Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You wouldn't know it, but the Russian ZFC'S are really making a difference.  They are quiet though. They never report on how bad the outbreak is there.  And the only news we get is what we see on TV. So basically none.

The GYPSY GROUP helped me organize an outreach program, that would help us stay in touch better, but its really in their hands.

Some have told me that they are quiet because of the accusation they attained that their Nuclear Submarine is what caused the original earthquake,  causing so much damage to Japan.

We still wait on the concluding story on that. Either way, we need the RUSSIAN ZFC'S to come forward. We need to work together. My Intel tells me that the Russians have information that can help with our questions about the coming FREQUENCY CHANGE.

This is me. Eddie Rotten.  Leader of the Houston ZFC.  Anyone reading from RUSSIA, comment below and help us here in the U.S. We will all Survive if we work together.

We need to know how bad the ASMZ is there.




We talked more. Lokey and I hadn't talked like this in years. Where we had both been, our journey up till now, everything was a mystery to both of us until this reunion. Our meeting was inevitable. He told me of many many great things that were happening in the resistance movement. He said that zombies are harder than ever to kill now in his area. But people are resilient. No one wants to become a victim by zombie. At first the fear took everyone by surprise, causing people to scream and cower rather than fight back. Now, there are groups of people willing to fight off the zombies.

The real problem lurking in our world is the ASMZ. Their power has become dangerous. The Gypsy Group and ZFC'S around the world are doing a good job at organizing strong, brave zombie fighters. But the ASMZ and CANARY GROUPS have the backing and funding from the governments. We just don't have those kind of resources.

He told me about his earlier warning. The self named SUPER CONGRESS is trying to convince people that martial law is whats needed to control the growing terrorism in America. Zombie farms is a dying term compared to terrorism by zombie. If this law is passed, the military will be able search, arrest, or kill anyone they want, when ever they want.

Lokey spoke of the days to come. He says that the government has an agenda to merge us all into agreeing with MARTIAL LAW or having a POLICE STATE.


He said that there are key people to stick close to on TWITTER also. The words of @CdnZmbiRytr, are prophetic. He said specifically for me to go back home and tell all the ZFC'S around the world to pay close attention to this blog. For blogs like this are the most accurate in these last days. There are more to show, but work is being done on their sites. I told him I knew personally of that blog, and I was friends with @jamieJIGtuffen and @Kaleb_2011. He was impressed and shared a smile and a nod...

This all was so overwhelming to me. It started to show because I had the dropped jaw, deer in the headlights look. He smiled and organized his paperwork. He asked about LORD MICAH, how we knew each other and so on. We shared childhood memories that nobody would ever know about. Those times of the past were so educational to what we are part of today.

Lokey, or Captain LC, said there is more that needs to be discussed. But for now, we should celebrate my safe arrival. I was still in shock, but his kindness reminded me of how things used to be. I would like to bring my family back there some day soon. My wife would love the ease and happiness of the people there in that 'safe community'.

I'll post again, when I have energy. My heater broke down during the past few days. Its cold outside and my hands get numb too fast when I try to beat off zombies, to look at the a/c unit on the side of my house. I'll probably just call an electrician. They have the best life insurance policies these days.....



Hello Eddie. Its me again,Daniel. Eric wanted to know what time do we go to the Library cause its close to were he lives.So...Eric's team is heading out to the Library,we need your permission.
any time will work. please be careful. I got word from other ZFC leaders that its pretty bad in your sector. 
please report soon.
Eddie Rotten

Monday, November 28, 2011



Where was I.. Yes, the leader. I was lead into this neighborhood full of twists and turns. As I rode deeper and deeper into the labrynth on my motorcycle, I started to notice things that were most uncommon to anything I had witnessed until now. Each road had a name, just as any road would. But it wasn't just a name, it was a design. A logo. A character.

Some of them looked like hyroglyphs, others looked like a smeared number. It was all odd to me and shook me as being something I was supposed to try to catalog as I fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I arrived at the house. And I called it that because clearly on the mail box outside it said, 'The House'. I was surrounded by helpful happy faces that welcomed me.There were no zombies to see or hear. This was a completely secluded and safe place. I was told that while I spent time inside with 'Captain LC', my motorcycle and belongings would be watched after. I was again greeted at the door, and welcomed inside. I was offered a drink and a seat on the most comfortable couch I had ever been on.

