Monday, October 3, 2011


It's good to be home. To tell you the truth I was worried I would never be able to come home again. It seems like forever since the last time I posted on my blog. I think about so many things that have happened since my last entry. I'm not sure where to start but I will give it a shot.

After my last post I was assaulted by a man at the grocery store.  Just getting into the store that day was a problem of its own. As you know zombies have become the most important issue in most of our neighborhoods. Finding new ways to battle them is an ongoing process. I will cover that later, but first, back to the guy at the grocery store.

He had questions for me concerning the whereabouts of the rest of my crew. He wanted to know the specific locations of all the ZFC's around America. I continued shopping but he followed me. I thought if I went to the frozen food section he would surely go away, but I was wrong. He cornered me again. He new basically everything about my operations and who I work with. After dodging him a third time he showed me a badge. He was an official employee of the ASMZ.

I slapped the badge out of his hand and he grabbed my arms. He headbutted me in the face. I felt myself crumbling to the ground but was met with an immediate kick to the chest. I flew back into the glass of the frozen vegetables. He stepped towards me and grabbed my face. With his nose pressed against mine, he started talking to me through his teeth.

"Your blog, your people, your zombie fighters... ends now!"

By this point people started gathering around. He stood back away from me and brushed the glass of his clothes. I was still seeing double from the kick in the chest, but I got up as fast as I could. the ASMZ was obviously tired of my efforts. The man started walking away through the crowd of people, then he stopped and turned around and came back to me. "Watch your back" he said, "Or you might finally get to see what a real zombie farm is".

Since I started fighting zombies at the beginning of the year I have seen just about everything you can think of to see. I have heard screams that will make your skin crawl. I have been cornered by zombies twice as big as I am. I have been chased through town and watched them burn to the ground behind me. All of this fails in comparison to the look in that guys face. He was driven to an anger I had not seen before. His face was trembling and his hands were shaking when they were on me. I remember that anger. It was when my dog turned. It was when ZOMBIES  were fresh and new to my life. That anger was really fear coming out. I'll never forget that.

I decided to leave my cart full of groceries there and make my way to the front door.

I saw my car at the edge of the parking lot. I park there so nobody hits me.. you know how it is. Getting closer I heard the screeching
come around. My stomach sunk to the ground as I saw a white van barrel through cars and speed bumps. It was for me, and I knew it.

The ASMZ markings on the van were an unmistakable sign that I was about to be kidnapped. 

The van pulled up violently. 6 men jumped out dressed in white clothing. ASMZ Badges sparkled in the sunlight.

I tried to get away but they were strong and there were just too many of them. They weren't alone either. At the corner of the store there were another group of ASMZ officer's coming my way. My legs were dangling out of the side of the van when they pulled away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the second group of officers attacked by zombies.

The parking lot of the grocery store turned into a mayhem story out of an apocalypse novel.

A bag was quickly place over my face. I heard the van door slam behind me. I then heard the rpm's of the van race to high levels as we exited the parking lot.

I immediately  started counting seconds to map my time, and try to remember the directions, left or right. A few minutes past and the bag was taken off of my face. I held the bag in my hands and noticed the Smiley face print on it.

Ut was the GYPSY GROUP.

They had kidnapped me posing as ASMZ officers, in order to save my life. They picked up on a tip that I was to be murdered that day. The gypsy group went into detail and explained all of what I didn't know.

For several months the ASMZ and the military had been tracking my every move. They knew about my work on the silver discs. They knew I was willing to go public with my information on the frequency gun that I stole from nasa. They knew I had information that could shut them down, and they weren't about to have it.

As I rode in the van with the Gypsy Group, they informed me of their new information. The ASMZ was working with FEMA and the TSA groups to monitor who has been affected in America. They started setting up outbreak checkpoints where people were scanned over and monitored to see if they showed signs of contagion. The cover up was obviously to see if there were any terror threats for an event. Airports and football stadiums were the first to be installed on the list.

Soon after groups in the thousands started gathering at different government associations. marching and waving banners that Americans rights are being abused.

First it was the new york stock exchange. Then California followed by Arizona and New Mexico. The Gypsy Group told me that Americans didn't know exactly what to ask for when confronted by the government other then they knew they were being scammed by the banks and the federal agencies. But new information came in daily. People  complained about chemtrails and they know that the government is behind modifying our food and water sources.

As the Gypsy Group preached to me in the back of a van, I realize how torn I am about the whole thing. After all, we do need protection from the zombies. The resistance groups around the world can only do so much. We don't have the money or the power the military has.

The Gypsy Group started to go on  about the whole thing being over money and power. Something about drugs and medicine being the dog of the free world.

I was about to respond when our van was slammed from the side. We flew off the road and sideways into a ditch. I was temporarily left unconscious. I heard gunshots and people yelling when I came to. It was the ASMZ . And they had found me.

I was upside down and I started to crawl out the side window. The glass was very sharp and I tried to move over it with my jacket sleeves covering my palms. Half way out of the window I was pulled out by a man. He held me by the throat as he was firing his gun at the scattering Gypsy Group members. Mangled from the wreck, I was hardly able to stay conscious. I remember the man raising the butt end if his pistol to clock me with it, then through the fog of my vision I saw a zombie run and jump on his back and start tearing his neck out.

I passed out.

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  1. Awesome Eddie!! Just awesome! I can't wait to find out what happens next!