Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hope the holidays are awesome for you all. The new Intel that I've been gathering will be posted soon on the site. The new year will bring lots of new surprises that I know you'll all want to be a part of so spread the infection by telling your friends. Zombies outnumber us 20/1 on average so we have our work cut out for us next year. Be safe and load those shotguns. Join the Eddie Rotten and ZFC WORLD Facebook sites and get behind the scene story decisions before they hit the site. Remember, you are in control of your own character here! Get ready for HELL!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


JIG said...

Nine On nine Makes Eighteen. More OR less I still Eat the Same.It is never said whether or not My Heart has valUe. Read beTween the lines~

Decipher and report

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


These few, tHeY REad, Catering ONly To Red. Otherwise Lilacs wouLd become lIlies. i Never reGret My choicEs i can only hope -JIG

I just got a text message from STAR. She is the one that showed up mysteriously at the GYPSY GROUP compound to help fight against the ASMZ. 

Could this really be a mixed message from JIG? I want to believe it but.. They saw him KILL so many people the day of the attack!?! 

And if this 'is' JIG somehow trying to reach me with a message:



His message was received and read. I still don't trust him. I don't know what he's getting at.  (My wife just got up. I heard the shotgun cock and the toilet flush)

JIG has been an asset to the zombie resistance movement for so long, I get caught up and forget the pain he caused at the GYPSY GROUP compound. Why would he do that just for some stupid Intel? What are they looking for that's so important? The only thing that I can put together is that, when Lord Micah (frequency scientist) put together most of the pieces to create a frequency machine powerful enough to open a portal, or wormhole... maybe they have the missing pieces? I don't know... I'm concerned with everyone now. The good guys... the bad guys. The focus on killing zombies comes and goes, but wrapping my mind around all this other crap is driving me crazy!

Captain LC confirmed that the blueprints to Lord Micah's discoveries about the frequency machine were missing. Obviously stolen from the compound. Frequency changes can alter the 'will' of zombies. This 'golden vest' that Lord Micah discovered from the Bible is being used as a frequency beacon.. I believe he called it an EPHOD,, or some weird name like that. So doing the math... you need the vest to create a certain frequency to either create a crap load of power, or... open some kind of portal. (the portal thing still sounds retarded to me)

But what in hell does anyone need that kind of energy for? Enough energy to literally open a worm hole in time and space... I just dont get it..

I just got a text from Eric, Ace of Spades and the rest of the crew. They just landed in New York. Funny thing... After I booked the tickets for their flight I just went back and double checked their profiles on Facebook. There is one called ZFC MCALLEN. I looked and looked and finally found something...... interesting. These....zombie killers. These mercinaries for the GYPSY GROUP, are kids!

No disrespect.. kids these days (as you know) are the back bone of our surviving communities. They are the ones you dont see. But just when a zombie comes to rip a hole in your neck, its always some punk kid you yelled at a million times to get off your lawn, that happens to have a gun buried in that zombies skull.. Never underestimate the talents of our youth. They're not burned out like some of us. They have no fear.  All though. These guys are pretty funny. Each post they leave on Facebook has hilarious banter that goes joyfully back and forth between them. You can tell they are young, but you cant tell how serious they are about bringing justice back to Captain LC and the GYPSY GROUP.  Hell... Thats probably how they want it.


Captain LC contacted me again. He said the compound is a total loss. The zombies have moved in and any thing else worth scavenging for is just too risky. It hurts to know that so much hard work is all burned to the ground. What hurts even more is that not one magazine, not one radio broadcast or news channel covered the assault JIG and his blessed ASMZ members brought down on the innocent members of the GYPSY GROUP. I do know this though, Captain LC wont forget this action against the resistance. There is a long line of dead bodies found toward those who have crossed the GYPSY GROUP in the past... zombie or not.

