Thursday, January 26, 2012


Right now im at work. My machine is running.... too loud if you ask me. Ear plugs only do so much after a while. It doesnt stop me from wearing them though. Maybe its not my machine at all, making all that noise? I cant seem to get certain sounds out of my ears. It might be the memorie where the sounds came from thats hard for me to put down. The other day is still on my mind. That poor girl didnt have a chance. It seems that the ASMZ always has a new weapon, or device to use to their advantage in our war agains the zombies. I still blame them for everything.

Some tell me that 'we' are to blame... Not the ZFC's per say, but humanity as a whole. That 'we' let ourselves get this bad. I dont believe that. Well... not all of the time.

Before I came to work today, I went over to the local ZFC to give my condolences. They lost a good woman. They said she was called MOM to many of the young zombie fighters. We are trianing them younger and younger now. I sometimes wonder if its the right thing to do for such young children, but children and war seem to go hand in hand. For centuries, children have shaped the world we live in.. through war. Plus, zombies dont seem to attack them as much. Lord Micah, our Frequency Scientist says that adult bodies put out a different vibration that zombies pick up on faster than that of children. Im glad for that. If anything, the Good Lord is watching over humanities future.

After I got here (work) my phone started blowing up. Text after text. Captain LC was wanting to know if I authorized an attack on the ASMZ. I didnt know I could officially authorize anything. Captain LC heads the GYPSY GROUP and he heads it well, so I dont blame him for some of the questions he has for me. Since we've been in better cotanct with the GYPSY GROUP we've learned more about the ASMZ than we would have otherwise. Honestly though, I didnt know anything about an ASMZ attack. I texted back: "???" "IM CALLING YOU NOW" was the next thing I saw on my screen.

I quickly came to a stopping point on my machine and pressed the yellow 'PAUSE' button. No sooner than I wiped my hands free of coolant, my cell rang. I walked with a quick step to the door leading outside and said, "Yes, what attack?"

Lokey told me the story. News about the demonstration attack on our local ZFC got out, further than I had expected. Lokey said that the ASMZ had a visit from a hopeful friend of ours. But, its a person that we know virtually nothing about. The only thing we know about this.... game ender, is that it was a female, and is obviously trained in military combat, and what some are calling S.T.F.Z. or Special Tactical Fighting for Zombies. That form of zombie fighting is only known to be used exclusively by the ASMZ themselves. I dont know if we have a rogue ASMZ fighter that joined our cause or just some crazy chick who was wronged by an old boyfriend....either way, this chick is one bad ass.

Lokey was contacted by the Hamilton police. They asked questions over the phone but he didnt know any more than they did. Everyone is scratching their heads on how there could be so much devistation in one area, in such little time. The attack was at the ASMZ center in Hamilton Ontario. I didnt even know they 'had' a center there. But they do. Lokey told me the name of the suspect is known as STAR. There was a bit of communication a few weeks ago, so we know she is real. What we didnt know was how serious her retaliation was.

An explosion was heard at least a mile from the ASMZ center. There was a hole in the front entrance of the building big enough to drive a truck through. I say that because there a was a truck in the entrance of the building. It was an ASMZ van to be exact. There were dead bodies scattered all through out the building. Bullet holes believed to come from a short barreled shot gun, but most of the damage came from a sword. Almost every body found had a slit throat.

Because of the amount of violence, the police were admitted. This is good because there are rules in place, meaning some of the findings inside the ASMZ building will be made known to the public. For example. STAR made her way to the back of the building where there were two raquette ball sized rooms used for zombie farming. I havent seen one, or even heard of one since NASA was exposed with their zombie farms. Of course they found the puffer fish swimming in the tubs, but they were reported to be morphed to bigger, more aggresive and angry animals. The known poison extracted from them is what helps the government create zombies, and apparently STAR wanted that poison. All the inventory was gone from both rooms. There was absolutely no poison left in the whole building. I hope she doesnt have plans of her own, because this is one zombie fighter I dont want to piss off.

Each ASMZ scientist, even the ones holding automatic weapons had a star burned into their face...well, those that had a face. The president of that particular ASMZ center was hanging feet first from a light fixture in his own office. The door was locked from the inside and there were at least a dozen or more zombs roaming and grabbing at the half shredded body, now swinging like a pinata.

STAR was there for more than revenge and puffer fish poison. There was a room in the far end of the building known to hold files and reports of common things like employee numbers, medical records etc. Because of the blast, there was another room that was found behind a door that was hidden behind their much hailed flag. This room had information in it that the police reported to be quote 'ODD'. Lokey told me that there was a filing cabinet that had symbols on it, the same symbols that THE GYPSY GROUP used to navigate their roads before the war they had in College Station. Lokey also said that the symbols werent originally used to navigate roads, but frequency vibration.

I know....I didnt understand at first either..

These symbols were made of different types of stone. Gems if you will. They were attatched to the filing cabinet for decoration, but we think they are much more than that. After contacting Lord Micah, he said those are the types of stones needed to create an EPHOD. "But we already have several EPHOD's" I told Lokey. Lokey went on and explained. Lord Micah said that these stones could be the original stones used by the ancient people in the first EPHOD ever made, which wasnt used just for protection from radiation, but as a communication device. "Communication to who?" I asked.

My phone connection started breaking up. Through the static I was only able to make out every 3rd or 4th word. Then, the line completely went dead. I then heard a loud..... humming sound coming from outside. I left the break room where I ended up during my call with Captian LC and made my way out the side door. I went out side and heard the sound again. It wasnt like the grinding blast that the ASMZ used on the zombies the other day, it was more like a trumpet or a big distorted tone. Something you would hear off a SKRILLEX album.

Im not sure what the sound was, but I came inside just a while ago and looked it up online. YouTube has the best film of it ive found so far. All over the world people are reporting and filming this....sound. There wasnt a difference for me, but I talked to some co-workers that said they felt a shaking of the ground. Others got sick and went home. Most of the people that were affected were in a group when they heard the sound. I was alone and noticed nothing at all. My theory is that the ASMZ could be testing out a world wide frequency used to control us in some way. Either that or there's some alien starship in our atmosphere. J/K

I tried to get back on the phone with Lokey but was unsuccessful. I haven't heard from him since. In know im supposed to cover my meeting with the ZFC member from the UK but im tired. I will soon though. You've got to hear what JIG sent him over here to say.

Also our meeting with 'X' was interesting. He is an interesting character to say the least. All of which i'll cover soon. Like I said, Wiped out. My days are getting longer and longer and there is just so much to talk about. I'll talk about it on Eddie Rotten Facebook, and @EDDIEROTTEN on Twitter before I post.

Until then, I need to rest. Im almost finished with my work and the ride home on my motorcycle will be interesting. Lots of zombies out tonight. Enough to where their sounds are heard from inside the breakroom. Its unsettling.

Peace to you all.

Eddie Rotten

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