Monday, January 30, 2012


I said I would cover some things in my last post, I just wasn't able to get to it. First things first. 'X'.

X is a person who contacted us outside the city limits of Bay City about a month ago. He radioed in a few times and let us know that he was willing to trade, or barter for protection, food and water. We cant let any of our local ZFC stay out there, it would just leave us too thin, but we can try and help him set up his own ZFC unit where he is.

After the zombie attack set in motion by the ASMZ, all of us are on edge. The sounds of the last killing are still fresh on my brain. Not just the zombies going down either.. it was horrible. At any rate, we agreed to do some trading with X. I sent two of our trained barters out to Matagorda County to find the bunker, X said was hard to miss, easy to find.

Two days later, I got a call in that an old airplane hanger was located. With binoculars, my team watched from a distance. They reported back saying that they saw a man sitting in a chair. Didn't seem to be moving. There wasn't any blood on his clothes, but looked as if he were propping himself up on an old rifle. They moved in.

Ironically enough, they had to pass through an open grave yard. The stones were just setting out of the ground which meant that this was an old, forgotten place to bury the less fortunate. They turned out to be  head stones from the early 1800's. Many of the dates lead them to believe that children were the biggest occupants of the holy ground. Just then... gun shot.

A shot cracked and echoed through the air. Because of the flat terrain of the Texas grasslands, the sound went on for a full 4 or 5 seconds. Almost like a thunder crack. They hit the grass and got cover behind the miniature head stones. With binoculars out, they looked. The man sat there, with out movement. None. The shot came from somewhere else... at least that's what they believed.

Tredd and Bo were their names. They were ZFC members from the beginning. That's why I sent them. They have learned how to speak the language of our new world. Even if they didn't want know? Tredd grabbed a fist sized piece of a crumbled head stone, stood up on his knees and threw the stone as hard as he could at the airplane hanger. TINK!!

The sound of the stone hitting the aluminum shell to the hanger was almost as loud as the gun shot. Planted down in the dry Texas grass again, they looked on a third time with the binocs. The sitting man was still just a sitting man. But they quickly noticed something else. ZOMBIES. The noise of the stone on the hanger walls caused the evil to awaken. They started pouring out from the inside. Tredd and Bo continued to watch. The man sitting in the chair wasn't a target of the zombies. He wasn't even a target to them either. They watched the zombies accidentally budge the sitting man, and watched the hat fall off, his arm fall to the ground and the fake gun collapse to the side. It was a mannequin used as a lure to get them closer, or a decoy? They reported being confused on the whole deal.

Just then, a young boy dressed in genes and a t-shirt reading 'Im with Stupid' crawled up between them. With the amount of zombies, most kids would have been terrified, but this kid was different. Tredd and Bo looked at him silently, then at each other. The boy continued to look through his binocs and pulled out a piece of beef jerky from his cargo shorts.

"Boys, my name is X. Pleased to meet you". Tredd and Bo honestly were speechless. The boy did a reverse army crawl back into the high grass and so they followed.

A quarter mile away, where they parked, Tredd and Bo stood next to their car conversing about where the boy had gone. It was a one lane, dirt road. Old houses and blood stained laundry hung on clothes wires that were blowing in the humid air. A car pulled up. Cadillac de Ville. Maroon. Rims. Tinted windows.

They stood there with their hands on their weapons ready for action. The window motored down with its winy pitch. It was the kid X. Driving a full sized car. "Well, are you ladies gonna get in or what?" Tredd tried the front passenger door, but it was welded shut. They both got in back. X turned around and told them "Nobody rides shot-gun, it causes too many arguments. Put on your seat belts cause around here we go by the laws of the old world." He said a mouthful in those small words. People are already giving our old way of life respect. Calling it the 'OLD WORLD' seems surrealistic.

It was a 10 minute ride until they stopped. The sun was falling and X turned from a beef jerky eating little kid to a bossy little ass. He opened the door on Bo's side. "Out of the car, don't say anything, don't do anything and for the love of Twinkies, don't touch your side arms. I'll tell you right now, you can forget about your car, its been looted by my boys. Sorry, its the cost of business....friggin' inflation." X winked at Tredd, then motioned them with his middle finger to follow them.

Tredd and Bo, being the zombie pioneers they were just smiled and poked their cheeks with twisting fingers. X sighed, "Whatever". Then he knocked on the door.

TA-TA TA TA-TA was the secret knock apparently. He repeated the knock.
TA-TA TA TA-TA. "WHATS THE SECRET PASSWORD?" A voice spoke from inside. It was another child. Pretending to use an adult voice.

"ADA CHAPPMAN BOX", X said. "Ive got the barters from the Houston ZFC." It was quiet for a second or two. Then they heard what sounded like hundreds.. if not more shotguns cocking all at once.

Then the same theatrical voice. "COME IN".

When they walked in, they noticed a smokey room with 40 or more kids staring at them. Some had dirty faces, some were playing cards in the back. Some were looking at a large map on a board, some were playing pool with Nerf balls under a Budweiser light. But every one of those kids, had a weapon pointed at them.

X closed and locked the door behind them, gave the kid with the pretend voice a butterfly handshake and then said out loud, "DEATH CANNOT KILL!" "THAT WHICH NEVER DIES!!" Cried out his team, which were now smiling and clinging bottles of Shasta and water together. "Follow me hot rods" X said. He led the way through a room and down a hallway. There were pictures of families and other children on the walls. They passed the kitchen where they saw boy and girl children cooking. They passed a room that had 3 walls torn out, with an indoor garden set up. Little hand drawn pictures of corn, carrots and other veggies were stapled to sticks that were stabbed in the ground. Another room had a chalkboard in place where a 10 year old girl was teaching Spanish to some older kids. This place was a working machine. X and his team had created a world, protected from the outside nightmare.

