Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It all happened in one night. One night and it all falls apart. I don't know how things can go so wrong so fast. And in one night, it almost seems set up. Maybe it is.?

The 115 called on the phone. For those that don't know, the 115 is...or...were, a group of fighters out of McAllen TX. I guess it was the last thing they did. There was only a whisper saying, "its not worth it". Over and over again the voice kept repeating those few words. It didn't sound like anyone I knew, so I really dont know what to make of it. I was at work at the time and I had no other communication.

As soon as I got home, my answer machine was beeping its annoying red light at me. Every message was the same. Call CAPTAIN LC IMMEDIATELY! So, I did.

Captain LC informed me of the attack on the 115 and the entire McAllen ZFC. It wasn't the standard zombie attack either. Worse. The zombies came in first and destroyed EVERYTHING of worth, then the ASMZ were seen scavenging through the ash and blood for information.  Captain LC thinks that the 115 brought back something important from the UK when they went there to look for our long lost comrade JIG, who I'm still holding out will pop up sooner or later (and on our side)....

But what kind of information would they be looking for? And what could it be to be killed over? Not just that but for the whole ZFC to be leveled to the ground? LOKEY (Captain LC) said that members of the 115 were torn in half. Not eaten. Just ripped into two parts and thrown around like rag dolls. There were others with their lower jaws ripped out, but again... no missing brains, or flesh chunks bitten out.

Most of the time, zombies will grab and tear their way towards the victim and them keep grabbing and tearing until there is nothing left to stuff into their rotten mouths. This attack was different.

There used to be a barn set up where the local ZFC would meet and discuss their movement, just like any other ZFC. The barn was gone. Burned.

There's got to be a reason for this.  I checked my facebook and the 115 were removed. The McAllen ZFC was gone too. They're removed from my twitter as well. In their memory I moused over to the ZOMBIE LIFE ZWAGG area at cafe press to see some of the 115 loyalist tshirts.. but even they were gone. Its as if they vanished off the face of the earth. As if no one ever wanted them to be known... ever again.

As distraught as I am over the loss of this ZFC, I have to consider what provoked such a slaughter.  The zombies were clearly dropped off to control the population, and take out the 115 and the local ZFC, but what was it that I'm missing. I've got to ponder... a day... maybe two, to figure out what I'm not picking up on.

The loss of the 115 isn't the only thing banging my brain around either. The government and the country is falling apart at the seems. There is a race for the new presidency as you know, and none of them are covering the population control subject. Every medicine, food, weaponry, transportation and education corner has been bought by the worlds biggest banks. Zombies cause more hospital visits now than ever before, and the new Obama-care system wont pay for 'those' specific types of infection. Even though its the government who's causing them!!! Its outrageous!

Which brings me to my next thought. There's no segway here, I just wanted to share. So.. I'm walking home from the convenient store two days ago. I notice a zombie coming towards me. Not a runner thank the lord, but odd to say the least. Its head was cocked sideways and the common tar like ooze was bubbling out of its mouth. Slippers. It looked like this one never made it into its work clothes before it turned into a zombie. There was no bite marks on it. There was no missing flesh like you would commonly see... only a pasty, veiny face and arms that looked like it wanted to petrify, but was just too hungry. The egg white glaze over its eyes let me know that this zombie here.... was about to expire.

I put my bag down and popped my neck, and did a quick warm up. The kind a boxer would do to shake it out before a pounding.

I didn't see any other zombs in the area, so I had time to get creative. Something I hope all of you are doing when you have the time. Nothing is cooler than a sweet kill.

I had a good 10 yards that I trotted to a full gallop before I got to it. My plan was to jump with my knee flying to the face and hopefully snap its neck. Its a pretty wild experience to fight a zombie when they stand up more like a pez dispenser.. however... this plan didn't work.

I ran towards the zomb and jumped forward, knee first. The zombie fell down. Can you believe my luck? I landed on the other side and turned around to see the undead getting to its feet quickly. The zombie reached out for me with its hollow moan, which gave me a window of 'round house' opportunity. I swiftly performed a spin kick and POP! Off comes the arm of this....zombie?.?

With out hesitation, the zombie reached out his other arm. I grabbed it by the wrist to bring it closer to me for an elbow to the face, but POP! Off came the other arm!!!

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!! Both arms?!? The zombie moaned and made another advancement toward me. I took a firm stance and kicked out towards its chest as hard as I could, but only buried my foot and chin inside the moaning cavity before me.

I should have left this one alone. It was falling apart faster than I could force an attack at this point. So, here I was, hopping on one foot, waving my arms around to keep my own balance, while an armless, stomachless zombie groaned at me from a couple feet away.

Just then a small 2 door Saturn drives up. A lady dressed in renaissance clothes steps out and runs over to the bag I set down not just a few seconds ago. She cried out, "Is this your bag?" "YES IT IS.. LITTLE HELP PLEASE... IF YOU DON'T MIND?" I replied.

She just smiled and nodded yes as she made her way back over to my embarrassing predicament. She placed my bag down close to where I was hopping in place, and out of her pocked she pulled another bag... with a smiley face printed on it. She made her way behind the moaning zombie and carefully placed the smiley face bag over the zombies head while she hummed what I could swear was Frank Sinatra's MY WAY. When the bag was in place, she emptied the pajama pockets of the undead. She pulled out money, and some change. Then she stole the rings off its fingers and the necklace from around its neck.. which now that I think about it.... was pretty friggin nice.

She got back in her car and tooted her horn twice and drove off. Me hopping in place, with my foot stuck in the gut of an armless zombie. The smiley face on the bag just made me feel even more stupider... if that's even a word.

I finally made it home. And when I did, I called Captain LC, because I knew that was a local GYPSY GROUP member. His only remark to my retarded story was, "I should be glad she didn't rob 'my' pockets while she was there." I guess he's right. I'm going to lay off the practice kills for a while. If zombies are falling apart at the gust of wind, I'll just let em' die out all by themselves!

Its late....well, early for most. But my day is over and its 5 a.m. Tired. Need to exercise and hit the sack. My family is waking up so I gotta hop off.

There are a few things to cover in the posts to come though. JIG is supposed to contact me. Don't know when or how, but I hope its not a hoax. He said something about Africa.....AFRICA??? Who's knows, but I hope it doesn't mean I have to go there. Its 2012 for cryin' out loud! There's crazy ass people in America right now and I need to be close to my family.

Until then. I'm so sorry for the loss of the 115 and ZFC McAllen. More ZFC'S will appear and we will win this war. My hats off to them all though. Terrible loss.

Remember, if your reading this blog by chance, and you want to join our fight, find us on facebook either at ZFC WORLD or EDDIE ROTTEN. Leave your information, we can use all the help we can get these days. The ASMZ isnt just taking out ZFC members, they're taking out WHOLE ZFC'S!!!
Join the twitter @eddierotten too and if your a ZFC LEADER, and ready for your stripes, go to the zombie zwagg spot and find your uniform.

This year is going to be a bloody one. Prepare yourself.


Eddie Rotten

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