I'm at home  now. Obviously at my computer. Its.... 5:06 a.m. The crew of 4 left around 4:30 this morning on a flight towards the UK. They should have a flight exchange in New York... so they are in the air now, crunching peanuts and that godforsaken Canada Dry they always serve. Just after they left, I received an odd message from someone on Twitter that calls himself, 'The Real JIG'. Just seeing that name pisses me off. I know many of you other zombie fighters out there can feel me on this. JIG is the new house hold name for traitors. The one name you wont let your kids say any more. The main reason so many died in the GYPSY GROUP compound. Gritting my teeth... I read on.

These few, tHeY Read, Catering ONly To Red. Otherwise Lilacs wouLd become lIlies. i Never reGret My choicEs i can only hope -JIG

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Its only been 4 hours and a lifetime of phone calls, twitter and facebook updates have been made.

I wanted to formally thank the new ZFC leaders of our very importan blog. ERIC, BIANCA, AND THE ACE OF SPADES! Out of this motley crue of three, I dont think Bianca knew she was going to be a zombie fighter at all. Sort of....thrown into the mix of bad asses through contacts on Facebook. My hats off to her though. During the battele at the GYPSY GROUP's compound, these three really stepped up and put a hammer down on the ASMZ.

Their fight will be told in the years to come. The intel that JIG took back to the UK with him was very important. I cant stress that enough. Captain LC has been in meetings all morning and I havent been able to get ahold of him. But i'll cover what he said about the stolen intel. In my last post, I mentioned a golden vest, and a portal that could (or couldn't) be opened to another time or place, that powers a frequency machine that could control the human existance. Sounds like a lot I know. Im having a hard time with it my self.

I've got questions too. How is it that all this is just coming to a head? All year long, from my first post in January, I've been perfecting my skills as a zombie fighter. I've done everything I can to put together the best, strongest, and smartest ZFC's across the world. I feel like i've done my part. Now... I find out that it's not even really about zombies? I refuse to accept any of that. The Golden Vest that i've talked about turns out to be a device called the URIM and THUMMIM. The egyptians used this.....thing... to converse with who they believed to be GODS. It was believed to glow brightly when the GODS were near it, giving off emmense power and energy. This 'energy' is what the ASMZ and other governments around the world are trying to attain to power their frequency machine. Again... I know how dumb it sounds, but what am I supposed to do? This is all I have to go off of you know?

So, as it stands... The GYPSY GROUP is relocating. Since the battle, zombies have come in and made a mess of things. The ASMZ naturally wont help them. So zombies have made it their new home. I feel sorry for the families of College Station. My prayers go out to them in this time as they fight the flesh eaters. As strong as the community is there, I hope they will be able to defeat the even stronger zombies. Captain LC will return my calls as soon as he can im sure. He has alot on his plate, but dont we all? I heard from other GYPSY GROUP members that during the battle, Captain LC single handedly took out several of the ASMZ himself. Using pocket knives. He was always crafty at fighting. They said he had pocket knives stashed all over his person and when he came out of his office, people started dropping. He wasn't hurt but he lost lots of men and women of the compound.

There was talk of another person killing off the ASMZ. But no one really got a good look at who it was. They know it was a woman, and that her weapons ranged from Samurai swords to what looked like a double barreled AK-47. Do they make those? I can tell you this though... I recieved a letter at my front door thanking me for accepting their membership with our secret organization. (not too secret anymore eh?) She said that she works alone, that she will show up at her discression during different battles to help fight off either zombie or ASMZ. She finally said that our communication over Facebook and Twitter is what 'awakened' her to the problems of the world. "ZOMBIES WILL BE THE FIRST TO FALL" is what she said. At the bottom of her letter, was signed STAR.

I hope to hear from her soon either on Twitter or Facebook, either way, Im glad to have another helping hand. This whole thing seems to be spiralling out of control and we can use all the help we can get.