Finally, they reached the end of the hall. X turned around and said, "Look, I have heard of Eddie Rotten and what he has going on in Houston. I respect that. I know about Captain LC and the GYPSY GROUP out of College Station. I even know about Lord Micah. I read the blog, and that is why your here. But I swear, if anything goes wrong, if any of my kids are harmed in any way, I will make sure that your cute little Houston ZFC burns as hard as Captain LC's compound did in College Station. DO WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER?" X was a young little dude, but they noticed the bloody knuckles he had wrapped around his gun. He had been through it all.

My boys nodded their heads. X said, "GOOD, lets barter."

X opened the door to a closet. Hanging were adult clothes. A shelf on top where shoes and hats were placed in perfect condition. A roach crawled out and was stepped on by Bo. He hates roaches. "Not a word guys, ever... OK?" X said with a high brow.

He reached in and pulled a lever, opening up the floor to a set of dark stairs that led downward. "After you" Tredd said with his palm turned up. They followed each other down toward a light coming from a room. Another door with another lock awaited them at the bottom of the stairs. After a quick code, the door opened with a loud air tight seal suck that pierced their ears. "THIS, IS OUR COMMAND CENTER." X said.

Shelves of canned food, fresh vegetables, fruits of all sorts, and coolers. Coolers full of water and Shasta. In the back was a room filled with solar generators, computers, night security systems, and docks with two way radio's charging. And on the right, were panel after panel of guns and ammo. There were guns much heavier than some of the kids they left upstairs. These kids were set for Armageddon. But how?

"My dad was a member of a Special Forces Unit before the government turned on us. My mom was a teacher at the high school just up the street. She got out just in time. The ASMZ came from the big city and took out our communication towers first, then started unloading bus after bus of zombies. My dad knew something was wrong. He started building our bomb shelter in January of 2010. He said the media was covering Obama, and the hype of his presidency lasted so long the One World Government was able to buy us out and install another government in Americas place. The ASMZ isn't the government, they just do the dirty work." X went on but it was obvious he was nervous but happy to see an adult face. Especially a friendly adult face. My guys said he didn't ever say his parents were killed, just that he referred to them in past tense.

With glassy eyes, X said "So, lets talk trade".

My guys were dropped off. They have an open trade agreement with X allowing us to keep our people supplied with fire arms and his people supplied with food, water and medical supplies. Its pretty hard to get asthma inhalers when you live in the country, infested with zombies.

X had to know Tredd and Bo weren't going to be a threat so he set us up to find the biggest thing in Markham to find. The old airplane hanger was just the spot. The dummy sitting on the chair was indeed a decoy. X needed to know we weren't going to go in and kill him, and take all his goods. I'm glad we both have honest people working for us. A big part of me wants to send some adults down to help supervise X's crew, but he specifically forbade it. And from the stories Tredd and Bo returned with, we here could learn a bit from them out there in Green Acres.

I'm tired. Its time for bed. I'll fill you in on my meeting with the dude who came out here from JIG's ZFC in the UK..... I'm just so exhausted. Just a teaser though. JIG, before or after he turned to a bad guy, or brainwashed or cloned himself or whatever... he's got some bad ass zombie fighters working with him over in the UK. Tough as nails people with a take all or nothing attitude. I'll tell you about it soon enough though.

Thanks for hanging out with me on these cold nights where ever you are. Zombies... Crazy right?



Thursday, January 26, 2012


Right now im at work. My machine is running.... too loud if you ask me. Ear plugs only do so much after a while. It doesnt stop me from wearing them though. Maybe its not my machine at all, making all that noise? I cant seem to get certain sounds out of my ears. It might be the memorie where the sounds came from thats hard for me to put down. The other day is still on my mind. That poor girl didnt have a chance. It seems that the ASMZ always has a new weapon, or device to use to their advantage in our war agains the zombies. I still blame them for everything.

Some tell me that 'we' are to blame... Not the ZFC's per say, but humanity as a whole. That 'we' let ourselves get this bad. I dont believe that. Well... not all of the time.

Before I came to work today, I went over to the local ZFC to give my condolences. They lost a good woman. They said she was called MOM to many of the young zombie fighters. We are trianing them younger and younger now. I sometimes wonder if its the right thing to do for such young children, but children and war seem to go hand in hand. For centuries, children have shaped the world we live in.. through war. Plus, zombies dont seem to attack them as much. Lord Micah, our Frequency Scientist says that adult bodies put out a different vibration that zombies pick up on faster than that of children. Im glad for that. If anything, the Good Lord is watching over humanities future.

After I got here (work) my phone started blowing up. Text after text. Captain LC was wanting to know if I authorized an attack on the ASMZ. I didnt know I could officially authorize anything. Captain LC heads the GYPSY GROUP and he heads it well, so I dont blame him for some of the questions he has for me. Since we've been in better cotanct with the GYPSY GROUP we've learned more about the ASMZ than we would have otherwise. Honestly though, I didnt know anything about an ASMZ attack. I texted back: "???" "IM CALLING YOU NOW" was the next thing I saw on my screen.

I quickly came to a stopping point on my machine and pressed the yellow 'PAUSE' button. No sooner than I wiped my hands free of coolant, my cell rang. I walked with a quick step to the door leading outside and said, "Yes, what attack?"

