Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick blast from the 115

Got an early morning note from our 115 branch. They are an incredible group of zombie fighters that have shown their bravery. Captain LC actually mentioned them in his bi-weekly announcement. Saying,"If our own government can follow the leadership skills that the 115 crew demonstrates, we would be alot further along with our fight against zombies."

Here is a personal email from a 115 crew member. Thank you.

Hey Eddie,its me Daniel. Right now I can't use my computer but i'll keep up on my android phone...yes i got ur app. Good luck out there...cause my scanner is receiving heaving zombie attacks up north of Texas. The entire 115 crew are getting ready for battle.

Daniel is a trusted member and leader. I have a feeling Captain LC will be sending him to Matagorda to investigate the trade opportunity we have with a mysterious character named 'X'. Food for weapons. Might not be a bad trade. We have a feeling he's a nomad that has a hidden bunker loaded with survival crap, but we'll make that call later.

Till my next post, keep your eyes open and your reflexes sharp. The zombies of 2012 are as fast as we are. And much more hungry.



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