Saturday, February 25, 2012


After receiving word from the crew in Africa, I had to bandage my finger up. I bit my finger down to the quick, worried to hell and back about our people. I don't want anything at all to happen to them. Then... I got word from JIG. We are still in that 'not so sure' stage. Im sure you understand. With that said, they have their own fears. According to JIG, they are just as worried about us as we are about them. I hope that its all good, and that we can work together. There is a storm coming. I know it. Our ZFC across the world knows it. Hell, you know it too.
Again, I don't want to speak for JIG, so I'll leave his message for you to read for yourself and get your own opinion. I believe him though. And when I speak with our crew in Africa, im going to tell them to trust JIG. I have news for all of them, and I need them to work together on this. And for those reading, none of our ZFC'ers in Africa know exactly why they are there. I'll explain to them the same time I explain to you. Bare with me. Once all the pieces are set, we can go forward. Trust me.
Here's JIG's message in its entirety:
"Since the last time we spoke, me and my best man Mike T are in route to Africa to meet up with some of Eddies best ZFC'ers. From what I understand we should be meeting up with Star, Joshua and X. I am under the impression that they are there already. Unfortunately Mike and I are still in the air on our private helicopter. We should arrive in Africa in about 3 hours time. Were searching for the second generator that a lot of people have been searching for. I'm not sure why but I know Eddie has the answers. I'm just here to help him find it first. Just so you know, Mike T and I had a quick conversation about you guys. He has his doubts just as you do. The conversation was recorded on the plane, and I had our computer print it out for me... Mike spoke first on the print out just so you don't get confused on who said who and what not."
"Why are we helping this goon anyway? They all think your a traitor"
"Look, things went down pretty bad at the GYPSY GROUP COMPOUND a few months ago, and I'm trying to make it right. They think it was me who attacked, when you know as well as I do that I wasn't even there."
"OK, But I still don't trust these people. I don't even know them."
"Look Mike, do you trust me or not?"
"YES. Of course i do"
"Then lets make this happen. The world is burning from the inside out, and it looks like were the ones that are supposed to put it out. Are you in?"
"OK, but I'm doing this for you."
"Thanks Mike"
So, I told him that him trusting me and having my back was all I needed....... With that....we cranked up the heavy metal we were listening to and rocked out. Will report back as soon as we land. As long as its safe."


Sorry its been so long since my.... 'our' last post. Things heat up here at home just as they do for our crew in Africa. Sometimes I wonder if this is all worth it you know? We don't even make a bleep on their radar system as far as damage is concerned. We are just another resistance group, trying to survive. Maybe that's a good thing though right? Maybe they wont even see us coming... maybe.

Well, let me jump in head first and get to whats going on. As you know, our finest are in Africa. Last we heard was, they were hiding in a shed with some sounds coming from outside. Since Joshua's post, I had another message. This time it was from X.

"You know, in a country that is as old as Africa, you'd think that they'd have a better hold on their own government. And if its not the government that attacked us, which I think they did, then the ASMZ is more affiliated here than where we come from. The frequency blasts from the helicopters are still with me. I'm not telling the other two a-holes that I still feel nauseous. If I could just get them to trust me and let me help them we'd all get along better. Back home the kids don't give me half as much grief as these two yahoos. They are bigger though, and faster. So I need them as much as they need me. So far they've had me do the dirty work. Places that they wouldn't fit, and to carry some extra crap Joshua picked up along the way. Hes got some contacts out here, I'll hand him that. Me and STAR didn't know what to think when his buddies showed up with all this heavy ass artillery. Some of this stuff is as big as I am. I thought we were supposed to be traveling light?? Whats the deal Eddie? Did you know about this rendezvous?

I am glad we have the extra gear though. His buddies were sketchy looking peeps, and they weren't willing to stick around. The tall one kept calling me HOT ROD. If I see him again...well, I just don't like that dude.

We found this shed that we hid in for a while. Taking a break, running from GOD know what. Zombies, HUM ATTACKS, the ASMZ, the heat..... whats next? Aliens coming to take the last bit of life we have here on earth?! Good grief. So, were in this shed till the sun goes down and we start to hear people talking outside. We weren't sure if they were looking for us, if it was JIG or who it could be? So we stayed put and listened. There were 3 distinct voices, talking. The talking escalated to arguing, finally shouting, fighting. We heard them swapping punches while the third voice was quietly yelling for them to "STOP, OR THEY'LL HEAR US."

Well, they did hear them. The fighting continued. "Oh... stop... stop!!!" The third voice whispered loudly. "I see them, they're coming!" His voice turned to a whimper, then a scream. "AAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!" Gun shots started blasting from the fully automatic weapons they were carrying. We all dropped to the floor as bullets started piercing the walls around us. I haven't heard this kind of action since MW3 back home. Damn I'm good at that game.