Lokey told me the story. News about the demonstration attack on our local ZFC got out, further than I had expected. Lokey said that the ASMZ had a visit from a hopeful friend of ours. But, its a person that we know virtually nothing about. The only thing we know about this.... game ender, is that it was a female, and is obviously trained in military combat, and what some are calling S.T.F.Z. or Special Tactical Fighting for Zombies. That form of zombie fighting is only known to be used exclusively by the ASMZ themselves. I dont know if we have a rogue ASMZ fighter that joined our cause or just some crazy chick who was wronged by an old boyfriend....either way, this chick is one bad ass.

Lokey was contacted by the Hamilton police. They asked questions over the phone but he didnt know any more than they did. Everyone is scratching their heads on how there could be so much devistation in one area, in such little time. The attack was at the ASMZ center in Hamilton Ontario. I didnt even know they 'had' a center there. But they do. Lokey told me the name of the suspect is known as STAR. There was a bit of communication a few weeks ago, so we know she is real. What we didnt know was how serious her retaliation was.

An explosion was heard at least a mile from the ASMZ center. There was a hole in the front entrance of the building big enough to drive a truck through. I say that because there a was a truck in the entrance of the building. It was an ASMZ van to be exact. There were dead bodies scattered all through out the building. Bullet holes believed to come from a short barreled shot gun, but most of the damage came from a sword. Almost every body found had a slit throat.

Because of the amount of violence, the police were admitted. This is good because there are rules in place, meaning some of the findings inside the ASMZ building will be made known to the public. For example. STAR made her way to the back of the building where there were two raquette ball sized rooms used for zombie farming. I havent seen one, or even heard of one since NASA was exposed with their zombie farms. Of course they found the puffer fish swimming in the tubs, but they were reported to be morphed to bigger, more aggresive and angry animals. The known poison extracted from them is what helps the government create zombies, and apparently STAR wanted that poison. All the inventory was gone from both rooms. There was absolutely no poison left in the whole building. I hope she doesnt have plans of her own, because this is one zombie fighter I dont want to piss off.

Each ASMZ scientist, even the ones holding automatic weapons had a star burned into their face...well, those that had a face. The president of that particular ASMZ center was hanging feet first from a light fixture in his own office. The door was locked from the inside and there were at least a dozen or more zombs roaming and grabbing at the half shredded body, now swinging like a pinata.

STAR was there for more than revenge and puffer fish poison. There was a room in the far end of the building known to hold files and reports of common things like employee numbers, medical records etc. Because of the blast, there was another room that was found behind a door that was hidden behind their much hailed flag. This room had information in it that the police reported to be quote 'ODD'. Lokey told me that there was a filing cabinet that had symbols on it, the same symbols that THE GYPSY GROUP used to navigate their roads before the war they had in College Station. Lokey also said that the symbols werent originally used to navigate roads, but frequency vibration.

I know....I didnt understand at first either..

These symbols were made of different types of stone. Gems if you will. They were attatched to the filing cabinet for decoration, but we think they are much more than that. After contacting Lord Micah, he said those are the types of stones needed to create an EPHOD. "But we already have several EPHOD's" I told Lokey. Lokey went on and explained. Lord Micah said that these stones could be the original stones used by the ancient people in the first EPHOD ever made, which wasnt used just for protection from radiation, but as a communication device. "Communication to who?" I asked.

My phone connection started breaking up. Through the static I was only able to make out every 3rd or 4th word. Then, the line completely went dead. I then heard a loud..... humming sound coming from outside. I left the break room where I ended up during my call with Captian LC and made my way out the side door. I went out side and heard the sound again. It wasnt like the grinding blast that the ASMZ used on the zombies the other day, it was more like a trumpet or a big distorted tone. Something you would hear off a SKRILLEX album.

Im not sure what the sound was, but I came inside just a while ago and looked it up online. YouTube has the best film of it ive found so far. All over the world people are reporting and filming this....sound. There wasnt a difference for me, but I talked to some co-workers that said they felt a shaking of the ground. Others got sick and went home. Most of the people that were affected were in a group when they heard the sound. I was alone and noticed nothing at all. My theory is that the ASMZ could be testing out a world wide frequency used to control us in some way. Either that or there's some alien starship in our atmosphere. J/K

I tried to get back on the phone with Lokey but was unsuccessful. I haven't heard from him since. In know im supposed to cover my meeting with the ZFC member from the UK but im tired. I will soon though. You've got to hear what JIG sent him over here to say.

Also our meeting with 'X' was interesting. He is an interesting character to say the least. All of which i'll cover soon. Like I said, Wiped out. My days are getting longer and longer and there is just so much to talk about. I'll talk about it on Eddie Rotten Facebook, and @EDDIEROTTEN on Twitter before I post.

Until then, I need to rest. Im almost finished with my work and the ride home on my motorcycle will be interesting. Lots of zombies out tonight. Enough to where their sounds are heard from inside the breakroom. Its unsettling.

Peace to you all.

Eddie Rotten

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just got home. I'm delaying my shower so I can log today's events. It was a hairy one. I got a phone call from a local ZFC member, wanting me to meet him at their safe house to help move food and water to an area of town that is in need. Since the turn of the year, zombies got a lot worse. Not to mention the annoying eye of the ASMZ. They seem to be deliberately getting in the way of progress for all survivors. Every car or truck gets stopped and asked what goods are on board. Every store that we shop at, there they are with their guns eye balling everyone, and half of us get patted down. 'TERRORIST PRECAUTION' is what they're calling it. I call it martial law. But who am I.

I got dressed and realized how close it was till I was supposed to be leaving for work anyway. The plan was to make a run for the local ZFC and just head to work after our drop off. But Mondays never....ever.. go as planned.

