Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I failed to mention how pissed my wife was that I was caught. She says that times are changing and I need to change with them. She's right. All the preparation we've done as a family to prepare for Complete Martial Law fails in comparison to the number of zombies out there now.. and what they can do. The GYPSY GROUP has informants all over the planet now. We do to. Our
ZFC's are catching on. Maybe its the season. This is our first Halloween with real zombies knocking at our door. I'm anxious to see how parents are going to handle TRICK-OR TREATING this year.
Usually people stick to their own neighborhoods, or go to the mall, but since the out break in all areas its hard to know where to go... and what to do when you get there. Maybe I'll invent a candy sling shot and sit on my roof top. People can pull up and yell TRICK-OR-TREAT from the family van and i'll blast one through a window. Better yet have em' attach a basket on the roof. That would be more fun!
The OCCUPY people were the latest to be attacked by zombs. I feel sorry for them. Most of them are there thinking they are 'literally' changing the way things are done for our democracy. I wish they read more blogs like you guys out there are. Its a shame so few of us know the road that has been set up for us to stumble down. The ASMZ is taking credit... or should I say 'forced to admit' that they accidentally let loose a batch of zombies near the New York and Houston OCCUPY protesters. Yea right. I don't believe it was an accident. Do you?
First there was a complaint by the city that it cost too much for them to be there, with all the extra overtime the cops were putting in. Then the government couldn't justify the claims they were making. Unable to back up facts that the banks aren't screwing us for their own 'DEEP POCKETS' reasons. So all of the sudden, hoards of zombies show up at the 'so called' protected areas of the OCCUPY demonstrators? I think not. Its too coincidental. Zombies have been proven as population control in the past and I don't see how this is any different. 
The military moves in and takes away our rights. The ASMZ waves their flag in place of the US flag and low brows any of us who want a free democracy. Its subtle, but an effective way of moving in Martial Law and making it seem as if we need it.
Enough politics already. Ive been home for a few days now and already pissed how bad things have become.
Another interesting bit of 'what-ever'... The GYPSY GROUP came by and dropped off a time and place to meet them. I met up with them yesterday. I don't know why things are so incognito these days. Its not like the world doesn't know who we are now. I asked why they didn't just talk to me at my house? They said that during the time that I was in custody of the ASMZ, my wife politely asked them (with an ice pick in one of their nostrils) to stop coming around the house. It was attracting too much attention. My wife denies it but I saw the piercing through the GYPSY'S nostril.
Anyway... there is debris coming to our coastal waters from Japan. They said that inside the debris will contain some answers to the new zombies we have here in the states. One week I was kidnapped. In that time the zombies have morphed into black death. So fast some of them have become. I think since the release of Dead Island, who ever is in charge has come up with some new ways to kill off some normal human beings. Toxic zombies are reported to be coming from the bay Cities. Galveston and La Port areas are supposed to have the worst. The radiation from Japan is coming with the debris. Hopefully no zombies. We have enough here. 

I'm tired now. I worked a 10 hour night and I'm beat. Riding my motorcycle home is the best stress reliever. I'm getting pretty good at swinging my bat at the head of zombs at 40 miles per hour. The shock-wave it sends through my hand is the worst though!

Off to bed. My perimeter is secure. My family is safe. Our ZFC's are recovering. Thanks to some diligent zombie fighters, our numbers are up around the world. Keep your bats and bug zappers handy though. The Mods on Dead Island are a reality. Our neighborhood mechanic has created several new weapons the ASMZ would definitely LOVE to get their hands on.

Get your rest and knock your days out. Hard times are coming... like you didn't know.

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