To track down JIG in the UK, we've sent Eric, Bianca and The Ace of Spades. Their specialties will be needed in this 'new' territory. JIG was tracked through Twitter with the help of some hackers, working for the GYPSY GROUP. I wish them luck, as they are not on familiar ground anymore. The intel they are looking for has special locations, frequency numbers, new weapons, and food storage preparation sites, all important to our movement. I hope they can retrieve what they've been sent for. And as for JIG, im still holding out that he's not a complete douche. His messages are scrambled and in my history with him, they dont sound like....'HIM' if that makes any sense.

Either way, It was definetly him that was blasting GYPSY GROUP members away at the compound. He will be hard to find and even harder to take intel from when the time comes. So, I wish them all the luck in the world. Their orders are to detain at most. Not to shoot to kill. I still have faith in JIG, even if things are completely jacked up right now.

There is some really disturbing zombie outbreaks in my neighborhood lately too. As soon as my shift ends and I make it home, i'll report more on that. In the mean time, I have been sharpening my chainsaw blades, sword blades, bayonette blades...anything with a blade, here at my machine shop. Its safe here. They want me to work a weekend shift. I gotta say... its tempting. I would have more time with my family, and i'd be coming home at night. Saturday, Sunday and Monday would be my work days. Its a thought. Maybe with the extra time, I could build the worlds ZFC's to what they're supposed to be.

Finally, my deal with Itunes is a reality now. Soon, hopefully the first part of next year, EDDIE ROTTEN and the ZOMBIES should be out for people to check out. Cant say everything, but the audio should be eye openening. Cant say any more right now. You understand

Eddie Rotten



Im at work now. Sunday morning. Burned out.

Just like always, there is so much going on, its hard to pin point a starting point you know? I'll start with the forementioned, Im burned out.

My wife's birthday was yesterday. We had a good one. With the economy and zombies the way they are, its hard to do everything I wanted. Most events have been cancelled due to the number of zombies growing in my city. Im sure its the same everywhere. Matter of fact, the last outbreak was reported by the local news channel, but not aired. I was there to witness zomibes attacking the patrons at the Kemah Boardwalk near the NASA Space Center. People were doing the usual, running with their screams heard miles away. Only a few were willing to fight. The news trucks were there until a small riot broke out and tipped one of them over. The news reporters were inside. Dont know if they ever made it out alive. Either way, I never saw the broadcast on T.V. Maybe its all for the best. Covering up the lies and deceit of the zombie growing government seems easier than confronting how large the problem really is.

Speaking of 'PROBLEM'. There is news that I need to talk to you all about. It might be a long post, so if your in a position to grab some coffee and curl up on the sofa with a blanket... now's the time. Your Christmas tree wont mind the company ;)

If you have been following my tweets lately, you know that there is a HUGE upset in the community over a mole that we found out about. The GYPSY GROUP has been in contact with me and let me know that the insider has been reporting back to the ASMZ for an undisclosed amout of time. I dont know exactly how much intel this person was able to bring back to the ASMZ, but I do know that its enough to cause all of us RESISTANCE people to have to install double locks on our doors. Anybody out there with extra food storage or guns, you probably know what Im talking about.

The mole was a good friend to us all. He had set up a ZFC command center in the UK several months ago. He has been a friend to all the zombie fighting community on Facebook as well as our family on Twitter. His name is JIG. If you have any questions about him just look in the ZOMBIE RESEARCH bar on the side of my website and type his name in. All the posts that have anything to do with him will pop up.

Captain LC called me the other night, saying that there has been a breech. JIG has been taking intel back to his leaders at the ASMZ, leading to a complete relocation of the GYPSY GROUP. For starters, this is a VERY BAD THING. Captain LC has set up a whole community there in College Station and the relocation of their group will be a staggering set back to our fight against the zombie outbreaks and government take over.

He had some pretty harsh words for me on the phone. He said that my 'friendship' with people on Twitter was too open, and that my information was spewing too freely to people I dont truley know. I understand what he's saying, especially after finding out that JIG, a once believed good friend of mine, was the traitor. But in my defence, I... or my family, dont work for anybody. And my ZFC was the first in the world. I do appreciate Captain LC's position though. If I hadn't been so open with JIG on Twitter, we might have been able to same some of the information he went back to the ASMZ with.

