Monday, October 24, 2011


As you can probably tell Im super distracted these days. Doctors say that I need to get on A.D.D. meds but I fight them over stuff like that. To wrap up what happened in my last post, The GYPSY GROUP faked a kidnapping to help me escape the clutches of the ASMZ. They were doing fine but we wrecked and I was taken into custody again. Not sure how I passed out, but I remember zombies stepping around me, blood.... lots of blood, and a voice screaming to 'pick his ass up!'

I woke up in a chair. Blue room. Flickering light. Two doors facing oppisite each other. I looked through the one that had a window in it. As soon as I could see my own breath on the glass, a zombie bounced into view. Rotting. His face was half gone. Cheek ripped off. There were more. As I looked past the zombies head I could see at least a dozen or more fumbling around the back of the room. Also blue. There was a single chair, fixed in place that the zombies were falling over. I turned and noticed the eerie similarity of the two rooms.

Just then an ASMZ officer walked in the other door follewed by a man in a suit. "Sit down, now!" I wasnt really in a place to argue. I had been beaten. I noticed the egg on my forehead and my eye was swollen and pulsating. All besides the point when I saw the room (one door away) full of flesh hungry WALKERS.

The ASMZ officer left me and the man in the suit alone. He looked at me for a minute. Just stared silently. A moment went by and the door opened again. A chair was brought in and set just in front of me. The man in the suit sat down.

"Says here that you are in charge of the Houston Chapter of ZOMBIE FIGHTERS, is that true?"

I remarked by asking where the crew was that helped me escape from the grocery store.

"Oh.. them. Well, you've already seen them. We've added a few while you were unconsious. They're in the room next door."

I noticed how serious this guy was. My days of dodging and staying under the radar from the ASMZ and the Government were over.

"I also noticed in your file that you've been privey to intel on the Bilderberg Group and something about Population Control... do you want to expand on that?"

I sat quiet and gave him the evil eye. Well... as evil as I could give. This 'new' operative seemed darker than the skin hungry zombies I kill.

"Have it your way Mr. Rotten." He stood up and pulled out a single razor blade. He held my head in place by grabbing my ear and sliced open the swollen golf ball I had under my eye brow. "Gotta let that drain, no need to wait for the swelling to go down is there?" He said in a calm voice. I wasn't prepared for the brutality in torture. I could see where this was going.

"Im going to ask one more time Mr. Rotten, Tell me what you 'think' you know about Bilderberg and population control."

Just then there was a quiet knock on the door. The man leaned in and told me if I didnt start talking, I'd end up with my friends from the GYPSY GROUP over in the next room. He stood up. Fixed his pressed suit jacket and walked to the door, never taking his eyes off of me. "You know." He said. "Your out numbered here, out witted, out gunned, out everything." He smiled and opened the door.

His head was met with a Desert Eagle. I could only see the chrome tip, but I knew who it was. My son had come for me. And he was pissed. With the barrel jammed on his head, my son pushed him back into the room, forced him to open the door to the room full of zombies, and walk in. In his reluctance, he was grabbed and drug in by the small horde of Maulers.

"Get up, lets go." My son said with strength. As we walked through the corridors of the building, my son shot the small army of 6 or 7 that tried to stop our departure. I started to notice where I was. I had been here before. I was in the basement of NASA. The first place we discovered the makings of zombie farms. The first batch of Puffer Fish. I had been kidnapped by a fake government posing as the good guys.

We ended up exiting out a storm drain my son knew about from doing extensive reconissance. I was proud. Hurt. Hungry. Pissed. He handed me a 9mm. It was another glorious exit. Guns blazing with my son. Doesnt get much better than that. Dead zombies at my feet make me feel good.

When I got home, I realized how bad things had gotten. I was kidnapped and sedated for over a week. My wife said that secret members of the GYPSY GROUP were acting as spy's for the ASMZ and told her that during after hours, some of the workers would go in and sucker punch me while I was out. She wasnt happy about that. We have a new security system set up at home now. The EMP Gun that we stole from NASA was now made into a multi directional assault weapon set up on the outside of our home. Zombies can get as close as they want, but when we blast em' with the EMP frequency, they're hunger for human flesh goes away... "only temporarily though." My youngest adds.

My family filled me in on all the things that have happened while I was out. The world is truley going to hell in a hand basket. The zombies are getting more media coverage now, and thats a good thing. But im working on my vengence now. Halloween is coming, and I plan on making the most of it.

I have new weapons to use. I'll be here more often too. My wounds are healed up and Im 110Percent.



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