Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learning the Frequency of ZOMBIES PART 2

I would have posted this earlier, but I had a little run in with our neighborhood ASMZ snitch. I was getting my mail out of the mail box (with shot gun in hand) and I was approached by an obvious pro-ASMZ civilian.

"You cant just walk around with that shot gun", he said with the most snide and vicious voice you have ever heard. "I'm going to call the ASMZ and they will take you away from your family, with one snap of my finger!" He says.

I usually find humor in jack asses like this. Especially when they are so animated. In my peripheral, I noticed 3 zombies... dragging their rotting flesh towards us. Not close enough for me to run or shoot, but I saw them.

"Don't you know, that the ASMZ helped push the law saying they can take you, when ever they want. They can put you in jail.... for what ever they want... they can even KILL you... if they feel like they neeeeeed to!?" This person screeched out these words with vile contempt towards me.

My humor was gone. His finger was cold when it poked me. Even through my shirt and jacket, I could feel the hate from with in.

"You think you know, whats coming do you?" He said. "You think you and all your......minions, can handle us all? Well, you cant. They will find you GUILTY and take you away!"

I don't kill neighbors. At least until they turn into zombs. So I decided to take my mail in and come back out, hoping for a little revenge on the neighborhood ASMZ snitch.. He was gone. Just my luck. The rotting zombies were directly in front of my house now, shuffling and snorting uncontrollably. I grabbed my crossbow to make the killings interesting, but my fun was intercepted by two boys that lived in the apartments next door.

2nd floor up. Open window. The two boys hung out with a device in their hands, and it looked like nothing more than a cell phone. I couldn't figure out what they were doing exactly, but as soon as those flesh eaters were in range, those two young boys popped em' quick with a 25 cal.

I yelled from across my yard "Whatchyou got there kid?" He held up an ordinary smart phone. "Did you 'call' the zombies over here with that?" I yelled again. The kids both smiled and nodded as they put the guns behind them. "Will you show me?" I asked.

Both boys waved me over. "HEY, YOUR THE GUY, with the app on the market right?" One spoke down to me. "Yes" I replied. "You don't know how to call zombies?" The one boy questioned down to me again. "No...I don't."

"Your the best zombie killer ever, and you don't know how to 'call' zombies?" The boy questioned me with a smart ass laugh boiling behind his voice. "Son, will you show me?" I replied.

"Its just a Simple Simon app on my phone" the boy said. Then I heard a woman's voice. Screaming, "What did I tell you about that gun! You boys aren't old enough to play with such things! Your going to kill yourselves!" It went on and on. It had to be mom.

The two boys ducked back into the window and disappeared. There I was, Crossbow in hand and wondering... "Simple Simon?"

I'll take it up with Frequency Scientist Lord Micah. I'm sure he'll have answerer's. And that way I can report back to Lokey on possible ways to actually 'call' zombies.

Speaking of 'reporting'. There are a few people that I should definitely mention. These are acquaintances that I met through Twitter originally, but with the EDDIE ROTTEN FACEBOOK page up now, there are lots of people messaging me their status..

Check this out: Lonah is the name. I don't know much more than that, but I respect all zombie killers that are willing to make themselves known. We are few but what we do makes up for what others dont. Here's what we have. All the way from Ontario Canada. WOW! First off, thank you for your service up there. Join the site or throw your name in the email blast on the side of the website page so you can get automatic updates. I went through a quick post she left on the EDDIE ROTTEN FACEBOOK PAGE that says she loves her AK-47 and her back up is... well, i'll let you read in her words:
I'm from Hamilton Ontario Canada. My weapon of choice is my trusty AK-47. My side arm is a Tachi sword. Said to have been forged by Masamune - one ...of the greatest sword smiths in the world. Known to create some of the sharpest swords known to man. The status in the area is palpable at best. Things are rapidly getting worse and I have a family to protect. Including a new baby and I will be damned if I'm not around to see her grow up in a z-head free world! For that and many other reasons I must find more people out there like me....People like!

You can tell she's a seasoned zombie killer, just shy about it. We'll get more from her and her friends as she spreads the news. And I'm sure her street name will be made known as her updates become more frequent. THANK YOU AGAIN LONAH!

Finally for the newbs, there is Eric and Daniel. Last I heard they were looking into a library, that had information concerning frequencies and secret human experiments.. Ugh.. Glad I'm not on that duty. I am anxious to see what they found though..

In the  mean time, I'll quickly cover what the ASMZ has been up to and get off this thing. My fingers are crampin' up.

A video has been leaked by a known group called LEGION, or ANONYMOUS. They are, or seem to be in control of well......everything. Since our law has changed (as we all for-saw) the government has the right to take us, jail us, extinguish us. The new law passed right under our noses. The zombies were used as deterrents. Their plan worked. We still have the problem of zombies, and it grows harder and harder each day. And with this new SUPER COMMITTEE law that passed, it will be even harder to kill those flesh eating bastards! 

Here's what the GYPSY GROUP passed down to me a few days ago.. now all over YOUTUBE:

Be careful out there

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  1. Sry Eddie Ive been a little dizzy so Ive had Daniel talk to u for me but how do we become members on your website