZFC members cornered the messenger from the UK. With their fist full of shirt, they raised him in the corner and screamed at him. Spit flying out of their mouths. Angry for the failure of mechanics. Calmly but quickly, the messenger head butted the one holding him, then grabbed the head of the second assailant and bashed his head on the wall behind him. They both fell to the ground, holding their bloody faces.

"This device is not perfect no, but its good enough to take to battle. We can work out the kinks, and I'm sorry for the scare outside just now. Rest assured I will bring it up with JIG. Do not attack me again, the next that do... will not be as fortunate as the two laying at my feet." Mike T. said calmly. Almost creepy. But it was respect that he had by the time he left. He asked that the two people who cornered him, drive him back to the airport. "A more appropriate apology was in order." Is what he said before they left. Because of time, he didn't get into AFRICA too much. But when our guys returned from the airport, they gave me a special number to a cell phone.

JIG was covering his tracks at all costs. He didn't want to be located and I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Obviously, AFRICA was a target destination.

With black eyes and cotton stuffed in their noses, our two ZFC members handed me a note left to them by MIKE T. just before he caught his flight back to the UK. The not read, "EDDIE, THE SECOND GENERATOR IS IN AFRICA. GET YOUR FINEST TOGETHER. HAVE THEM MEET ME IN LAGOS. ITS A PORT OFF THE COAST OF NIGERIA, AFRICA. WHEN WE ASSEMBLE, I WILL CALL YOU WITH OUR PLAN. TRUST ME."

He ended the not with TRUST ME. That's a tall order if you ask me. I'm calling Captain LC to see what he thinks about it, but I can tell you now he's not going to be down. I was intrigued with the new device we were shown. When the kinks get worked out, I'm sure it will be the game changer we need to fight against the zombies.

The government is using the presidential election as a decoy on what us, the under grounders know is an inevitable coming of the end. Or, what they want to be the end. Population control seems to be at the heart of every conspiracy we've found over the past year. I'm assuming the second generator, if its even in
Africa, will help us fight the elitist and the ASMZ. If they get their hands on it, only the third and final generator waits to be found.

No one really knows what will happen if all three generators are combined. The power that the three could have is only fabled to be apocalyptic. But whats more interesting, is what Lord Micah says it can do. I'm sceptical, but he spoke of an actual channel to the Gods. To speak to pure energy. Could that be what the globalist want? Do they want to speak to God without dying? Seems like Star Trek to me....

I'll go along with JIGs request. But I'll speak with Captain LC first. Sending our finest to Africa means were not keeping them here. What if JIG is leading them away from us, so he can plan another attack on the ZFCs of America? It all needs more thought. I'm tired. Time to get ready for my work out.

My new schedule is awesome. I'm off all week, then I work during the weekend, when everyone is asleep. Imagine it. 4 full days of zombie killing!! My life keeps getting better.

I wanted to mention a new ZFC from Pittsburgh. I got an email from a guy named JOSHUA. He seems legit. When I get home I'll copy and paste his email. If its all true, this dude will certainly be an asset to our movement. I'll cover his story in my next post.



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  1. I belong to a group you may have thought to be dead, maybe even a myth. I assure you, we are very much alive and in the fight.

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