The information we think he stole had to do directly with the research Lord Micah was doing. And now that the information is gone, we cant very well say its 'secret' anymore. So, I was instructed to tell all of you out there, what exactly the research was.

In some of my past posts, I mentioned a section of the Bible where there were verses telling of how to make a special GOLDEN vest. This vest and the gold it was made out of was Lord Micah's research. All partaining to vibrational frequencies that helped generate power and control the 'will' of zombies. Since the zombies in all areas were getting so vicioulsy hungry and violent, a frequency was developed that can change the direction of the zombies WILL. The over all fear, was that this weapon could eventually be used on civilians, changing our will to do things that we didnt want to. Im rambling off course.... The power that this golden vest could generate was what was in question. The GYPSY GROUP and Lord Micah both told me that the power the vest could generate, coupled with other elements (stones with special heiroglyphs) could potentially create whats called a void, or black hole... or what scientist call a portal. Whats on the other side of the portal we dont know, but it all sounds so SCI FY to me. I dont know what to believe any more.

I am really good at fighting zombies. Organizing groups to fight agains the growing military take over of our cities... and im pretty good at cooking scrambled eggs in the morning. But golden vests that produce powerful portals to God knows where? At some point, i've got to call BS. And that doesn't stand for Bachelor of Science.

The GYPSY GROUP reported a large number of fatalities around the time JIG left thier compound. He apparantely brought several ASMZ members with him from the UK when they skillfully infultrated the walls of the GYPSY GROUP. JIG and two others were the only ones that left alive, but they left with lots of intel. We lost a lot of men and woment that day, from both sides. And there wasn't a zombie sighted. Thats a sign things are getting worse. Humans killing humans is what were supposed to be getting away from. Zombies are supposed to be the target. But now.... I dont know. It's just depressing that were fighting against each other still. And the fact that they have JIG with them now... just doesn't make sense. I cant seem to put it together.

JIG, if your out there... reading this... I know somenthings up man. Lots of people died by your hand brother. If you come clean now, I might be able to help. But you have to return your intel.

Thats all for now. I have more, but im pissed.

Eddie Rotten Out

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learning the Frequency of ZOMBIES PART 2

I would have posted this earlier, but I had a little run in with our neighborhood ASMZ snitch. I was getting my mail out of the mail box (with shot gun in hand) and I was approached by an obvious pro-ASMZ civilian.

"You cant just walk around with that shot gun", he said with the most snide and vicious voice you have ever heard. "I'm going to call the ASMZ and they will take you away from your family, with one snap of my finger!" He says.

I usually find humor in jack asses like this. Especially when they are so animated. In my peripheral, I noticed 3 zombies... dragging their rotting flesh towards us. Not close enough for me to run or shoot, but I saw them.

"Don't you know, that the ASMZ helped push the law saying they can take you, when ever they want. They can put you in jail.... for what ever they want... they can even KILL you... if they feel like they neeeeeed to!?" This person screeched out these words with vile contempt towards me.

My humor was gone. His finger was cold when it poked me. Even through my shirt and jacket, I could feel the hate from with in.

"You think you know, whats coming do you?" He said. "You think you and all your......minions, can handle us all? Well, you cant. They will find you GUILTY and take you away!"

I don't kill neighbors. At least until they turn into zombs. So I decided to take my mail in and come back out, hoping for a little revenge on the neighborhood ASMZ snitch.. He was gone. Just my luck. The rotting zombies were directly in front of my house now, shuffling and snorting uncontrollably. I grabbed my crossbow to make the killings interesting, but my fun was intercepted by two boys that lived in the apartments next door.

2nd floor up. Open window. The two boys hung out with a device in their hands, and it looked like nothing more than a cell phone. I couldn't figure out what they were doing exactly, but as soon as those flesh eaters were in range, those two young boys popped em' quick with a 25 cal.