I was on my bike. If I was in my car or jeep I probably wouldn't have heard the helicopter overhead, but I did. I acted as if I didn't though. I had about 3 miles to ride before I got to the safe house, so I had just enough time to scope out the bird between here and there. In case the helicopter was ASMZ or military, I acted as if it were a normal day for a normal citizen. At the stop signs, I would take the opportunity to pull my machete from my back holster and slice the head off an oncoming zombie. Some neighborhoods were worse, as I had to draw my pistol along with my machete. Either way, I made sure to look as common as the next guy. But I knew they were hovering for me.

I decided to park my bike at a nearby park. The parking lot there was open, but had plenty of trees. I hoped that they would act as cover, at least enough for me to get a better look at who it was exactly that was watching me. All the while, hearing the thip thip thip thip thip thip thip of the helicopters propellers.

My little plan worked. There was no way I could outrun the watchers, I just needed a chance to get a good look. It was a military helicopter. Specifically an AH1-COBRA. This one was painted white with the well defined red letters A.S.M.Z. right across both sides. They knew where the safe house was I was certain, but they were purposefully watching my every move....but why? I just walked casually.. and tried not to look up at death from above.

I saw the safe house just around 100 yards up the road. I had to pass through an old golf course. Abandon by the city, it made for the best dog park, with the hills and perfect grass. But today it was eerily quiet. Since I got off my motorcycle, I hadn't seen one zombie...

While I walked, ahead of me the helicopter slowly started to come down. My heart started rising to my throat because I was alone, and confused on what I did....or didn't do.?. The ASMZ and military have made me realize who is in control. Little by little I realized I had none. The helicopter disappeared behind one of the hills of the golf course. I continued to walk in my same direction hoping, that when I crossed the summit of the next hill, I would meet with them and just have a chat. Maybe they wanted to talk about the EPHOD or what I knew about the battle in College Station... I was hoping for anything good.

I walked. Along with my feet occasionally scuffing the concrete, I heard something else. An uneasy sound. It wasn't a moan like most zombies make. It was more like a low, grinding screech. I continued to walk but my head was raised and my brow began to drop in wonder. The sound turned to sounds, and I drew my machete. The sound of my feet on the concrete began to fade away as the machine like echo got louder and louder. As I got to the top of the summit, I saw the helicopter, landed with the propeller slowing to a stop.

There were 3 or 4 ASMZ soldiers pulling out zombie after zombie from the side door. They were all chained together, bleeding and slobbering their black ooze that is so popular on my calloused hands. The sound was coming from a bull horn at the top of the helicopter. It sounded familiar but I'm not sure where I heard it from before. And right now, I couldn't make that memory important. Somehow, the ASMZ were able to control them with this.... sound. The frequency was bouncing around in the air and I could feel it pierce my body. I continued to walk with my weapons ready.

Just on the other side of the helicopter was the safe house. I could see 12 or more ZFC members gathering outside, just as curious as I was. As I walked, I noticed one of the members arguing with the ZFC leader. Pointing at the helicopter, and yelling. I couldn't hear anything over the noise of the bull horn, and at this point I was walking with my hands over my ears. I watched as the ZFC leader held her arm as she tried to pull away. She was angry. Obviously at the ASMZ and what looked like a zombie test being held right at the ZFC's

As she rounded the back of the helicopter, the noise was too great and even she had to put her hands over her ears. The zombies were bleeding from their ears, but standing motionless. She stormed up with her finger raised. I watched an ASMZ member raise his arm, extended with a pistol and fired one round into the rib of the local ZFC member.

Everything slowed down for me.

She started to fall onto a line of zombies, the ASMZ officers got back in the helicopter, the propeller immediately started to turn. The zombies shuffled to the side as the girl, wide eyed fell through them to the ground. The legs of the helicopter left the ground. The frequency stopped.

As soon as the sound stopped booming from the bull horn, I watched life...or undead life come back into they eyes of the zombies. She reached for me. But there was nothing I could do. The zombies noticed her body at their feet. She didn't even scream. She was ripped to her bones by the time the helicopter lifted out of the way. The rest of the ZFC caught the end of what happened. Times like this, I wish slow motion would go away. Some members fell to the ground and cried, others stood there and screamed 'NO!' Most of them started running towards the red and black puddles where the zombies were slipping and fighting each other for the rest of an arm or foot.

I helped in the battle. It wasn't hard because they were all chained together. It was the worst fight Ive ever been in though. Because we had to fight there in the remains of a fallen ZFC member.

Her name was SASHA. Resistance fighter for 6 months.

We delivered the food and water to our needy community. The zombies in chains, we believe were meant for the local ZFC. They were watching me.... they wanted me to see what they would do. I'm actually starting to fear for my family now. Its not like last year. They don't want my guns or my food supply.... they want me. They want me to suffer.

I talked to Lord Micah (our frequency scientist) and he said there are other uses for the EPOD vest. Other than protecting you from abnormal blasts of radiation, it acts as a communication device of some sort. He said it was more complicated than that, but he'd explain later.

I heard from JIG also. He is planning to send someone from his ZFC in the U.K. down to discuss his position. He cant come down here right now anyway. Its not safe for him. The local ZFC's around here would either put a hit out on him or do it themselves. What happened at the College Station GYPSY GROUP compound pissed alot of people off, and it'll take a while to get that whole pot o'water to stop boiling.

My time is up, and my hands are still shaking. Hard day at work after such a hard zombie fight earlier today. Here's to making tomorrow so much better.

Thank you all for helping in our fight. I'll report again soon.

Eddie Rotten


Friday, January 20, 2012





I woke up to my cell phone ringing. It was early.. well, early for me. 2 in the afternoon and I'm usually dead to the world. You just never get used to the night shift. I looked at my phone and it said, 1 missed call from JIG.