There was a pool table that some Gypsy's were playing on, people were talking and laughing in another part of the open room. I hadn't seen this type of friendship since before the zombies. Its been a while. I missed it, and wished my family was with me to experience this type of hospitality and one-ness.

After a moment, the person that I followed to this 'safe house' walked in and took his jacket off. "Hey, follow me and we'll get you up to date". I got up and followed this kind person with a kind face into an office that looked more like a room with weights and a movie playing on the small flat screen. I sat down and realized that the person I had followed, the person that so graciously invited me into the home was him. It was Captain LC.

He extended his hand and shook mine. "Eddie, dont you remember me? Dont you remember the days back in Bay City when we caused problems with the authority? Do you not remember the time I stood as your Representing Lawyer when you were thrown in jail? Its me, Lokey."

I squinted and looked past the cuts and years we had between us. It was him. It was my friend from my youth. Lokey. He. Him.

It was my friend that was so notorious with the ASMZ. The Government and other rogue groups that wanted all resistance members gunned down.

I couldnt help but tear up. It had been so long. Before I could get totally comfortable, he disarmed me of all my guns and knives for safety. "We have to be sure we both are still solid with the resistance... you understance im sure." He said with a kind smile.

Lokey was my running buddy for many MANY different missions when we were young. Before zombies were even a question, Lokey and I ran with a special group in Bay City Tx that helped uncover the conspiracy behind gangs and police. We were, for a lack of better words.. unwelcome by the end of our High School years. So, we split up our operation and kept in contact for as long as we could until, one day... silence.

Years past and we hadn't heard from each other. My family mentioned sometimes, that they heard rumors about his location but thats as far as anyone else knew. There was clearly alot catch up on, but those things needed to be delt with later.

For now, it was good to see him. Lokey. Imagine that.

He filled me in on key things that would blow your mind that I will get into over then next few posts. Things that alter our reality, things about 2012 and aspects of Martial law that were put off until a later date. The 'DATE OF REASON'. He told me that in the final week of November 2011, a law will be decided on that gives the military and police of the US full rights over any citizen, to arrest, detain, beat, or kill if they are suspect.

"I hate to get political," he said with discust. "There are things we must go over, things that you have to go back and prepare your family for, and things that your ZFC leaders need to know. Your blog has stirred the pot a bit, and now we must deal with the people who have decided to wake up."

"Zombies are just outside the walls of this safe community, and there is a plan in the works, as we speak, that for those who oppose the STAMP of THE NEW ORDER, to be changed by frequency into the very zombies we kill each day. Used as helpless slaves to do the bidding of our controllers."

When he said this, my happiness turned into fear. I thought of my family, my dead end job as a machinist, my friends... everything. My shift is changing before the need. Again, the things he spoke with me about in that quiet room attacked my core, and I was told specifically to share them with you all.

Who ever is reading this blog, whoever is awake in the ways that you understand, you are needed.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was nervous as the next guy. I mean, meeting the leader of 'any' resistance group is a big deal. The GYPSY GROUP has been around since day one. They surfaced after the zombies were a real problem, and even after the ASMZ made it clear who was in charge. I remember when I first found out about the GYPSY GROUP. I walked outside and noticed half the zombies shuffeling on my block had those 'now trademark' happy face bags over their heads. The zombies pockets were pulled out, and chained wallets were dangling to their knees.

Oddest thing I had ever seen... well.. since zombies started eating my neighborhood. I had an interview a few months back with one of the GYPSY GROUP members. He didnt want his name out, and probably for a good reason. They GYPSY GROUP is who brings me all my intel. There are people in the community that do a good job too, but they GYPSY'S have direct and precise information about key things.

I know there is always more to know, but what they bring to the table has to be respected. On with my journey.

I left my house at around 2:00 pm on Friday. I rode my motorcycle to town and had lunch with my wife. She has protected covered parking at her job which is good. Zombies dont really have a desire to struggle or adventure out. So a ramp up into a parking lot wont excite them unless there is food. My bat was secure on my back. The pouch my son made works really well. I do have to be carefull for the nails at the end though. But yea, the bat is very effective while driving downtown Houston. One crack and the zombs go down. Especially if I'm doin' 30 or more mph. I've learned to put my face shield down on my helmet. Gets pretty messy otherwise.. Im rambling.

Lunch was good with my wife. Where she works there is an elevator that leads down into the 'basement' of Houston. Its called THE TUNNEL. Not the most welcoming place. They have huge thick doors blocking off certain areas in case of flooding, or other horrific things. Like zombies.. It was my first time down there. I noticed doors leading off down hallways that werent labeld and strange men walking around expressionless. My wife says its because they're always down there, maybe causing a social disorder? I think they're aliens.. But what do I know.

