Monday, September 19, 2011


Ive had a wonderful couple of days. I took my family to the beach for a drum circle. We went to a Greek restaurant. We danced in the rain.... all good stuff. I haven't enjoyed my family in such a long time. Government funded Zombie Farms can put a damper on things. I wont digress.

My sons are leaders in their world. Groups of 'wannabe's' come to them for zombie training. Others flock to my wife for compassion and leadership. Mostly women that have lost their over zealous husbands, brothers, children etc. Stepping back, my family is relentlessly fantastic.

Ive taken the time away from the zombie blog to re-engage myself with them. The people you love the most can become strangers fast in a world of walking dead. And if your reading this wondering what the hell.....well... maybe its time you re-engage yourself with your family too?

Zombies are carrying a sense of brutality these days. I didn't want to mention how hard it was to actually make it to the beach, but it wasn't easy. I'll never forget the good time we had while we were there though. My sons stepped up and saved family after family. Weaponless.

The power just flickered...

Its been happening more lately. The ASMZ has joined up with groups our intel cant track. The biggest bit of news to come in was the threat of the NWO... more commonly known as the New World Order. We all saw it coming.

Look for the AMERO

With all the wars being manufactured around the world it was only a matter of time till they force us to combine resources. The powers that be think it (we) will be easier to manage if were all under the same umbrella. I say screw that. The revolution is coming from more fronts than they know about. Even this blog is being watched, but I don't care. We out number the strongest armies of the planet... or off planet.

The GYPSY GROUP is pulling their forces together to create counter zombie terrorism groups all over the world. These rogue governments are becoming more dangerous because they drop off hordes of zombies in rural areas unannounced. So far, even with trained zombie killers out there, we aren't able to fight them off. The victims become infected and turn too fast these days. These days... ugh. What a dreadful sound.

My posts will be more frequent. My family understands the times we are in. The final times. This Armageddon is not the final Armageddon, don't be confused. But we are in the time of frequency change. We are in the cusp of two historical moments colliding. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears trained. Every piece of information helps. Leave comments or follow @eddierotten on Twitter. I know it seems like a petty beg for attention, but I know how strong our zombie fighting forces are, and so far... here and Twitter seem to be the safest place to communicate. Look for the other zombie fighters on Twitter also. Even non zombie fighters can be a source of intel. Do your homework please.

This year is almost over. I'm typing this and noticing my keys are stained red. Ive tried to clean them with bleach but the red just..... stays. 2012 is coming. And with it, new outbreaks, diseases, manufactured wars and worst of all... ZOMBIES. Faster, Hungrier, Louder, Deadlier.

News just came in over my 'hot board' that the ASMZ is planning an attack on the 31st of October. How ironic. Hello Halloween.

And for the hacker members of the ASMZ or the CANARY GROUP. Or even the traders that are suspected in the GYPSY GROUP, I am here. I'm not running. Our soldiers are ready for you. And not even the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE cant stop our purpose.




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