I sat up faster than my brain could follow and gave myself the biggest head rush! I fell directly to the floor and sat at the edge of my bed for a minute trying to focus on the light of the phone. "JIG called?" I thought to myself.

Through the past few weeks, JIG was involved in the highest levels of conspiracy. Captain LC had completely written him off as an ally, but I never truly signed him off. After the raid at the Compound in College Station, after so many innocent GYPSY GROUP members were shot... I guess I don't blame Captain LC for not trusting JIG anymore. But I had a history with him. Over the last year, we had fought countless zombies together, and I built a trust for him that Lokey (Captain LC) would never understand.

There was no voice mail, no text... nothing. I ended up calling him several times, then giving up and stepped in the shower. My wife and family were gone and I was alone. The sound of the hot water pushed me into deep thought. "Where was JIG calling from? What could he say to me to make me forgive him for his actions?" All these questions rang through my head which was now placed in the palms of my hands. The handicap shower stool came in handy on days or nights where I just needed to relax in the shower. If you don't have one, I highly recommend it.

I got out of the shower just in time to catch the last ring on my cell. I answered before looking at the screen. "Eddie?" A hollow, quiet and beaten voice merged from the phone. "Its me...JIG." "JIG?" I stuttered out. "Look, I don't have time to talk, they'll figure out my location, just listen to me." Jig started in with an unbelievable story.

JIG resides in the UK, where as you know is the second largest conglomerate of ZFC'S in the world. He had a blog site up that was used to help organize zombie fighters, gather food, water, and other supplies. The ASMZ got word of his powerful movement there and he was literally forced to shut down his blog. With out the organized intel the blog offered, ZFC members slowly started to fade away, not knowing where to go with supplies, or who even needed them. He was at the mercy of the Internet.

Shortly after his blog was taken down, I lost all contact with him. The next news I had was that he was seen at the GYPSY GROUP compound blasting people away with other members of what is believed to be the ASMZ, or some other government funded bureaucratic gang of zombies. No pun intended....

Then, he was gone again. There were a few mixed texts that we received through this blog that had hidden messages in them, but because of the way he was seen last, we couldn't take any of the messages seriously enough to investigate further.. I wanted to..... but I didn't.

I stood there in my towel as JIG proceeded to tell me things that were waaaaay over my head. For starters, the GYPSY GROUP compound was raided for information, yes. But the information they were looking for was beyond what I even knew about. This is something I'm going to have to take up with Captain LC because at this point in the game, we all need to be on the same page. JIG said that the intel stolen from the compound was not only blueprints on how to construct more EPHOD'S, but the complete uses of them as well. The EPHOD would block the highest levels of radiation, but also hone frequency and store power... actual power, that can be harnessed and used towards something else..

I'm scratching my head and my ass at the same time on this one. My day was definitely starting off....confusing.

I started to ask questions, but he repeated "No time, just listen."

He went on.

"More EPHOD's are being created for protection. The ASMZ and the military of the world are going to Africa to look for the second power generator. The world will fabricate a war that will begin in the latter part of 2012 to cover up the real reason for their occupancy. The second generator will bring the BLACK HATS one step closer to their plan of world domination and population control.

(Remember: BLACK HATS are what the GYPSY GROUP and the local ZFC'S have started calling the bad guys, no matter who they are... Kinda' catchy I thought)

I'm thinking, "Africa? What could possibly be used as a conductor of energy, important enough for the world to cause a cover up AFRICA?" Were all going to have to wait for that one to materialize because I don't know what the hell he's talking about on that one.

I do know that there is truly a plan for world domination though. So far 2012 is starting off promising in the fact that conspiracy and government cover up are becoming as common as zombies.

The pipeline deal we had with Canada was just shot down by our president, and the government used environmental issues to be the cause of it. I'm not sure how stupid they think we are, but the poison in the water they're forcing us to drink hasn't quite set in yet. It is the most obvious cover up since the start of the ASMZ. The Prez. has to keep his buddy's happy over seas, because if we stop using their oil, there's talk that they would open their secret zombie farms here in the U.S. That could be bad news for all of us. We need the jobs definitely but there's more going on than they are willing to let us in on.....obviously.

I got off the phone with JIG, still wanting more. I had too many questions that all needed to be answered. My wife and family are pulling at my shirt asking me, "whats going on with the UK ZFC'S?" I just don't know. But how do I tell them that you know? I'm Eddie Rotten for crying out loud! I started the first ZFC on the planet, I should know these things!

JIG let up one last thing before we lost connection. He said it wasn't him at the compound. He said to me, "Eddie, EUGENICS IS BEYOND WHAT YOU THINK. Humans have evolved to what science wills us to be." "I'll call as soon as I can" was the last thing he said.

Eugenics huh? I know that they have their hand in the zombies, but actual human evolution? How could that not be him at the compound? Everybody saw him.... didn't they?

As soon as we lost connection, my phone rang again. It was our ZFC from Bay City TX. Over the phone, the soldier told me he had been to see 'X' in Markham TX. He said the bunker was much larger than he expected. There were guns, military grade guns...everywhere. He said that there were two vehicles used for transporting food and fuel. He ended by saying that 'X' had a real name, but wanted secrecy until he could meet me.

We traded food and location replacement for the guns and ammo 'X' gave us. Until I meet him I'll just say he's my kinda' dude. Be prepared. Even if its over the top.

Well, its 5:10 in the morning. My keyboards keys are starting to stick together from the old blood stains on them. My wife hates if I don't keep em' clean. But that's why I bought her an ipad. Really I just love to hear her complain. Its sexy :)

My journeys seem to be getting deeper and deeper. The ZFC'S around the world are finding more clues and hopefully soon we'll be able to solve the mystery of why the governments of the world are conducting population control and martial law on humanity. The zombies they created are vicious yes, but now we know what they are used for so at least were getting somewhere.. I hope.

