Monday, August 22, 2011


The first day of school is always rough. My two sons left with their head held high and loaded to the teeth with firearms. My oldest son has an automotive class to start the day off but it was canceled due to the number of zombies in the area. After my wife dropped him off he had to call her to come back for him. The automotive school is inconveniently placed several miles away from his normal high school. My younger son has an awesome school, they are always on top of their game. Even with hords of zombies in the neighborhood, parents were still able to drop their kids off safely. It's wonderful to see the community pull together when it comes to zombie fighting.

All is not well though.

It seems the government and the ASMZ are working together once more. Who would have thought that in such an apocalyptic time the ASMZ has so much influence on the Senate and the presidential race. The GYPSY GROUP reported that their inside Intel led them to bilderberg, which led them to the Senate, which led them to the odd situation were in as a nation with our finances, which ultimately leads us to who we vote for and what their going to do about all the zombies.

There is one candidate that barely gets his name mentioned. RON PAUL is covering some pretty heavy conspiracy topics lately and my Intel says the government is telling the media not to pay attention to him. But why? All being told, even he won't touch the topic of zombies. My last hope is if Alex Jones will cover the topic one day. George Nori talks about zombies from time to time on his syndicated radio show COAST TO COAST. But it's on A.M. so not enough people tune in. Although I literally love the show, He also talks about aliens so naturally people excuse the Intel as bogus.

One day though. When the truth comes out, people usually get their feelings hurt. Its better that than having your brains eaten right?

Speaking of which. Im finding more and more mass grave reports on YouTube. I know... grain of salt. But so many? The latest one was found here in Houston. Are they keeping bodies for some reason? And is it really FEMA behind the government on this?

Watch "investigating femas mass graves in houston texas" on YouTube

I cringe just thinking about it. I have strepp throat by the way. Going to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully is just that and not some new ASMZ virus going around. Crossing my fingers.

I will report more soon. This past week was a big challenge. Parents don't trust the government to take care of our children in the event of a horde outbreak. Too many parents grieved last year when their kids were attacked by zombies, then taken by ASMZ for care. Only to return as flesh eaters. We will now be called by the school in such an event, to decide if we need to come out or not. Kids toting guns to school for zombie protection was big at the PTA meetings last year, and I think all the parents agree that their kids should be protected from the zombies and the ASMZ alike.

FOOTNOTE: We need more fighters. If your on Twitter give a quick shout out for us here. We need all the help we can get. Whenever I mention this site on Twitter anymore I get the boot. So I have to be careful with my verbiage.

Times are hard. Food is getting scarce. Water is showing up contaminated... things don't look as good as they should. So lets pull together now.

The news is reporting power outages due to solar flares. If you believe that then fine. But read my post a few months back called KILL SHOT. The prophesies of the Gypsy Group and other zombie fighters are outlandish, but usually hit center target.

I need Chloraseptic now. My glands are killing me. And to think, this week I share a birthday party with my youngest son! Hope im over this virus. Yuk!!

Till next time. In unison now.

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