I yelled from across my yard "Whatchyou got there kid?" He held up an ordinary smart phone. "Did you 'call' the zombies over here with that?" I yelled again. The kids both smiled and nodded as they put the guns behind them. "Will you show me?" I asked.

Both boys waved me over. "HEY, YOUR THE GUY, with the app on the market right?" One spoke down to me. "Yes" I replied. "You don't know how to call zombies?" The one boy questioned down to me again. "No...I don't."

"Your the best zombie killer ever, and you don't know how to 'call' zombies?" The boy questioned me with a smart ass laugh boiling behind his voice. "Son, will you show me?" I replied.

"Its just a Simple Simon app on my phone" the boy said. Then I heard a woman's voice. Screaming, "What did I tell you about that gun! You boys aren't old enough to play with such things! Your going to kill yourselves!" It went on and on. It had to be mom.

The two boys ducked back into the window and disappeared. There I was, Crossbow in hand and wondering... "Simple Simon?"

I'll take it up with Frequency Scientist Lord Micah. I'm sure he'll have answerer's. And that way I can report back to Lokey on possible ways to actually 'call' zombies.

Speaking of 'reporting'. There are a few people that I should definitely mention. These are acquaintances that I met through Twitter originally, but with the EDDIE ROTTEN FACEBOOK page up now, there are lots of people messaging me their status..

Check this out: Lonah is the name. I don't know much more than that, but I respect all zombie killers that are willing to make themselves known. We are few but what we do makes up for what others dont. Here's what we have. All the way from Ontario Canada. WOW! First off, thank you for your service up there. Join the site or throw your name in the email blast on the side of the website page so you can get automatic updates. I went through a quick post she left on the EDDIE ROTTEN FACEBOOK PAGE that says she loves her AK-47 and her back up is... well, i'll let you read in her words:
I'm from Hamilton Ontario Canada. My weapon of choice is my trusty AK-47. My side arm is a Tachi sword. Said to have been forged by Masamune - one ...of the greatest sword smiths in the world. Known to create some of the sharpest swords known to man. The status in the area is palpable at best. Things are rapidly getting worse and I have a family to protect. Including a new baby and I will be damned if I'm not around to see her grow up in a z-head free world! For that and many other reasons I must find more people out there like me....People like!

You can tell she's a seasoned zombie killer, just shy about it. We'll get more from her and her friends as she spreads the news. And I'm sure her street name will be made known as her updates become more frequent. THANK YOU AGAIN LONAH!

Finally for the newbs, there is Eric and Daniel. Last I heard they were looking into a library, that had information concerning frequencies and secret human experiments.. Ugh.. Glad I'm not on that duty. I am anxious to see what they found though..

In the  mean time, I'll quickly cover what the ASMZ has been up to and get off this thing. My fingers are crampin' up.

A video has been leaked by a known group called LEGION, or ANONYMOUS. They are, or seem to be in control of well......everything. Since our law has changed (as we all for-saw) the government has the right to take us, jail us, extinguish us. The new law passed right under our noses. The zombies were used as deterrents. Their plan worked. We still have the problem of zombies, and it grows harder and harder each day. And with this new SUPER COMMITTEE law that passed, it will be even harder to kill those flesh eating bastards! 

Here's what the GYPSY GROUP passed down to me a few days ago.. now all over YOUTUBE:

Be careful out there

Learning the Frequency of ZOMBIES PART 1

Not sure why, but none of the Russian ZFC leaders are stepping up to let us know whats going on over there. We have lost all contact, even with the leaders we knew. I hope they're OK.

Zombies. That's what this freakin' thing started out as. I wanted to fight them and get word out about them, so what better way to do it than start a blog... about fighting zombies? So, I start one. Then the ASMZ (American Science Military for Zombies) takes over and makes everything....well.... harder.

