Thursday, November 17, 2011


It took more effort than it was supposed to. The axe I buried in the head of a zombie on my front lawn stood there like a beacon of rage for days. There were too many for me to just go out and get it when ever I wanted. My 'condition' was setting in though. I had to get that axe back and sharpen it. Its like having long fingernails on a dude. JUST FLIPPIN' CUT THEM!!!!

When I went to pull the axe out it reminded me of the good ol' days. 6 or 7 months ago zombies were almost laughable. Things in the world were bad, but not anywhere close to this crap. The news is almost a complete stand up joke these days. Almost not even worth mentioning.

I didn't mention it before, but I'm on vacation. Well, I call it vacation. My boss thinks I should have some "well deserved time off". I know what that means. He got ahold of my facebook page which naturally led him here. To EDDIEROTTEN.COM

I must say, it is nice having more people shake my hand on the street these days. Being known as a resistance leader against the powers that be and those that breed and horde zombies can brighten any bloody ol' day.

All the same, things are worse. Politics are making my hair turn white!!

The OCCUPY people are being framed, just as I said they would be. The news is conveniently passing over the zombies that shuffle through their camps. If they aren't going to take it from the government anymore, than they sure as hell aren't going to take it from a small group of flesh eaters. Nope. They have an agenda... not sure they know what it is but they have one.

The thing about them crapping on the ground and getting drunk and raping people is a farce. 'Course the mainstream news wont talk about it. The local Sheriffs are letting the bums out of jail early and telling them to go sleep it off at the OCCUPY camps. Its this link yo!

The GYPSY GROUP came to me the other day and shared more information on the zombies, the global take over and a bunch of other crap. I get tired of this sometimes believe me, but no one else is doing it?!? The OCCUPY GROUPS are there in place to be arrested in GROUPS. They do have a desire to make things better but unknown to them, they are being used as a pilot to see what large groups of people will do when the military steps in. I know it sounds stupid, but martial law is here in cute little doses.

The zombies are being released in larger numbers now too. Look at the attack on the white house just the other day. The ASMZ let 20 (confirmed) zombies out not but 2 blocks away from the White House to shuffle off the protesters that were marching for 'green this or green that'. The zombies failed. These officials forget who they are dealing with. As the zombies get hungrier and faster, so do the people. The zombies didn't last as long as they were supposed to so the next diversion tactic used was to have someone shoot an AK47 towards the White House.

Anything at all will be used to drive the attention away from the silent movements towards total martial law, population control by zombie, and the governments control on our money.

Speaking of money. THE BANKS WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY Take a minute to review what the GYPSY GROUP has shown me on what the global agenda really is. They are, and will use zombies as a distraction while they rob us blind.

We are trying to figure out what they need all this money for anyway. If only a few people end up having money, is there really a point to having it at all? I'm assuming we'll all come up with our own currency... some day.

I'm ranting. Back to the axe in the head of the zombie. I pulled it out and washed it off. The meat wagon came and hauled off the rest of the corpses I had on my lawn. Since my vacation, Ive taken a few hours in the day just to hone my skills a bit. I wait on the top of the house and pick them off as they enter my yard. And when I get bored, I grab my axe.

It sounds stupid but I have this fantasy that I'm a warrior. A zombie slaying warrior with nothing but furry boots and a loin cloth. I have a really sweet helmet I got from the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL a few years back too. Foot long horns. Really cool.

Anyway, I'm on vacation right? My family is gone to work and school. I suit up in my Thor outfit and grab my lumberjack axe. Its awesome. Don't laugh..... Seriously, I can feel you smirking through this post.

I'll report more as the news pours in. Thank you all for sticking around. Zombies are the way of the new world. The distraction we are all addicted to. But. They must die.


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