Anyway... Lunch was over and I was full. I kissed my wife and she warned me of the dangers of my journey. Thats her job. It was annoying at first but it would suck if nobody cared right?

I pulled out of Houston on my bike. Rumbling through the narrow buildings that reached the clouds. Houston was pretty despit the screaming women and bums rising from the dead. The new art of downtown were the shopping carts that are used as barracades. They can stack those things higher than I thought possible!!

I drove and drove until I reached Huntsville, the supposed capital of Texas for ZOMBIE HUNTING.. Ironony in the name right? I stopped at the gas station to fill up my bike and didn't see one zombie..... anywhere. There were no screaming people, no running children, no crazy one shot heros finally realizing that its do or die... nothing. I pumped my gas with a most uneasy feeling on my soul. I went in to pay the lady and asked what the deal was. Apparently, guns were made leagal and available to all citizens providing they werent already a risk to the community. Pot was leagal and taxed and Gambling was on the table for debate to bring in.. Everything I didn't expect. I was almost glad to get back to reality.

The road to College Station was beautiful. Hills and twists made the ride fun. There were only a few burning cars on the way. I used to wonder how in the world in apocolyptic movies, were 'all' the cars burning? Surley they didnt 'all' have bad engines? Turns out, if your going to die, or you just dont want to give back to anyone that might have survived the zombies, burn your ride. It ensures you 'not' turning into a flesh eater, and destroys all your goods.. pretty spiteful if you chose the latter. But I cant really dog on the last wishes of a human turning into a zombie

I arrived.

College Station was almost exactly how I imagined it. Lots and lots of pretty people. I started to wonder if this is why the leader of the largest zombie and government resistance group in the world chose to reside. Coinsidence? I think not.. Way too many hot people to ignore :)

I gave a quick call to my family to let them know I was there. My wife said things were quiet and happy at home, just wishes I was there. Thats good to hear in times like these. Really good. We exchanged a few inappropriate texts and agreed to check back in after my meeting with the GYPSY GROUP.

Just as I tucked my phone back in my pocket, I felt a buzz. It was my phone. I pulled it out and didnt see a number, just a message that said "DONT MOVE, STAY THERE". Not knowing the consequence of choosing either to leave or stay, I took my bike and hid behind a Credit Union building. My phone rang. I answered. The voice said to stay put and an informant would meet me there, to follow him back to the address.

Soon, a man on a bike pulled up. Kawasaki Cruiser. Nice. Loud. Louder than mine and more decked out. I was immediately jealous. Without saying anything, he pointed in a direction with two fingers. We pulled out of the parking lot of the Credit Union and made our way South down the feeder of HWY 6 in College Station. We exited approximately 4 or 5 exits from where we originated and turned into the most confusing neighborhood I've ever been in.. This is when things got hairy..



The information comes in bits and pieces. Sort of like the limbs of zombies in the wake of these two warriors. We don't know much as I said earlier, but they fight with us. Their leadership will be legendary for their community. ZOMBIE FIGHTERS PLEASE WELCOME Eric and Daniel. Turn to them for any raw training.  Report back and share your experience.  Thanks again and we all look forward to learning more about your fight not only with the ZOMBIES,  but the ASMZ as well. Send reports to EDDIEROTTEN101@GMAIL.COM.  Fight hard. KILLEM'ALL!!


ERIC got ahold of me through the comments of the blog. He is from McAllen. I'm assuming its the McAllen from TX. Close to me. I'm waiting on the whole situation of his area. Him and a friend are gathering troops, which we need desperately. Eric is a natural born leader... he has to be. The last I heard from McAllen is that zombies were trying to attack some committee in charge of the Grand Opening of the new Library there. I don't know how that went but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Nobody likes zombified Librarians.... right?

Anyway, what we really need in that area is some kind of central intelligence to cover the ongoing investigation on the Silver Disks. If you need more information on them just type 'SILVER DISK' in the side search bar of the blog and it will take you to all the posts regarding the topic.

I believe that the silver disks hold information on my theory. I think that zombies are becoming a frequency based terror weapon. In the beginning, zombies came from nowhere. At least that's what we thought. There wasn't a news broadcast saying what happened or how they are here, just that we as a people have to protect ourselves. I think that there 'was' an infection base, but where, I don't know. I'd love to find out.