The front door started shaking. Somebody knew we were in there. "Let me in PLEEEEAAAAASE!!!" The voice was heavily African accented. Hard to make out. Probably why we couldn't tell what they were arguing about. Then the door stopped moving. All the screaming stopped. Just the hollow, dry, evil sounds of the zombies looking for scraps outside. I looked around the room. Joshua had his ear to the wall. STAR was sitting Indian Style in the corner cleaning the blades of her Kitana Sword with a silk cloth. She's a trip. Have I already said that?

We waited an hour or so. Listening. Waiting. We heard nothing. Joshua creeped over to the door which now had everything we could find in front of it. Old wooden tables and chairs. I think if I really wanted to get in here I could. This stuff was old man. Quietly we moved things out of the way. Joshua peeked out and saw the expected. Two bodies ripped to shreds out in the open. Now, it was pitch black except for the full moon. We all stepped out. The Carcasses shimmered in the moonlight. Rib cages, half gnawed bodies just waiting for the African wildlife to come take them home to share with their hungry families. With both blades drawn, STAR said, "Nothing" and turned to go back in. From underneath the second step, out reached a bloody hand and grabbed STAR on the ankle. Without blinking she swung once with her blade, jumped off the steps and took a fight stance, ready for battle. The hand twitched on the step.

We heard whimpering under the steps. It wasn't zombie whimpering, more like.... real dude whimpering. I squinted and saw a man underneath the steps, crouched down in the dark. Joshua ran over and grabbed the man by his leg and drug him out. "Inside!" Joshua whispered loudly. We all entered the shack backwards. Joshua pinched the man on his ear and pulled him in, with his gun aimed to the darkness.

Now with one less hand, the man was shaking and going into shock. "Its in the bottom" the man kept saying. We looked at STAR. She was in the corner again, cleaning off her sword. Joshua and I tried to get him to talk more but his tremors were taking over. He fell over and cuddled on the floor. "What? Whats in the bottom.... the bottom of what?" Joshua and I started wrapping his wrist up to keep him from bleeding out to death. I was wiping the blood off his arm when I noticed a tattoo. UK ZFC FF. Joshua and I looked at the tat. Then looked at each other.

"He's ZFC from the UK?!?" We both whispered at the same time. We looked down and the man stopped trembling. He was dead. The trauma took over and he must have had a heart attack or maybe he bled out. Joshua insisted that we put him outside. His logic was that if anyone knew there were three ZFC'ers from the UK here, they would be looking for all three... dead or alive. I thought he had a good point, so we drug his body across the floor, and quietly opened the door to put him out with the rest of the fallen.

"Legs first" I said. We got behind the body and started to shove him out. We heard a loud, dry roar. The body tugged quickly like a fish does on your line. Joshua and I looked at each other quickly. The second tug ripped the body completely out of our grasp, flinging the door wide open. The two half eaten corpses on the ground were now vicious, hungry flesh eaters. The body was pulled so hard, it was flung at least 15 feet from the steps out into the darkness. Two zombies looked directly at us with their black eyes and hissed loudly with that black mucousy puss that oozed from their mouth nose and eyes. I turned around and STAR was squatted in the middle of the shack, picking frantically at the floor. Blood all the way up to her elbows. "I almost got it" she kept saying.

Joshua and I took aim and both fired one round, blowing the head off the two hissing zombies. Then from out of the dark came the third. Running like a wild man at us. "I GOT IT" STAR screamed. We turned around and Star was standing in the center of the floor, where a trap door opened up. There was the wooden flooring she found, then lifted it up to find a metal door. We slammed the door just in time to feel the zombie smash up against the other side. It took all three of us to open the heavy metal door that led downward into the darkness.

Now, we are in the second room. The first had a pull switch light, that exposed old wooden tables piled with potatoes and carrots. I will fill you in as we go. It might be another day till I have time. Joshua or STAR might get ahold of you as well. Were safe. So.....Tag. Your it.

Give us your news Eddie.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jigs email, and zombie target practice!!

Its early. Just got an email from JIG through Facebook of all places. He's a crafty one. He knows all his messages are deleted, but he finds a way to bob and weave a digital paper trail even if there was one. I'll post in a bit. Time for eggs, coffee,  and zombie target practice from the roof.  Testing out my new silencer on the walkers early thus morning.  Just enough fog to make it 50% scarier!  ;)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I was up late. Didn't want to be but my wife was watching a zombie movie called MUTANTS and my son told me he wasn't into church anymore. So I couldn't sleep if I wanted. My phone gave its chime (new email from JOSHUA). I was excited because it would bring my mind back to where it was comfortable. Dealing with a zombie apocalypse was easier than handling heathan children somehow. My grasp on fatherhood slips away sometimes. I'm digressing.

The email. Its a telling post on Joshua's part. I underestimated his leadership ability and resources. Africa is a hard place to make contacts with, and since JIG didn't  show up, they improvised for defense. Well, I'll let you read for yourself.