Time to clean off my weapons and hit the sack. Tomorrow's going to be a big one. There are more debates on t.v. and anything politically driven these days equals hordes and hordes of grade A, government prime zombies. Runners, Giants, and hard-to-kills will surely be there. If it weren't for the local ZFC'S we would all be dead... or walking dead. Tell me again why the government doesn't like ZFC's or GYPSY GROUP members again??  OH, yea.... cause once people realize we can help ourselves, the government would have to step aside.

And they just cant have can they.

Eddie Rotten


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It all happened in one night. One night and it all falls apart. I don't know how things can go so wrong so fast. And in one night, it almost seems set up. Maybe it is.?

The 115 called on the phone. For those that don't know, the 115 is...or...were, a group of fighters out of McAllen TX. I guess it was the last thing they did. There was only a whisper saying, "its not worth it". Over and over again the voice kept repeating those few words. It didn't sound like anyone I knew, so I really dont know what to make of it. I was at work at the time and I had no other communication.

As soon as I got home, my answer machine was beeping its annoying red light at me. Every message was the same. Call CAPTAIN LC IMMEDIATELY! So, I did.

Captain LC informed me of the attack on the 115 and the entire McAllen ZFC. It wasn't the standard zombie attack either. Worse. The zombies came in first and destroyed EVERYTHING of worth, then the ASMZ were seen scavenging through the ash and blood for information.  Captain LC thinks that the 115 brought back something important from the UK when they went there to look for our long lost comrade JIG, who I'm still holding out will pop up sooner or later (and on our side)....

But what kind of information would they be looking for? And what could it be to be killed over? Not just that but for the whole ZFC to be leveled to the ground? LOKEY (Captain LC) said that members of the 115 were torn in half. Not eaten. Just ripped into two parts and thrown around like rag dolls. There were others with their lower jaws ripped out, but again... no missing brains, or flesh chunks bitten out.

Most of the time, zombies will grab and tear their way towards the victim and them keep grabbing and tearing until there is nothing left to stuff into their rotten mouths. This attack was different.

There used to be a barn set up where the local ZFC would meet and discuss their movement, just like any other ZFC. The barn was gone. Burned.

There's got to be a reason for this.  I checked my facebook and the 115 were removed. The McAllen ZFC was gone too. They're removed from my twitter as well. In their memory I moused over to the ZOMBIE LIFE ZWAGG area at cafe press to see some of the 115 loyalist tshirts.. but even they were gone. Its as if they vanished off the face of the earth. As if no one ever wanted them to be known... ever again.

As distraught as I am over the loss of this ZFC, I have to consider what provoked such a slaughter.  The zombies were clearly dropped off to control the population, and take out the 115 and the local ZFC, but what was it that I'm missing. I've got to ponder... a day... maybe two, to figure out what I'm not picking up on.

The loss of the 115 isn't the only thing banging my brain around either. The government and the country is falling apart at the seems. There is a race for the new presidency as you know, and none of them are covering the population control subject. Every medicine, food, weaponry, transportation and education corner has been bought by the worlds biggest banks. Zombies cause more hospital visits now than ever before, and the new Obama-care system wont pay for 'those' specific types of infection. Even though its the government who's causing them!!! Its outrageous!

Which brings me to my next thought. There's no segway here, I just wanted to share. So.. I'm walking home from the convenient store two days ago. I notice a zombie coming towards me. Not a runner thank the lord, but odd to say the least. Its head was cocked sideways and the common tar like ooze was bubbling out of its mouth. Slippers. It looked like this one never made it into its work clothes before it turned into a zombie. There was no bite marks on it. There was no missing flesh like you would commonly see... only a pasty, veiny face and arms that looked like it wanted to petrify, but was just too hungry. The egg white glaze over its eyes let me know that this zombie here.... was about to expire.

I put my bag down and popped my neck, and did a quick warm up. The kind a boxer would do to shake it out before a pounding.

I didn't see any other zombs in the area, so I had time to get creative. Something I hope all of you are doing when you have the time. Nothing is cooler than a sweet kill.

I had a good 10 yards that I trotted to a full gallop before I got to it. My plan was to jump with my knee flying to the face and hopefully snap its neck. Its a pretty wild experience to fight a zombie when they stand up more like a pez dispenser.. however... this plan didn't work.

I ran towards the zomb and jumped forward, knee first. The zombie fell down. Can you believe my luck? I landed on the other side and turned around to see the undead getting to its feet quickly. The zombie reached out for me with its hollow moan, which gave me a window of 'round house' opportunity. I swiftly performed a spin kick and POP! Off comes the arm of this....zombie?.?

With out hesitation, the zombie reached out his other arm. I grabbed it by the wrist to bring it closer to me for an elbow to the face, but POP! Off came the other arm!!!

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!! Both arms?!? The zombie moaned and made another advancement toward me. I took a firm stance and kicked out towards its chest as hard as I could, but only buried my foot and chin inside the moaning cavity before me.

I should have left this one alone. It was falling apart faster than I could force an attack at this point. So, here I was, hopping on one foot, waving my arms around to keep my own balance, while an armless, stomachless zombie groaned at me from a couple feet away.

Just then a small 2 door Saturn drives up. A lady dressed in renaissance clothes steps out and runs over to the bag I set down not just a few seconds ago. She cried out, "Is this your bag?" "YES IT IS.. LITTLE HELP PLEASE... IF YOU DON'T MIND?" I replied.

