Wednesday, December 21, 2011


His message was received and read. I still don't trust him. I don't know what he's getting at.  (My wife just got up. I heard the shotgun cock and the toilet flush)

JIG has been an asset to the zombie resistance movement for so long, I get caught up and forget the pain he caused at the GYPSY GROUP compound. Why would he do that just for some stupid Intel? What are they looking for that's so important? The only thing that I can put together is that, when Lord Micah (frequency scientist) put together most of the pieces to create a frequency machine powerful enough to open a portal, or wormhole... maybe they have the missing pieces? I don't know... I'm concerned with everyone now. The good guys... the bad guys. The focus on killing zombies comes and goes, but wrapping my mind around all this other crap is driving me crazy!

Captain LC confirmed that the blueprints to Lord Micah's discoveries about the frequency machine were missing. Obviously stolen from the compound. Frequency changes can alter the 'will' of zombies. This 'golden vest' that Lord Micah discovered from the Bible is being used as a frequency beacon.. I believe he called it an EPHOD,, or some weird name like that. So doing the math... you need the vest to create a certain frequency to either create a crap load of power, or... open some kind of portal. (the portal thing still sounds retarded to me)

But what in hell does anyone need that kind of energy for? Enough energy to literally open a worm hole in time and space... I just dont get it..

I just got a text from Eric, Ace of Spades and the rest of the crew. They just landed in New York. Funny thing... After I booked the tickets for their flight I just went back and double checked their profiles on Facebook. There is one called ZFC MCALLEN. I looked and looked and finally found something...... interesting. These....zombie killers. These mercinaries for the GYPSY GROUP, are kids!

No disrespect.. kids these days (as you know) are the back bone of our surviving communities. They are the ones you dont see. But just when a zombie comes to rip a hole in your neck, its always some punk kid you yelled at a million times to get off your lawn, that happens to have a gun buried in that zombies skull.. Never underestimate the talents of our youth. They're not burned out like some of us. They have no fear.  All though. These guys are pretty funny. Each post they leave on Facebook has hilarious banter that goes joyfully back and forth between them. You can tell they are young, but you cant tell how serious they are about bringing justice back to Captain LC and the GYPSY GROUP.  Hell... Thats probably how they want it.

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