Friday, January 20, 2012


I woke up to my cell phone ringing. It was early.. well, early for me. 2 in the afternoon and I'm usually dead to the world. You just never get used to the night shift. I looked at my phone and it said, 1 missed call from JIG.

I sat up faster than my brain could follow and gave myself the biggest head rush! I fell directly to the floor and sat at the edge of my bed for a minute trying to focus on the light of the phone. "JIG called?" I thought to myself.

Through the past few weeks, JIG was involved in the highest levels of conspiracy. Captain LC had completely written him off as an ally, but I never truly signed him off. After the raid at the Compound in College Station, after so many innocent GYPSY GROUP members were shot... I guess I don't blame Captain LC for not trusting JIG anymore. But I had a history with him. Over the last year, we had fought countless zombies together, and I built a trust for him that Lokey (Captain LC) would never understand.

There was no voice mail, no text... nothing. I ended up calling him several times, then giving up and stepped in the shower. My wife and family were gone and I was alone. The sound of the hot water pushed me into deep thought. "Where was JIG calling from? What could he say to me to make me forgive him for his actions?" All these questions rang through my head which was now placed in the palms of my hands. The handicap shower stool came in handy on days or nights where I just needed to relax in the shower. If you don't have one, I highly recommend it.

I got out of the shower just in time to catch the last ring on my cell. I answered before looking at the screen. "Eddie?" A hollow, quiet and beaten voice merged from the phone. "Its me...JIG." "JIG?" I stuttered out. "Look, I don't have time to talk, they'll figure out my location, just listen to me." Jig started in with an unbelievable story.

JIG resides in the UK, where as you know is the second largest conglomerate of ZFC'S in the world. He had a blog site up that was used to help organize zombie fighters, gather food, water, and other supplies. The ASMZ got word of his powerful movement there and he was literally forced to shut down his blog. With out the organized intel the blog offered, ZFC members slowly started to fade away, not knowing where to go with supplies, or who even needed them. He was at the mercy of the Internet.

Shortly after his blog was taken down, I lost all contact with him. The next news I had was that he was seen at the GYPSY GROUP compound blasting people away with other members of what is believed to be the ASMZ, or some other government funded bureaucratic gang of zombies. No pun intended....

Then, he was gone again. There were a few mixed texts that we received through this blog that had hidden messages in them, but because of the way he was seen last, we couldn't take any of the messages seriously enough to investigate further.. I wanted to..... but I didn't.

I stood there in my towel as JIG proceeded to tell me things that were waaaaay over my head. For starters, the GYPSY GROUP compound was raided for information, yes. But the information they were looking for was beyond what I even knew about. This is something I'm going to have to take up with Captain LC because at this point in the game, we all need to be on the same page. JIG said that the intel stolen from the compound was not only blueprints on how to construct more EPHOD'S, but the complete uses of them as well. The EPHOD would block the highest levels of radiation, but also hone frequency and store power... actual power, that can be harnessed and used towards something else..

I'm scratching my head and my ass at the same time on this one. My day was definitely starting off....confusing.

I started to ask questions, but he repeated "No time, just listen."

He went on.

"More EPHOD's are being created for protection. The ASMZ and the military of the world are going to Africa to look for the second power generator. The world will fabricate a war that will begin in the latter part of 2012 to cover up the real reason for their occupancy. The second generator will bring the BLACK HATS one step closer to their plan of world domination and population control.

(Remember: BLACK HATS are what the GYPSY GROUP and the local ZFC'S have started calling the bad guys, no matter who they are... Kinda' catchy I thought)

I'm thinking, "Africa? What could possibly be used as a conductor of energy, important enough for the world to cause a cover up AFRICA?" Were all going to have to wait for that one to materialize because I don't know what the hell he's talking about on that one.

I do know that there is truly a plan for world domination though. So far 2012 is starting off promising in the fact that conspiracy and government cover up are becoming as common as zombies.

The pipeline deal we had with Canada was just shot down by our president, and the government used environmental issues to be the cause of it. I'm not sure how stupid they think we are, but the poison in the water they're forcing us to drink hasn't quite set in yet. It is the most obvious cover up since the start of the ASMZ. The Prez. has to keep his buddy's happy over seas, because if we stop using their oil, there's talk that they would open their secret zombie farms here in the U.S. That could be bad news for all of us. We need the jobs definitely but there's more going on than they are willing to let us in on.....obviously.

I got off the phone with JIG, still wanting more. I had too many questions that all needed to be answered. My wife and family are pulling at my shirt asking me, "whats going on with the UK ZFC'S?" I just don't know. But how do I tell them that you know? I'm Eddie Rotten for crying out loud! I started the first ZFC on the planet, I should know these things!

JIG let up one last thing before we lost connection. He said it wasn't him at the compound. He said to me, "Eddie, EUGENICS IS BEYOND WHAT YOU THINK. Humans have evolved to what science wills us to be." "I'll call as soon as I can" was the last thing he said.

Eugenics huh? I know that they have their hand in the zombies, but actual human evolution? How could that not be him at the compound? Everybody saw him.... didn't they?

As soon as we lost connection, my phone rang again. It was our ZFC from Bay City TX. Over the phone, the soldier told me he had been to see 'X' in Markham TX. He said the bunker was much larger than he expected. There were guns, military grade guns...everywhere. He said that there were two vehicles used for transporting food and fuel. He ended by saying that 'X' had a real name, but wanted secrecy until he could meet me.

We traded food and location replacement for the guns and ammo 'X' gave us. Until I meet him I'll just say he's my kinda' dude. Be prepared. Even if its over the top.

Well, its 5:10 in the morning. My keyboards keys are starting to stick together from the old blood stains on them. My wife hates if I don't keep em' clean. But that's why I bought her an ipad. Really I just love to hear her complain. Its sexy :)

My journeys seem to be getting deeper and deeper. The ZFC'S around the world are finding more clues and hopefully soon we'll be able to solve the mystery of why the governments of the world are conducting population control and martial law on humanity. The zombies they created are vicious yes, but now we know what they are used for so at least were getting somewhere.. I hope.

Time to clean off my weapons and hit the sack. Tomorrow's going to be a big one. There are more debates on t.v. and anything politically driven these days equals hordes and hordes of grade A, government prime zombies. Runners, Giants, and hard-to-kills will surely be there. If it weren't for the local ZFC'S we would all be dead... or walking dead. Tell me again why the government doesn't like ZFC's or GYPSY GROUP members again??  OH, yea.... cause once people realize we can help ourselves, the government would have to step aside.

And they just cant have can they.

Eddie Rotten


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