Sunday, December 18, 2011


Im at work now. Sunday morning. Burned out.

Just like always, there is so much going on, its hard to pin point a starting point you know? I'll start with the forementioned, Im burned out.

My wife's birthday was yesterday. We had a good one. With the economy and zombies the way they are, its hard to do everything I wanted. Most events have been cancelled due to the number of zombies growing in my city. Im sure its the same everywhere. Matter of fact, the last outbreak was reported by the local news channel, but not aired. I was there to witness zomibes attacking the patrons at the Kemah Boardwalk near the NASA Space Center. People were doing the usual, running with their screams heard miles away. Only a few were willing to fight. The news trucks were there until a small riot broke out and tipped one of them over. The news reporters were inside. Dont know if they ever made it out alive. Either way, I never saw the broadcast on T.V. Maybe its all for the best. Covering up the lies and deceit of the zombie growing government seems easier than confronting how large the problem really is.

Speaking of 'PROBLEM'. There is news that I need to talk to you all about. It might be a long post, so if your in a position to grab some coffee and curl up on the sofa with a blanket... now's the time. Your Christmas tree wont mind the company ;)

If you have been following my tweets lately, you know that there is a HUGE upset in the community over a mole that we found out about. The GYPSY GROUP has been in contact with me and let me know that the insider has been reporting back to the ASMZ for an undisclosed amout of time. I dont know exactly how much intel this person was able to bring back to the ASMZ, but I do know that its enough to cause all of us RESISTANCE people to have to install double locks on our doors. Anybody out there with extra food storage or guns, you probably know what Im talking about.

The mole was a good friend to us all. He had set up a ZFC command center in the UK several months ago. He has been a friend to all the zombie fighting community on Facebook as well as our family on Twitter. His name is JIG. If you have any questions about him just look in the ZOMBIE RESEARCH bar on the side of my website and type his name in. All the posts that have anything to do with him will pop up.

Captain LC called me the other night, saying that there has been a breech. JIG has been taking intel back to his leaders at the ASMZ, leading to a complete relocation of the GYPSY GROUP. For starters, this is a VERY BAD THING. Captain LC has set up a whole community there in College Station and the relocation of their group will be a staggering set back to our fight against the zombie outbreaks and government take over.

He had some pretty harsh words for me on the phone. He said that my 'friendship' with people on Twitter was too open, and that my information was spewing too freely to people I dont truley know. I understand what he's saying, especially after finding out that JIG, a once believed good friend of mine, was the traitor. But in my defence, I... or my family, dont work for anybody. And my ZFC was the first in the world. I do appreciate Captain LC's position though. If I hadn't been so open with JIG on Twitter, we might have been able to same some of the information he went back to the ASMZ with.

The information we think he stole had to do directly with the research Lord Micah was doing. And now that the information is gone, we cant very well say its 'secret' anymore. So, I was instructed to tell all of you out there, what exactly the research was.

In some of my past posts, I mentioned a section of the Bible where there were verses telling of how to make a special GOLDEN vest. This vest and the gold it was made out of was Lord Micah's research. All partaining to vibrational frequencies that helped generate power and control the 'will' of zombies. Since the zombies in all areas were getting so vicioulsy hungry and violent, a frequency was developed that can change the direction of the zombies WILL. The over all fear, was that this weapon could eventually be used on civilians, changing our will to do things that we didnt want to. Im rambling off course.... The power that this golden vest could generate was what was in question. The GYPSY GROUP and Lord Micah both told me that the power the vest could generate, coupled with other elements (stones with special heiroglyphs) could potentially create whats called a void, or black hole... or what scientist call a portal. Whats on the other side of the portal we dont know, but it all sounds so SCI FY to me. I dont know what to believe any more.

I am really good at fighting zombies. Organizing groups to fight agains the growing military take over of our cities... and im pretty good at cooking scrambled eggs in the morning. But golden vests that produce powerful portals to God knows where? At some point, i've got to call BS. And that doesn't stand for Bachelor of Science.

The GYPSY GROUP reported a large number of fatalities around the time JIG left thier compound. He apparantely brought several ASMZ members with him from the UK when they skillfully infultrated the walls of the GYPSY GROUP. JIG and two others were the only ones that left alive, but they left with lots of intel. We lost a lot of men and woment that day, from both sides. And there wasn't a zombie sighted. Thats a sign things are getting worse. Humans killing humans is what were supposed to be getting away from. Zombies are supposed to be the target. But now.... I dont know. It's just depressing that were fighting against each other still. And the fact that they have JIG with them now... just doesn't make sense. I cant seem to put it together.

JIG, if your out there... reading this... I know somenthings up man. Lots of people died by your hand brother. If you come clean now, I might be able to help. But you have to return your intel.

Thats all for now. I have more, but im pissed.

Eddie Rotten Out

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