Monday, August 29, 2011


I looked over my past posts and realized how gloomy things look. I then realized that that's not the message I'm trying to convey here. Ive made new friends on twitter that have described zombies in the same way as I have. Scary. I haven't seen the ASMZ pop up on anyone elses blog. I haven't seen the CANARY GROUP or even the GYPSY GROUP show up anywhere else in the world. Not on the news, not in the paper (if I feel ballsy enough to get it Sunday mornings), not anywhere.

I feel completely alone with zombies. My family trains daily on survival, but for what? In the last 8 months, we haven't gotten anywhere with this pandemic. The rest I get is when I'm so exhausted I pass out either on bed or on the floor in the hallway, on my way to bed. My sheets are always stained in blood because I work at night, so when I get home, exhausted, I fall into my temper-pedic and...ugh.. why go on. You know the drill.

Things have got to change. I shared my sons birthday this weekend. I got a gamestop game card that 'as you probably know' I'll be spending on DEAD ISLAND when it comes out next month. I'm satisfied with just that, oh... I also got a water sprinkler timer. For when I want some entertainment from the kitchen window, watching zombies bat at water hitting them in the face.

Those good times. Those times where you remember laughing with your friends. You know what I'm talking about. Remember? Zombies have taken that away. I shouldn't even give them the credit. The government... no.. the ASMZ... no, Hell, I don't know who to blame anymore. The conspiracy is too big for me to wonder about anymore. The more I dig, the more friends I loose. Some people ask,"why do you even care? What control do you have either way? The zombies are here! NOW! What else is there to know?" And in part... I believe them. But I do wonder. What if I could do something?

This dude who used to work for the CANARY GROUP said to his new correspondent in the GYPSY GROUP, that as 2012 closes in the government is working closely with some 'unkowns' to stage new and creative terrorist attacks. Not just on us in the U.S. but all around the globe, to make it seem that we are all at each others necks. But why? Aren't we already doing that? What more fuel do we need? Each and every nation at this point is battling zombies with everything we have, and sure we make some leeway sometimes, but look at the numbers! Wars and rumors of wars. For no reason other than one mans decision to strike. Zombies are let loose in the streets of the innocent, more armies of the dead are born.

Are we the last remaining humans? Are we really the last of our kind? Turn on the T.V. and watch for just a moment, then ask yourself the same question.

Again, I miss the laughing times. There was a place where I grew up. In Markham TX. The place was called Dead Mans Curve. Real scary place at the end of town.

Markham was separated way back in the day to where whites lived in one section, blacks in another, and Mexicans in another. Well, around Dead Mans Curve, nobody cared what color you were. That's where we would hang out. Black town was called 'RED TOWN' because years ago they painted all the houses red to let you know black people lived there. Mexicans and whites were generally left alone, but the name RED TOWN, never went away. And when the zombies came, it just kind of....stuck.

The name Red Town seemed to catch on. Even in the rich white neighborhoods as the zombies made their way through. I don't even know if its referred to as Markham anymore. RED TOWN is probably what the whole lot is called now...

Where was I...oh yes. DEAD MANS CURVE.

We used to hang out there because our parents forbid us to go there. Thus, it was the safest place to be. It was a 90 degree right turn after a 1/4 mile stretch of one lane pavement in the far SE side of town. We would go there. Drag race. Tell jokes. Sling shot the birds in the corn fields... But when the party would die out, me and my best friend Pete, would stick around.  The block that Dead Mans Curve was on housed a thick Brier of trees. And that, is where we found our first supernatural experience. This is before zombies or the putrid ASMZ or any GROUP that I even knew about. This was my teenage years in Southern Texas.

Today, and I'd put money on it.. there are hundreds if not more, zombies roaming circles around there looking for flesh to tear from the bone. But then there was something else. Pete and I stayed late on the curve after our buds took off one evening. We were supposed to go home, but we noticed a sidewalk peeking out from the thick trees that night. We glanced at each other, locked the doors to my 74 Tempest and ran across the field like two giddy little boys going to their first monster truck jam.

We made it. Out of breath, Pete bent over and touched the sidewalk that led into the dark canopy. "You ever notice this here?" "Nope." So being the young Indian Jones we were, we stepped in.

This sidewalk led back through a twisted maze of directions. Small bits of re-bar came from the ground around it. We found a 3 person swing set covered in vines and shrubs. We followed the sidewalk all the way to the dead end. A dark and cold place, with spiders and a feeling that I hadnt felt until just recently. Not until I came face to face with my first walking dead. A feeling of... evil.

Pete felt it too. Something was there. The cold air was almost channeling through me and I wanted to leave.. immediately. Without a word from either of us, we walked briskly back to the entrance of the grove and across the field. Not a word when I turned over the rumbling muscle car. Not even a word on the way home. We were both shaken to the core.

My curiosity over the years led me to the Matagorda County Library. After never going back there again I looked up as much about the place as I could. Then I shared it with Pete. The property used to be occupied by a school. A childrens school. The last clippings in the archives of the place talk about a professor that would do work there after hours under permission from the city. It says that an experiment went wrong and the entire school burned to the ground. Killing 14 children... that weren't supposed to be there. The oddest thing is, the childrens dental records didn't place them with anyone's family in the area. Or anyone at all. Ever. The bodies were buried under a moss tree at Dead Mans Curve. And all that time, I thought someone wrecked their car and died. After the fire, the only thing left was the sidewalk, which unbelievably is still there to this day. The story has much more to it, but why bore you. The experiments were traced back to the University of Houston, under the file: bio engineering.

That is the first time I'd ever heard the word bio engineering, If I only knew then what I do now. So we drove by the sidewalk every so often through the years. But not anymore. Pete is neck deep in Utah now. New house, 2 beautiful children and I cant say much for his wife.... or ex-wife. She might have caught the infection. We don't talk about her. Respected... you know.

Any who, my writings are hurting people apparently. There are ZFC'S around the country and the globe that are being tracked by the 'new and improved ASMZ. Reports are coming in from the GYPSY GROUP that their systems are being hacked, traced and in some cases, burned to the ground. So, my Intel will be shotty for the next few weeks at most. That's OK though, Ive got plenty to share until then.

There is something I'd like to put on paper. Never have before. Just been too chicken. And if Pete finds out, he'd kill me. Along side with being a zombie killer for the last 8 months, and please don't laugh... I think I've been visited.... again.

Do you believe in extra terrestrials?

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