Eric is my last hope for that area. McAllen is either far enough out to be safe, or far enough out to be forgotten. Lets all support his leadership. Hopefully he and his crew will be able to find out more about the frequency pulses coming from these silver disks and let us know a little more about them and how they might be affecting out zombie friends in the near future.

Now.... there is news from my trip this past weekend. I was contacted by the infamous GYPSY GROUP. They wanted me to travel to College Station for a meeting with (get this), the leader of the GYPSY GROUP RESISTANCE LEADER!

My wife thought it was B/S and I thought so too, but they gave me an address, a time and location to meet him... so I left.


Thursday, November 17, 2011




United States
United Kingdom
South Korea           
Saudi Arabia         



It took more effort than it was supposed to. The axe I buried in the head of a zombie on my front lawn stood there like a beacon of rage for days. There were too many for me to just go out and get it when ever I wanted. My 'condition' was setting in though. I had to get that axe back and sharpen it. Its like having long fingernails on a dude. JUST FLIPPIN' CUT THEM!!!!

When I went to pull the axe out it reminded me of the good ol' days. 6 or 7 months ago zombies were almost laughable. Things in the world were bad, but not anywhere close to this crap. The news is almost a complete stand up joke these days. Almost not even worth mentioning.

I didn't mention it before, but I'm on vacation. Well, I call it vacation. My boss thinks I should have some "well deserved time off". I know what that means. He got ahold of my facebook page which naturally led him here. To EDDIEROTTEN.COM

I must say, it is nice having more people shake my hand on the street these days. Being known as a resistance leader against the powers that be and those that breed and horde zombies can brighten any bloody ol' day.

All the same, things are worse. Politics are making my hair turn white!!

The OCCUPY people are being framed, just as I said they would be. The news is conveniently passing over the zombies that shuffle through their camps. If they aren't going to take it from the government anymore, than they sure as hell aren't going to take it from a small group of flesh eaters. Nope. They have an agenda... not sure they know what it is but they have one.

The thing about them crapping on the ground and getting drunk and raping people is a farce. 'Course the mainstream news wont talk about it. The local Sheriffs are letting the bums out of jail early and telling them to go sleep it off at the OCCUPY camps. Its true.click this link yo!

The GYPSY GROUP came to me the other day and shared more information on the zombies, the global take over and a bunch of other crap. I get tired of this sometimes believe me, but no one else is doing it?!? The OCCUPY GROUPS are there in place to be arrested in GROUPS. They do have a desire to make things better but unknown to them, they are being used as a pilot to see what large groups of people will do when the military steps in. I know it sounds stupid, but martial law is here in cute little doses.

The zombies are being released in larger numbers now too. Look at the attack on the white house just the other day. The ASMZ let 20 (confirmed) zombies out not but 2 blocks away from the White House to shuffle off the protesters that were marching for 'green this or green that'. The zombies failed. These officials forget who they are dealing with. As the zombies get hungrier and faster, so do the people. The zombies didn't last as long as they were supposed to so the next diversion tactic used was to have someone shoot an AK47 towards the White House.

Anything at all will be used to drive the attention away from the silent movements towards total martial law, population control by zombie, and the governments control on our money.

Speaking of money. THE BANKS WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY Take a minute to review what the GYPSY GROUP has shown me on what the global agenda really is. They are, and will use zombies as a distraction while they rob us blind.

We are trying to figure out what they need all this money for anyway. If only a few people end up having money, is there really a point to having it at all? I'm assuming we'll all come up with our own currency... some day.

I'm ranting. Back to the axe in the head of the zombie. I pulled it out and washed it off. The meat wagon came and hauled off the rest of the corpses I had on my lawn. Since my vacation, Ive taken a few hours in the day just to hone my skills a bit. I wait on the top of the house and pick them off as they enter my yard. And when I get bored, I grab my axe.

It sounds stupid but I have this fantasy that I'm a warrior. A zombie slaying warrior with nothing but furry boots and a loin cloth. I have a really sweet helmet I got from the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL a few years back too. Foot long horns. Really cool.

Anyway, I'm on vacation right? My family is gone to work and school. I suit up in my Thor outfit and grab my lumberjack axe. Its awesome. Don't laugh..... Seriously, I can feel you smirking through this post.

I'll report more as the news pours in. Thank you all for sticking around. Zombies are the way of the new world. The distraction we are all addicted to. But. They must die.