Sunday, December 18, 2011


Its only been 4 hours and a lifetime of phone calls, twitter and facebook updates have been made.

I wanted to formally thank the new ZFC leaders of our very importan blog. ERIC, BIANCA, AND THE ACE OF SPADES! Out of this motley crue of three, I dont think Bianca knew she was going to be a zombie fighter at all. Sort of....thrown into the mix of bad asses through contacts on Facebook. My hats off to her though. During the battele at the GYPSY GROUP's compound, these three really stepped up and put a hammer down on the ASMZ.

Their fight will be told in the years to come. The intel that JIG took back to the UK with him was very important. I cant stress that enough. Captain LC has been in meetings all morning and I havent been able to get ahold of him. But i'll cover what he said about the stolen intel. In my last post, I mentioned a golden vest, and a portal that could (or couldn't) be opened to another time or place, that powers a frequency machine that could control the human existance. Sounds like a lot I know. Im having a hard time with it my self.

I've got questions too. How is it that all this is just coming to a head? All year long, from my first post in January, I've been perfecting my skills as a zombie fighter. I've done everything I can to put together the best, strongest, and smartest ZFC's across the world. I feel like i've done my part. Now... I find out that it's not even really about zombies? I refuse to accept any of that. The Golden Vest that i've talked about turns out to be a device called the URIM and THUMMIM. The egyptians used this.....thing... to converse with who they believed to be GODS. It was believed to glow brightly when the GODS were near it, giving off emmense power and energy. This 'energy' is what the ASMZ and other governments around the world are trying to attain to power their frequency machine. Again... I know how dumb it sounds, but what am I supposed to do? This is all I have to go off of you know?

So, as it stands... The GYPSY GROUP is relocating. Since the battle, zombies have come in and made a mess of things. The ASMZ naturally wont help them. So zombies have made it their new home. I feel sorry for the families of College Station. My prayers go out to them in this time as they fight the flesh eaters. As strong as the community is there, I hope they will be able to defeat the even stronger zombies. Captain LC will return my calls as soon as he can im sure. He has alot on his plate, but dont we all? I heard from other GYPSY GROUP members that during the battle, Captain LC single handedly took out several of the ASMZ himself. Using pocket knives. He was always crafty at fighting. They said he had pocket knives stashed all over his person and when he came out of his office, people started dropping. He wasn't hurt but he lost lots of men and women of the compound.

There was talk of another person killing off the ASMZ. But no one really got a good look at who it was. They know it was a woman, and that her weapons ranged from Samurai swords to what looked like a double barreled AK-47. Do they make those? I can tell you this though... I recieved a letter at my front door thanking me for accepting their membership with our secret organization. (not too secret anymore eh?) She said that she works alone, that she will show up at her discression during different battles to help fight off either zombie or ASMZ. She finally said that our communication over Facebook and Twitter is what 'awakened' her to the problems of the world. "ZOMBIES WILL BE THE FIRST TO FALL" is what she said. At the bottom of her letter, was signed STAR.

I hope to hear from her soon either on Twitter or Facebook, either way, Im glad to have another helping hand. This whole thing seems to be spiralling out of control and we can use all the help we can get.

To track down JIG in the UK, we've sent Eric, Bianca and The Ace of Spades. Their specialties will be needed in this 'new' territory. JIG was tracked through Twitter with the help of some hackers, working for the GYPSY GROUP. I wish them luck, as they are not on familiar ground anymore. The intel they are looking for has special locations, frequency numbers, new weapons, and food storage preparation sites, all important to our movement. I hope they can retrieve what they've been sent for. And as for JIG, im still holding out that he's not a complete douche. His messages are scrambled and in my history with him, they dont sound like....'HIM' if that makes any sense.

Either way, It was definetly him that was blasting GYPSY GROUP members away at the compound. He will be hard to find and even harder to take intel from when the time comes. So, I wish them all the luck in the world. Their orders are to detain at most. Not to shoot to kill. I still have faith in JIG, even if things are completely jacked up right now.

There is some really disturbing zombie outbreaks in my neighborhood lately too. As soon as my shift ends and I make it home, i'll report more on that. In the mean time, I have been sharpening my chainsaw blades, sword blades, bayonette blades...anything with a blade, here at my machine shop. Its safe here. They want me to work a weekend shift. I gotta say... its tempting. I would have more time with my family, and i'd be coming home at night. Saturday, Sunday and Monday would be my work days. Its a thought. Maybe with the extra time, I could build the worlds ZFC's to what they're supposed to be.

Finally, my deal with Itunes is a reality now. Soon, hopefully the first part of next year, EDDIE ROTTEN and the ZOMBIES should be out for people to check out. Cant say everything, but the audio should be eye openening. Cant say any more right now. You understand

Eddie Rotten


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