Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learning the Frequency of ZOMBIES PART 1

Not sure why, but none of the Russian ZFC leaders are stepping up to let us know whats going on over there. We have lost all contact, even with the leaders we knew. I hope they're OK.

Zombies. That's what this freakin' thing started out as. I wanted to fight them and get word out about them, so what better way to do it than start a blog... about fighting zombies? So, I start one. Then the ASMZ (American Science Military for Zombies) takes over and makes everything....well.... harder.

Now its all politics. Zombies still run everywhere. The news doesn't report it. Hell, nobody reports it. I'm sticking to my guns though. With the help of Facebook and Twitter, I've found solid zombie fighters all over the world.. But the zombies still come.

Just last night I had a 'near miss'. Its what I get too trying to help out the homeless. I was reaching to give away my last two quarters and the lady replied... "That's all you got?" Ummm... I went to dig in my other pocket when I was interrupted by the ladies arm being ripped off. The zombie came from behind a bush.. almost silently hiding. I had never seen any zombie like this before, and if your familiar with my posts, I've seen em' all. This thing was hungry. Not pausing for me to fight it, and not trying to attack me. Just feeding off the immediate. She didn't stand a chance. The zombie knocked the change from my hand too (that I never found). I actually had the time to slowly back away... slowly.

Well, I have to be careful around the homeless from now on. It is a new family rule. Seriously... We talked about it over breakfast the other morning.

I have a BUTT LOAD to cover, so I'll try to make it easy to skim through, as I know most of you zombie fighters have 'better' things to kill.. I mean do. ;)

I'll start with my final hours with the GYPSY GROUP leader, Captain LC. If you've kept up, I mentioned that Captain LC was an old buddy of mine. Then, and in face to face conversation I call him Lokey. But no one else does. And if you meet him.. it'll be Captain LC, thanks.

I asked him to explain the odd markings that I noticed around the neighborhood. Street signs that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs, and weird shaped numbers that seemed to be smeared on the street signs in blood. He told me that the GYPSY GROUP had long been working on a project that involved Lord Micah and his knowledge of frequencies. Its pretty hairy stuff, and honestly I haven't come to accept it as fact yet, but I'll let you know what the project is any way.

Lord Micah has pieced together what seems to be some kind of 'portal'. There are so many details, but in the end, the ASMZ has the missing pieces to what could be the biggest find in all of mankind. Now, your question is probably the same as mine was... "What the hell does that have to do with zombies?"

If you remember, the SILVER DISCS were all frequency based. Every zombie in that area was controllable by certain frequencies. Hell, the EMP gun that we stole from NASA has its own frequency that, when we blast the zombs, it deters their appetite away from us and toward animals. Not for long, but long enough for us to either regroup or get the crap outta' dodge!

I'm veering off course. The markings. The signs I noticed around the GYPSY GROUP Colony were indeed signs that, are believed to be used to hone certain frequencies. The only way to create the frequencies are if they are scribed in a perfect manner on special stones.. See, that's what I mean... Waaaaay too sci-fi right? Stick with me.

Lord Micah believes that when all the parts are together, including what the ASMZ is believed to have, a portal will open. Then, that's all Lokey could tell me... sucks I know. But its good cause now I have a reason to go back and get more Intel.  He did tell me one thing though. That Lord Micah, though he was no Biblical scholar, said that the ingredients to part of the portal machine were found 'in' the Bible. Exodus Chapter 28.

I'll look that up when my hands aren't so blood stained. Who wants to thumb through the Holy pages with remnants of a zombie war on you right? I need a shower.

The numbers that looked like they were smeared on, well, Lokey said they 'were' smeared on. When they found the abandon community, they knew it was the best place to set up command center. In the beginnings (8 months ago) they went to paint numbers on the signs, delegating where to find commanders and supplies. But then, before their community was fenced in, the zombs gave them troubles. Most of the smeared numbers are reminders of the fallen GYPSY GROUP members that fought so hard for us all.

Lokey reminded me that the zombies are getting worse. My interaction with people on Facebook and Twitter are critical to fining new, strong, fearless ZFC leaders. I assured him I was doing everything I could to grow our zombie fighting community globally. But its not easy.

All people want to hear is about Occupy this or that. Who's running in the GOP. What government conspiracy is hot for that day.... The focus on killing zombies is almost so underground, we aren't even paid attention to. The ASMZ drops em' off, and we kill em'.

We have to. If not, they multiply... then there's more to kill.

our world ended long ago."


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