Monday, November 28, 2011



Where was I.. Yes, the leader. I was lead into this neighborhood full of twists and turns. As I rode deeper and deeper into the labrynth on my motorcycle, I started to notice things that were most uncommon to anything I had witnessed until now. Each road had a name, just as any road would. But it wasn't just a name, it was a design. A logo. A character.

Some of them looked like hyroglyphs, others looked like a smeared number. It was all odd to me and shook me as being something I was supposed to try to catalog as I fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I arrived at the house. And I called it that because clearly on the mail box outside it said, 'The House'. I was surrounded by helpful happy faces that welcomed me.There were no zombies to see or hear. This was a completely secluded and safe place. I was told that while I spent time inside with 'Captain LC', my motorcycle and belongings would be watched after. I was again greeted at the door, and welcomed inside. I was offered a drink and a seat on the most comfortable couch I had ever been on.

There was a pool table that some Gypsy's were playing on, people were talking and laughing in another part of the open room. I hadn't seen this type of friendship since before the zombies. Its been a while. I missed it, and wished my family was with me to experience this type of hospitality and one-ness.

After a moment, the person that I followed to this 'safe house' walked in and took his jacket off. "Hey, follow me and we'll get you up to date". I got up and followed this kind person with a kind face into an office that looked more like a room with weights and a movie playing on the small flat screen. I sat down and realized that the person I had followed, the person that so graciously invited me into the home was him. It was Captain LC.

He extended his hand and shook mine. "Eddie, dont you remember me? Dont you remember the days back in Bay City when we caused problems with the authority? Do you not remember the time I stood as your Representing Lawyer when you were thrown in jail? Its me, Lokey."

I squinted and looked past the cuts and years we had between us. It was him. It was my friend from my youth. Lokey. He. Him.

It was my friend that was so notorious with the ASMZ. The Government and other rogue groups that wanted all resistance members gunned down.

I couldnt help but tear up. It had been so long. Before I could get totally comfortable, he disarmed me of all my guns and knives for safety. "We have to be sure we both are still solid with the resistance... you understance im sure." He said with a kind smile.

Lokey was my running buddy for many MANY different missions when we were young. Before zombies were even a question, Lokey and I ran with a special group in Bay City Tx that helped uncover the conspiracy behind gangs and police. We were, for a lack of better words.. unwelcome by the end of our High School years. So, we split up our operation and kept in contact for as long as we could until, one day... silence.

Years past and we hadn't heard from each other. My family mentioned sometimes, that they heard rumors about his location but thats as far as anyone else knew. There was clearly alot catch up on, but those things needed to be delt with later.

For now, it was good to see him. Lokey. Imagine that.

He filled me in on key things that would blow your mind that I will get into over then next few posts. Things that alter our reality, things about 2012 and aspects of Martial law that were put off until a later date. The 'DATE OF REASON'. He told me that in the final week of November 2011, a law will be decided on that gives the military and police of the US full rights over any citizen, to arrest, detain, beat, or kill if they are suspect.

"I hate to get political," he said with discust. "There are things we must go over, things that you have to go back and prepare your family for, and things that your ZFC leaders need to know. Your blog has stirred the pot a bit, and now we must deal with the people who have decided to wake up."

"Zombies are just outside the walls of this safe community, and there is a plan in the works, as we speak, that for those who oppose the STAMP of THE NEW ORDER, to be changed by frequency into the very zombies we kill each day. Used as helpless slaves to do the bidding of our controllers."

When he said this, my happiness turned into fear. I thought of my family, my dead end job as a machinist, my friends... everything. My shift is changing before the need. Again, the things he spoke with me about in that quiet room attacked my core, and I was told specifically to share them with you all.

Who ever is reading this blog, whoever is awake in the ways that you understand, you are needed.


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