Saturday, January 7, 2012


As we fight ourselves into this New Year, I'd like to bring back some facts about this blog. I know I am not alone in thinking that there is a 'bigger' problem than the zombies waltzing up and down our streets. I am in no way mislead by saying that I fully understand how they got here, and what their purpose is. For those that are just joining our fight. Let me start from the beginning, and explain the struggle that has brought us all from praising the leaders for protecting us, to fearing the protection they give.

At the beginning of 2011, I lost my dog to a flu like symptom. My family stayed clear of 'coughers', and washed our hands like we were told. We 'all' later found out that the infection caused the death of millions of people around the world. My family instinctively hoarded food and water, along with weapons and ammo. And to our advantage, it was the right thing to do. We chose to prepare early. Unlike many others who seemed to be mentally turned off from the chaos being handed to us from some unknown power.

Different police started showing up. One that became dominant was the ASMZ. The American Science Military for Zombies. Short broadcasts were televised by our media, telling us that they, and they alone would save us from the zombies... or 'infected'. But my family and I saw something they were trying to hide.

My shift is at night, so I am privy to things that happen in the dark. I started to notice a pattern the ASMZ had. They, turned out to be the black hats. Or, 'The Bad Guys' as my son likes to call them. The ASMZ were creating zombies and dropping them off in neighborhoods. Mostly poverty stricken, and poor places. My eyes weren't the only ones who saw.

Soon, a band of resistance fighters were noticed. They were called the GYPSY GROUP. They were called this because of their method of putting bags over zombies heads, and stealing all of their riches. Which in turn, funded their organization.

The ASMZ picked up on the resistance and with the help of our own government funded a separate team called THE CANARY GROUP. The Canary Group were used to cover up and hide the true conspiracy that was being placed on us.

As the months past, other resistance groups popped up all over the world. News of the ASMZ became common place, and those of us with our eyes open, saw the danger that was coming. Our teams grew and different, smaller branches broke off and were called ZFC'S. These were Zombie Fighter Clubs, or Chapters.

I am the leader of the Houston ZFC. My family has been here for several years but this last year has been an awakening for us all.

The ASMZ has big plans for us all and I am here to document things as they will play out this year. There is a population control in place, and the plan is for most of us to die. The zombies that we fight are a weapon, used by the government to clear certain areas for production.

During the year 2011, the goal of the ASMZ has been made public, and watered down to make it seem like it is the best plan we have. 'HUMANITY' is their slogan, but anyone with half open eyes can see it is a planned line to an electric chair.

These past months have been fruitful in the finding of information. With the help of different ZFC'S all over the world, we have put together startling pieces that could possibly help us win this battle. Although it sounds very strange, just about anything goes since zombies took our innocence 1 year ago.

To just go over the information quickly, we have what is called an EPHOD. This is a golden chest plate with special stones fixed, and centered where the heart is. The design of this tool was found in the BIBLE. Yes, the Bible...don't freak out.

The EPHOD was created by a Scientist named Lord Micah. He has been in and out of our communication circle, but now that we are in what most believe to be our LAST YEAR, he has made every effort to help us with our cause. We provide safety for him, and in return he explains the devices that are needed to defeat the Black Hats (bad guys).

The EPHOD will be used to protect us from large amounts of radiation. We don't know where exactly this radiation will come from, but again, our intel has been very adamant that IT WILL COME. And in some of the research we've done, we find low amounts of radiation in the zombies.

In 2011 we also found small discs that had coordinates to different locations around the globe. These places turned out to be bio-technology labs and secret science bunkers used to create anomalies through out the years. From Hitler to modern day, science has tried to create the perfect super human.

These things we find lead us to believe that the ASMZ is helping secret governments around the world to create a master race. A mass genocide is being planned and all the ZFC'S and every one linked to the GYPSY GROUP are trying to beat the clock, and win the war.

These first few months are going to be difficult and confusing for us all. The news that is coming in is scary and causes panic, not just in my own home, but is finally making it to main stream news. Inside this blog, I will cover as much as I can and help all those in need. But we all need help, so please do your part. Stay in tune with your revolving governmental news and realize whats real and whats fake.

ASMZ is getting stronger. Their presence is everywhere, and their campaign adds are convincing to the blind minded. This isn't the only place to find things out either. Please prepare for the days to come.

If we choose to be blind, our humanity will be stripped from us completely. Zombies have taken our innocence from us but taught us at the same time. We must have an opinion and be heard. The zombies wont go away until our worlds leaders understand that there is no need for them.

There are 3 elements that our research believes the ASMZ is hunting for in order to create a mass genocide. To do this they need a power so great, it would create a wave of energy across the land faster than thought. And possibly faster than light. The EPHOD is one of those elements. Our team has one, so we are convinced that the ASMZ and the governments, with all their financial resources, have more. There are two other elements that will be made known to us during this year.

Our fight with zombies continues. And though this blog has turned from a daily journal, documenting my families survival with the walking dead; there is politics that must be respected. So, conspiracy WILL be addressed.

Please fight with us. Learn the different members that have put their life on the line. They are all mentioned here in the different posts of this blog. Twitter, Facebook and other resources are used to help our fight, so please feel free to help us. We are not stranded alone in the basement of a crumbled tower. We are fighters that choose to live and pride ourselves on the knowledge we have about the world around us.

We fight zombies, some better than others... but we all fight. Your story is important to us so please leave your comments here on the blog or through my ZFC email Street name, location, weapons of choice and how your holding up is usually what people leave. And you will become part of our fight, our resistance, our family.

We cant let zombies and population control, become our legacy. We MUST BE IN CONTROL!




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