Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Captain LC contacted me again. He said the compound is a total loss. The zombies have moved in and any thing else worth scavenging for is just too risky. It hurts to know that so much hard work is all burned to the ground. What hurts even more is that not one magazine, not one radio broadcast or news channel covered the assault JIG and his blessed ASMZ members brought down on the innocent members of the GYPSY GROUP. I do know this though, Captain LC wont forget this action against the resistance. There is a long line of dead bodies found toward those who have crossed the GYPSY GROUP in the past... zombie or not.

I'm at home  now. Obviously at my computer. Its.... 5:06 a.m. The crew of 4 left around 4:30 this morning on a flight towards the UK. They should have a flight exchange in New York... so they are in the air now, crunching peanuts and that godforsaken Canada Dry they always serve. Just after they left, I received an odd message from someone on Twitter that calls himself, 'The Real JIG'. Just seeing that name pisses me off. I know many of you other zombie fighters out there can feel me on this. JIG is the new house hold name for traitors. The one name you wont let your kids say any more. The main reason so many died in the GYPSY GROUP compound. Gritting my teeth... I read on.

These few, tHeY Read, Catering ONly To Red. Otherwise Lilacs wouLd become lIlies. i Never reGret My choicEs i can only hope -JIG

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