She just smiled and nodded yes as she made her way back over to my embarrassing predicament. She placed my bag down close to where I was hopping in place, and out of her pocked she pulled another bag... with a smiley face printed on it. She made her way behind the moaning zombie and carefully placed the smiley face bag over the zombies head while she hummed what I could swear was Frank Sinatra's MY WAY. When the bag was in place, she emptied the pajama pockets of the undead. She pulled out money, and some change. Then she stole the rings off its fingers and the necklace from around its neck.. which now that I think about it.... was pretty friggin nice.

She got back in her car and tooted her horn twice and drove off. Me hopping in place, with my foot stuck in the gut of an armless zombie. The smiley face on the bag just made me feel even more stupider... if that's even a word.

I finally made it home. And when I did, I called Captain LC, because I knew that was a local GYPSY GROUP member. His only remark to my retarded story was, "I should be glad she didn't rob 'my' pockets while she was there." I guess he's right. I'm going to lay off the practice kills for a while. If zombies are falling apart at the gust of wind, I'll just let em' die out all by themselves!

Its late....well, early for most. But my day is over and its 5 a.m. Tired. Need to exercise and hit the sack. My family is waking up so I gotta hop off.

There are a few things to cover in the posts to come though. JIG is supposed to contact me. Don't know when or how, but I hope its not a hoax. He said something about Africa.....AFRICA??? Who's knows, but I hope it doesn't mean I have to go there. Its 2012 for cryin' out loud! There's crazy ass people in America right now and I need to be close to my family.

Until then. I'm so sorry for the loss of the 115 and ZFC McAllen. More ZFC'S will appear and we will win this war. My hats off to them all though. Terrible loss.

Remember, if your reading this blog by chance, and you want to join our fight, find us on facebook either at ZFC WORLD or EDDIE ROTTEN. Leave your information, we can use all the help we can get these days. The ASMZ isnt just taking out ZFC members, they're taking out WHOLE ZFC'S!!!
Join the twitter @eddierotten too and if your a ZFC LEADER, and ready for your stripes, go to the zombie zwagg spot and find your uniform.

This year is going to be a bloody one. Prepare yourself.


Eddie Rotten

Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick blast from the 115

Got an early morning note from our 115 branch. They are an incredible group of zombie fighters that have shown their bravery. Captain LC actually mentioned them in his bi-weekly announcement. Saying,"If our own government can follow the leadership skills that the 115 crew demonstrates, we would be alot further along with our fight against zombies."

Here is a personal email from a 115 crew member. Thank you.

Hey Eddie,its me Daniel. Right now I can't use my computer but i'll keep up on my android phone...yes i got ur app. Good luck out there...cause my scanner is receiving heaving zombie attacks up north of Texas. The entire 115 crew are getting ready for battle.

Daniel is a trusted member and leader. I have a feeling Captain LC will be sending him to Matagorda to investigate the trade opportunity we have with a mysterious character named 'X'. Food for weapons. Might not be a bad trade. We have a feeling he's a nomad that has a hidden bunker loaded with survival crap, but we'll make that call later.

Till my next post, keep your eyes open and your reflexes sharp. The zombies of 2012 are as fast as we are. And much more hungry.



Saturday, January 7, 2012


As we fight ourselves into this New Year, I'd like to bring back some facts about this blog. I know I am not alone in thinking that there is a 'bigger' problem than the zombies waltzing up and down our streets. I am in no way mislead by saying that I fully understand how they got here, and what their purpose is. For those that are just joining our fight. Let me start from the beginning, and explain the struggle that has brought us all from praising the leaders for protecting us, to fearing the protection they give.

At the beginning of 2011, I lost my dog to a flu like symptom. My family stayed clear of 'coughers', and washed our hands like we were told. We 'all' later found out that the infection caused the death of millions of people around the world. My family instinctively hoarded food and water, along with weapons and ammo. And to our advantage, it was the right thing to do. We chose to prepare early. Unlike many others who seemed to be mentally turned off from the chaos being handed to us from some unknown power.

Different police started showing up. One that became dominant was the ASMZ. The American Science Military for Zombies. Short broadcasts were televised by our media, telling us that they, and they alone would save us from the zombies... or 'infected'. But my family and I saw something they were trying to hide.

My shift is at night, so I am privy to things that happen in the dark. I started to notice a pattern the ASMZ had. They, turned out to be the black hats. Or, 'The Bad Guys' as my son likes to call them. The ASMZ were creating zombies and dropping them off in neighborhoods. Mostly poverty stricken, and poor places. My eyes weren't the only ones who saw.

Soon, a band of resistance fighters were noticed. They were called the GYPSY GROUP. They were called this because of their method of putting bags over zombies heads, and stealing all of their riches. Which in turn, funded their organization.

The ASMZ picked up on the resistance and with the help of our own government funded a separate team called THE CANARY GROUP. The Canary Group were used to cover up and hide the true conspiracy that was being placed on us.

As the months past, other resistance groups popped up all over the world. News of the ASMZ became common place, and those of us with our eyes open, saw the danger that was coming. Our teams grew and different, smaller branches broke off and were called ZFC'S. These were Zombie Fighter Clubs, or Chapters.

I am the leader of the Houston ZFC. My family has been here for several years but this last year has been an awakening for us all.

The ASMZ has big plans for us all and I am here to document things as they will play out this year. There is a population control in place, and the plan is for most of us to die. The zombies that we fight are a weapon, used by the government to clear certain areas for production.

During the year 2011, the goal of the ASMZ has been made public, and watered down to make it seem like it is the best plan we have. 'HUMANITY' is their slogan, but anyone with half open eyes can see it is a planned line to an electric chair.

