Thursday, September 1, 2011


Days have passed. I was struck with a vile case of strep throat that rendered me voiceless and unable to move for several days. I was able to catch up on some zombie blogs though. Im impressed on how well people fight zombies now. At first, the Armageddon syndrome took over and people froze in battle with the zombs. Parents teaching their young the art of surviving a zombie attack. Did you ever think this day would come?

Speaking of days to come, we are on the summit overlooking 2012. It really has never meant much to me before now. Maybe all the hype sets in at the last moment. Zombies are still the poison of the planet. They are destroying crops and water rationings. Of coarse its all being blamed on the heat wave, or what globalist are calling ' global warming'.
What people forget about zombies, is that eventually they die also. Their hunger is only for flesh and blood, but their bodies are not modified passed the frequency in their brains pushing them to continue until the brain turns off, or blown out... either way. My point is, what we've discovered over the last several months is that as disgusting as zombies are, they are still.... or 'were' still, human. Meaning we can't survive off each others blood, and we can't live long from eating each others flesh. When zombies run out of blood, they fall and die soon after. Its much more fun with a shotgun to the head though. 'No guilt murder' is what the local tabloids are calling it.

Im at work now. My family is safe at home. Others aren't so lucky though. I know people that have lost their whole family to zombies. Most of which are now members of the GYPSY GROUP. One guy in particular was backed into an old house outside Austin TX. He got lucky...

Him and his family were traveling when their suburban broke down. Radiator. He worked on the car while his family kept the doors closed. It was getting dark. Hard to see. Hot. His only idea was to flag down the next car and ask for help. The next car finally came. It was a van. White. 8 passengers, all wearing gas masks. They drove by slowly, staring through the toxic goggles. Without stopping or offering help, the now familiar white van crept away. Frightened now, he realized the gas masks could only mean that infection was close by. This was all before zombies were a household name. He and his family saw their first zombie 20 minutes later, staggering towards them on the same road their car died on.

There wasn't much out there. A few dead trees and some large stones scattered about. As the zombie approached, the man said his wife and two kids got out of the vehicle and went pee on the side of the road, hidden from the mass of the car. And not too worried about the outbreak either. At this point, there were only random news broadcasts quickly covering a flu like epidemic. Seeing the white van with gas masks was the first time it was real for him.

The zombie continued its path towards them. They didn't think anything of the zombie at first. Must be a drunk bum way out in the middle of nowhere. Worse things have happened.

The zombie approached.

The family watched as the father asked the stumbling mass of flesh if he needed help. With one look into his grey eyes, the man yelled for his family to RUN!


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