Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We talked more. Lokey and I hadn't talked like this in years. Where we had both been, our journey up till now, everything was a mystery to both of us until this reunion. Our meeting was inevitable. He told me of many many great things that were happening in the resistance movement. He said that zombies are harder than ever to kill now in his area. But people are resilient. No one wants to become a victim by zombie. At first the fear took everyone by surprise, causing people to scream and cower rather than fight back. Now, there are groups of people willing to fight off the zombies.

The real problem lurking in our world is the ASMZ. Their power has become dangerous. The Gypsy Group and ZFC'S around the world are doing a good job at organizing strong, brave zombie fighters. But the ASMZ and CANARY GROUPS have the backing and funding from the governments. We just don't have those kind of resources.

He told me about his earlier warning. The self named SUPER CONGRESS is trying to convince people that martial law is whats needed to control the growing terrorism in America. Zombie farms is a dying term compared to terrorism by zombie. If this law is passed, the military will be able search, arrest, or kill anyone they want, when ever they want.

Lokey spoke of the days to come. He says that the government has an agenda to merge us all into agreeing with MARTIAL LAW or having a POLICE STATE.


He said that there are key people to stick close to on TWITTER also. The words of @CdnZmbiRytr, are prophetic. He said specifically for me to go back home and tell all the ZFC'S around the world to pay close attention to this blog. For blogs like this are the most accurate in these last days. There are more to show, but work is being done on their sites. I told him I knew personally of that blog, and I was friends with @jamieJIGtuffen and @Kaleb_2011. He was impressed and shared a smile and a nod...

This all was so overwhelming to me. It started to show because I had the dropped jaw, deer in the headlights look. He smiled and organized his paperwork. He asked about LORD MICAH, how we knew each other and so on. We shared childhood memories that nobody would ever know about. Those times of the past were so educational to what we are part of today.

Lokey, or Captain LC, said there is more that needs to be discussed. But for now, we should celebrate my safe arrival. I was still in shock, but his kindness reminded me of how things used to be. I would like to bring my family back there some day soon. My wife would love the ease and happiness of the people there in that 'safe community'.

I'll post again, when I have energy. My heater broke down during the past few days. Its cold outside and my hands get numb too fast when I try to beat off zombies, to look at the a/c unit on the side of my house. I'll probably just call an electrician. They have the best life insurance policies these days.....


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