Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You wouldn't know it, but the Russian ZFC'S are really making a difference.  They are quiet though. They never report on how bad the outbreak is there.  And the only news we get is what we see on TV. So basically none.

The GYPSY GROUP helped me organize an outreach program, that would help us stay in touch better, but its really in their hands.

Some have told me that they are quiet because of the accusation they attained that their Nuclear Submarine is what caused the original earthquake,  causing so much damage to Japan.

We still wait on the concluding story on that. Either way, we need the RUSSIAN ZFC'S to come forward. We need to work together. My Intel tells me that the Russians have information that can help with our questions about the coming FREQUENCY CHANGE.

This is me. Eddie Rotten.  Leader of the Houston ZFC.  Anyone reading from RUSSIA, comment below and help us here in the U.S. We will all Survive if we work together.

We need to know how bad the ASMZ is there.



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