These past months have been fruitful in the finding of information. With the help of different ZFC'S all over the world, we have put together startling pieces that could possibly help us win this battle. Although it sounds very strange, just about anything goes since zombies took our innocence 1 year ago.

To just go over the information quickly, we have what is called an EPHOD. This is a golden chest plate with special stones fixed, and centered where the heart is. The design of this tool was found in the BIBLE. Yes, the Bible...don't freak out.

The EPHOD was created by a Scientist named Lord Micah. He has been in and out of our communication circle, but now that we are in what most believe to be our LAST YEAR, he has made every effort to help us with our cause. We provide safety for him, and in return he explains the devices that are needed to defeat the Black Hats (bad guys).

The EPHOD will be used to protect us from large amounts of radiation. We don't know where exactly this radiation will come from, but again, our intel has been very adamant that IT WILL COME. And in some of the research we've done, we find low amounts of radiation in the zombies.

In 2011 we also found small discs that had coordinates to different locations around the globe. These places turned out to be bio-technology labs and secret science bunkers used to create anomalies through out the years. From Hitler to modern day, science has tried to create the perfect super human.

These things we find lead us to believe that the ASMZ is helping secret governments around the world to create a master race. A mass genocide is being planned and all the ZFC'S and every one linked to the GYPSY GROUP are trying to beat the clock, and win the war.

These first few months are going to be difficult and confusing for us all. The news that is coming in is scary and causes panic, not just in my own home, but is finally making it to main stream news. Inside this blog, I will cover as much as I can and help all those in need. But we all need help, so please do your part. Stay in tune with your revolving governmental news and realize whats real and whats fake.

ASMZ is getting stronger. Their presence is everywhere, and their campaign adds are convincing to the blind minded. This isn't the only place to find things out either. Please prepare for the days to come.

If we choose to be blind, our humanity will be stripped from us completely. Zombies have taken our innocence from us but taught us at the same time. We must have an opinion and be heard. The zombies wont go away until our worlds leaders understand that there is no need for them.

There are 3 elements that our research believes the ASMZ is hunting for in order to create a mass genocide. To do this they need a power so great, it would create a wave of energy across the land faster than thought. And possibly faster than light. The EPHOD is one of those elements. Our team has one, so we are convinced that the ASMZ and the governments, with all their financial resources, have more. There are two other elements that will be made known to us during this year.

Our fight with zombies continues. And though this blog has turned from a daily journal, documenting my families survival with the walking dead; there is politics that must be respected. So, conspiracy WILL be addressed.

Please fight with us. Learn the different members that have put their life on the line. They are all mentioned here in the different posts of this blog. Twitter, Facebook and other resources are used to help our fight, so please feel free to help us. We are not stranded alone in the basement of a crumbled tower. We are fighters that choose to live and pride ourselves on the knowledge we have about the world around us.

We fight zombies, some better than others... but we all fight. Your story is important to us so please leave your comments here on the blog or through my ZFC email Street name, location, weapons of choice and how your holding up is usually what people leave. And you will become part of our fight, our resistance, our family.

We cant let zombies and population control, become our legacy. We MUST BE IN CONTROL!




Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who is 'X'?

Hello,Eddie Rotten.I'm X. I've been living in Markham for a while now.I've been watching this blog since late February and I think I may be of interest to you.I've collected tons of weapons.Machetes, shotguns, daggers.You will find my bunker easily.Impossible to miss.If you're interested in some of my weapons,I will make a trade.You give me proper food and shelter,I give you modified weapons. Your choice................ X

This is a massage from a survivor in the Matagorda TX area. Anyone willing to reach out to him might benefit from the trade he has on the table. And if anything else, this is exactly how we should be living. Barter for survival. Any ZFC member report back to me and let me know if you want to see what 'X' has. He might have more than just weapons. We need Intel.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Before I get gory....

The world's ZFC's have been calling all through the holidays. Believe me when I say, that my wife wants me to change my home number. I have been called every name in the book by the leaders of some of these well respected ZFC's and not because they hate me, but because they say I haven't been listening to their words. After the attack at the GYPSY GROUP COMPOUND in College Station, many of the Gypsy Group were under fire for accidentally shooting at the wrong people. The only way to keep this from happening (they say) is to have uniforms for each of the different ZFC's around the world. I fought it for a while because being invisible is what was so important to us for so long. If people didn't see us, they wouldn't pay attention to us right??? Those days are apparently gone. I was contacted by Captain LC two nights ago. To be more specific, it  was right between the toast for New Years, and kissing my wife for the first time in 2012. The phone call was not expected.

Captain LC filled me in on some Intel that has come to the table. I'll get deeper in that later tonight when I get home from work.

For now, he have me a website to go to, to pick out my new uniform. There are ZFC LOYALIST shirts there that I'm sure I'll need.

He told me to share the Intel with all of our current ZFC LEADERS.. so,

Members of the Lost Boys, The 115 Crew, ZFC McAllen, and STAR... your urged to see if there is a uniform that fits your team well.

And JIG.. if your out there... I know your on the run. I know things went down bad for both of us, just talk to us and let us know if your alive. Your location seems to give off two signals some how??? You know the zombies are getting worse. Please tell me your not behind it.

As we say, your either with us or against us. AND YOU DON'T WANT TO BE AGAINST US. Come out clean brother. We've got zombs to kill. This fight between us and zombies doesn't seem to be going away. There is more Intel from Africa of all places... again.. when I get a minute I'll cover that.

In the mean time, the uniforms can be found at

Captain LC said there are new uniform designs coming soon also.

Any way. Be safe in the first few days of this new year. 2012 will be crazy.

Eddie Rotten