This is Joshua, I am contacting you via phone. Service from Africa is sketchy to say the least. We are in a bad way here, Star and I have some trust issues and X....well he's X. I have not shared this info with anyone yet including my comrades here. The trust issues go both ways. While we were held-up in that building I was keeping watch with a monoscope, I spotted a person in a tree at distance. Last time I checked zombies or "lames" as we call them in the Burgh do not climb tress. Too far away for details, but I spotted them because I caught a reflection telling me that they were using "binos" watching us. All I could make out was some sort of uniform NOT anything like the ASMZ. That attack was not random, it was meant for us. I contacted a old military connection here and was able to get our hands on some AK47's and a RPG. Star was reluctant to take it, but I more less threw it at her. That girl loves her blades. X couldn't be happier, can't wait to see that AK to knock him on that smart ass. Have not had a HUM attack sense the first day. Although the next one I think I might take a shot at the chopper just to show them we don't play. Who knows is I hit maybe we can get are hands on the HUM weapon...wishful thinking I guess. NO sign of JIG as of yet, unless that was that shady bastard in the tree. We are moving slowly due to it only being safer at night. Right now we are held-up in this shack no bigger then my shed at home, the sun is going down and we are about to be on the move. Wait... there are people outside, cannot understand what they're saying. There was a shot, have to go! Contact when we can.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I was so disturbed by Joshua's phone call and Stars email I immediately got on to Skype with Captain LC. I wanted back up in Africa and he was the only person I knew that had the funds to do it. Over the last year and a half, the GYPSY GROUP has amounted several million dollars in cash, not to mention the jewelry and credit cards stolen from the zombies. Since the globalist bought out the media, they don't cover the zombie apocalypse. And in a way its good for the GYPSY GROUP. People that turn zombie usually have credit cards that don't shut off unless a family member calls it in. And usually, its a family member that takes the card from the newly zombified relative, if the GYPSY GROUP doesn't get to it first.

Captain LC told me no. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. 'NO' is such a final word. He said that Lord Micah was assembling a device much like the one Mike T from the UK had. The one that will make zombie heads shatter when its turned on. We could use that right now. But we could use it in Africa. "I'm sorry Eddie, we just don't have the resources to send another group of zombie fighters to Africa. We are in a race to have the same, if not a better weapon than the ASMZ is using, and we are running out of time. Lord Micah seems confident that his new research will create such a weapon. According to Lord Micah, the ASMZ are using Single Beam Frequency Patterns or SBFP's. These beams of frequency shoot to your organs and vibrate them until they start to heat up, causing nausea, vomiting, and severe dizziness and weakness. Finally heating up any air passage to the body meaning your eye sockets, nostrils, mouth etc. and burning it from the inside out. Well Lord Micah is creating what he calls Frequency Harmonics, where two or more beams of frequency can be used to either block the harmful HUM ATTACKS or create a more devastating HUM ATTACK of our own, depending on volume and pitch. Eddie... Eddie?"

I was distracted from all the tech talk and started stringing gum from my mouth. I forget how unforgiving Skype can be during a video call. Captain LC went on. "I can see how important all this is to you. Please let us know as soon as you hear from our team in Africa." His face vanished from my screen, followed by the all too familiar Skype woosh! I cant help it if I pay attention different than most. I got what he said... Lord Micah... Hums a new frequency.... something like that. Plus, have you ever had 3 pieces of bubbalicious in your mouth at the same time?

I was concerned for our team though. JIG was nowhere to be found, we had 3 of our best in a foreign country battling against every apocalyptic odd there was in the book. And the zombs keep rolling in. When does it end?

I needed to take a break. I took my shoes off and pulled the hassock close. My little phone does an amazing job of keeping me entertained. But I should have never opened the news app I have running. Ugh! Its so obvious the Globalists are running the show. Im not even a doomsdayer, or a conspiracy theorist (per say), I just know that they use the news to cover bigger operations. We all know it. Watching the news didn't last long. Syria and Egypt, The UK, China in cahoots with Canada, the US.... were all screwed. Killing zombies is the only thing that helps take the pain of living away. That and my family. Laughing at home is the best. Home made bread, birthday parties for the kids, pictures. I hope those things never go away. With or with out FEMA CAMPS.

So here I am, twiddling my thumbs. I'm waiting on a call from JIG or one of our team in Africa. Hopefully by now they've met up and moved to a safer location. When STAR said she heard the HUM in the distance, it made me think of all the YouTube videos I'd seen recently. There is a distinct HUM coming from somewhere. Its always up in the air, but far enough away to where people aren't sure what it is or where its coming from. Now I know, that hearing the HUM, means zombies, and death. Population control at its finest. HITLER would be proud. Lord Micah and Captain LC agree that the Eugenists, the Globalists and the ASMZ have been working together. Before introducing the most perfect human, they must first extinguish the rats. Creating a frequency weapon that causes normal human beings to become... those things... those zombies. Well, its the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Their science is moving forward so fast I cant keep up with it. I'm still trying to piece together how they made the leap from extracting poison from Puffer Fish to making Frequency HUMs.

My only hope is that they will discover things in Africa that will shed light for us all. Crossing my fingers. Hoping to hear something from our team before I pass out.

The sirens are quiet outside. Like I said before. I wish I heard them more often. At least then, I know humans are helping humans.

I'll post again when my energy returns.

Eddie Rotten


Saturday, February 18, 2012


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