Tuesday, November 22, 2011


ERIC got ahold of me through the comments of the blog. He is from McAllen. I'm assuming its the McAllen from TX. Close to me. I'm waiting on the whole situation of his area. Him and a friend are gathering troops, which we need desperately. Eric is a natural born leader... he has to be. The last I heard from McAllen is that zombies were trying to attack some committee in charge of the Grand Opening of the new Library there. I don't know how that went but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Nobody likes zombified Librarians.... right?

Anyway, what we really need in that area is some kind of central intelligence to cover the ongoing investigation on the Silver Disks. If you need more information on them just type 'SILVER DISK' in the side search bar of the blog and it will take you to all the posts regarding the topic.

I believe that the silver disks hold information on my theory. I think that zombies are becoming a frequency based terror weapon. In the beginning, zombies came from nowhere. At least that's what we thought. There wasn't a news broadcast saying what happened or how they are here, just that we as a people have to protect ourselves. I think that there 'was' an infection base, but where, I don't know. I'd love to find out.

Eric is my last hope for that area. McAllen is either far enough out to be safe, or far enough out to be forgotten. Lets all support his leadership. Hopefully he and his crew will be able to find out more about the frequency pulses coming from these silver disks and let us know a little more about them and how they might be affecting out zombie friends in the near future.

Now.... there is news from my trip this past weekend. I was contacted by the infamous GYPSY GROUP. They wanted me to travel to College Station for a meeting with (get this), the leader of the GYPSY GROUP RESISTANCE LEADER!

My wife thought it was B/S and I thought so too, but they gave me an address, a time and location to meet him... so I left.



  1. Hello Eddie,I am Daniel Aguirre.I am eric's friend.I would like your blog.
    -Daniel Aguirre
    Zombie Killer

  2. my friend Daniel i trust him and cinue there my friends i talked about when i asked to join thax for this chance to help.