Now its all politics. Zombies still run everywhere. The news doesn't report it. Hell, nobody reports it. I'm sticking to my guns though. With the help of Facebook and Twitter, I've found solid zombie fighters all over the world.. But the zombies still come.

Just last night I had a 'near miss'. Its what I get too trying to help out the homeless. I was reaching to give away my last two quarters and the lady replied... "That's all you got?" Ummm... I went to dig in my other pocket when I was interrupted by the ladies arm being ripped off. The zombie came from behind a bush.. almost silently hiding. I had never seen any zombie like this before, and if your familiar with my posts, I've seen em' all. This thing was hungry. Not pausing for me to fight it, and not trying to attack me. Just feeding off the immediate. She didn't stand a chance. The zombie knocked the change from my hand too (that I never found). I actually had the time to slowly back away... slowly.

Well, I have to be careful around the homeless from now on. It is a new family rule. Seriously... We talked about it over breakfast the other morning.

I have a BUTT LOAD to cover, so I'll try to make it easy to skim through, as I know most of you zombie fighters have 'better' things to kill.. I mean do. ;)

I'll start with my final hours with the GYPSY GROUP leader, Captain LC. If you've kept up, I mentioned that Captain LC was an old buddy of mine. Then, and in face to face conversation I call him Lokey. But no one else does. And if you meet him.. it'll be Captain LC, thanks.

I asked him to explain the odd markings that I noticed around the neighborhood. Street signs that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs, and weird shaped numbers that seemed to be smeared on the street signs in blood. He told me that the GYPSY GROUP had long been working on a project that involved Lord Micah and his knowledge of frequencies. Its pretty hairy stuff, and honestly I haven't come to accept it as fact yet, but I'll let you know what the project is any way.

Lord Micah has pieced together what seems to be some kind of 'portal'. There are so many details, but in the end, the ASMZ has the missing pieces to what could be the biggest find in all of mankind. Now, your question is probably the same as mine was... "What the hell does that have to do with zombies?"

If you remember, the SILVER DISCS were all frequency based. Every zombie in that area was controllable by certain frequencies. Hell, the EMP gun that we stole from NASA has its own frequency that, when we blast the zombs, it deters their appetite away from us and toward animals. Not for long, but long enough for us to either regroup or get the crap outta' dodge!

I'm veering off course. The markings. The signs I noticed around the GYPSY GROUP Colony were indeed signs that, are believed to be used to hone certain frequencies. The only way to create the frequencies are if they are scribed in a perfect manner on special stones.. See, that's what I mean... Waaaaay too sci-fi right? Stick with me.

Lord Micah believes that when all the parts are together, including what the ASMZ is believed to have, a portal will open. Then, that's all Lokey could tell me... sucks I know. But its good cause now I have a reason to go back and get more Intel.  He did tell me one thing though. That Lord Micah, though he was no Biblical scholar, said that the ingredients to part of the portal machine were found 'in' the Bible. Exodus Chapter 28.

I'll look that up when my hands aren't so blood stained. Who wants to thumb through the Holy pages with remnants of a zombie war on you right? I need a shower.

The numbers that looked like they were smeared on, well, Lokey said they 'were' smeared on. When they found the abandon community, they knew it was the best place to set up command center. In the beginnings (8 months ago) they went to paint numbers on the signs, delegating where to find commanders and supplies. But then, before their community was fenced in, the zombs gave them troubles. Most of the smeared numbers are reminders of the fallen GYPSY GROUP members that fought so hard for us all.

Lokey reminded me that the zombies are getting worse. My interaction with people on Facebook and Twitter are critical to fining new, strong, fearless ZFC leaders. I assured him I was doing everything I could to grow our zombie fighting community globally. But its not easy.

All people want to hear is about Occupy this or that. Who's running in the GOP. What government conspiracy is hot for that day.... The focus on killing zombies is almost so underground, we aren't even paid attention to. The ASMZ drops em' off, and we kill em'.

We have to. If not, they multiply... then there's more to kill.

our world ended long ago."