Monday, August 15, 2011

Stuck in a Water Tower

Dark. Hot. And a little damp.

I'm speaking through my phone. The android market has a cool new app that has dragon technology. I'm really just speaking into the phone and its typing this for me. All aside the point.

My back is against the wall. Literally. I'm not home. I'm in a water tower. I know, sounds crazy.  Believe it or not, I've been run up here by a horde of zombs. They are much faster these days. I'm sure I've mentioned that before. I haven't posted in a few days. Several days to be honest. I am so busy with survival and zombie killing there's no time to get in touch with you all.

There are a goods and bads. I'll cover the bads first. I haven't heard from JIG in a few days. He usually contacts me via facebook. But its been a while. I'm hoping that with all the rioting going on in the UK, he isn't hurt. They're all fighting over money, and who doesn't have it. Stupid right? I hope that world doesn't make it over here. Zombies are hard enough to worry about without an economic fall out on the horizon. The zombies of the UK are different. I don't know if you've read JIGS BLOG, but the zombies are being found with chips in them. I know that its not a global thing, cause there aren't chips like that here. I'm having such a hard time with this new 'silver disc' I found. I really wanted to have made more progress than that by now. I'll touch on that later.

Damn this water tower is smelly...

I was chased up here, while I was walking through this neighborhood. I let my guard down for one second, and noticed the shadows running from around the corner. There were so many of them. I drew my weapon but really... I should have brought a bigger gun. Why were they running?! I hadn't seen but only a few of them here. I heard of them over seas, but here? Now? No time to think. Just run..

I ran around the building. It was getting dark. Almost blue outside now, but then the sun was dropping. The time in Texas when the mosquitoes attack as bad as these zombies. Anyway, I was leaning on a brick wall. My wife beater was already torn from a zombie fight I had earlier in the day. I checked my 9mm clip and pulled a quick grin. Just as I locked it back into place, a small group of zombies saw me from across the street. They were inside a clothing store screaming at me through a 7 foot window. I thought I had the window to my advantage but I was wrong.

When they saw me, they banged on the window then walked away behind the clothing racks. That's when I checked my rounds. I looked up just in time to see them crashing through the window. My time was out. I fired off one round and ran towards a small bench park just a few miles from my house. I scaled a fence faster than I ever had before and made my way toward the water tower. They were coming fast. Running with flailing arms and gut wrenching screams. There was a ladder secured at least 12 feet above my head. My gun took care of the locking mechanism that lowered it to me.

They were still coming. The horde multiplied by dozens. Where were all the pedestrians? Why wasn't there any sirens or screaming? I truly feel right now, that I am alone. I know my family is safe but just by text. I'm saving my battery to log this entry. My wife's rules. She says she knows what my voice sounds like, but if there's any way to log an event, it will become useful to the survivors in case I don't make it. But I will.

So now, as I speak to my phone.... I'm looking down to the fires. There are fires in my town. First time really, well... since those fireworks on the 4th of July, but you didn't hear that from me.

I'm peeking out a hole that was in the water tower. Its been here for a while. The rumor is that lightning struck it decades ago, and the water it contained washed out the whole east side of Webster TX. Who knows. But I'm inside it now. Ive already killed 2 rats, and there's not enough light to see if there are anymore rodents in here. The zombies caved in the fence that I jumped over. I thought it would hold them but there were too many. Hungry evil vermin.

I pulled up the ladder as soon as I got to a point to turn around, and there was already one climbing.... yes, climbing up after me. Since I found that new silver disc I've noticed changes like never before. They are jumping at the ladder now. The moaning never gets comfortable in my ears. Death vocalized is the worst thing to have nightmares about. They know I'm up here. I can take out as many as I can but I'll run out of ammo eventually so I'm dumping that idea.

I cant explain all the fires around town. Seeing things from up high is actually kind of scary.  Its like a dream I had when I was young. Everything was on fire. I was in some kind of outhouse. When I walked out, there was a booming voice that was speaking some other language. I then noticed my feet dragging the ground, I felt my arms become weightless, and I was lifted above the houses. There were thousands of houses... out houses. Small chimneys with puffs of gray smoke coming out. Some people stayed on the ground reaching for my legs just as the zombies were doing just a moment ago. They then burst into flames, and tried digging themselves into the dirt. I cant explain it. It was a dream.

I just heard a siren. That's a good thing. Anything human. Even the ASMZ showing up would be nice right now. I just got a text from my wife. She says that zombies have taken over neighborhoods. And that it seemed like they were select neighborhoods. Like hordes of RUNNERS showed up and started tearing things down. I wonder what this is all about? Probably some kind of cover up for something. And tomorrows Monday. What a great thing to talk about over the water cooler. Forget about the economy and the budget. Forget about the population control and human concentration camps going up everywhere..zombies rampaged through some neighborhoods.. Or worse, a sale on leather handbags just ended at MACY'S! I'm being cynical.

Forgive me. I'm going off. Trapped in a water tower can do weird things to you I guess. I'm looking out now. There are still zombies jumping for the ladder. I'm so glad I pulled it up. There are a few people running from zombies out there, poor people wont make it.
Unless their cardio is up they don't stand a chance.
I think my gunshots gave me away.

The sirens just drove by.
It was a swat truck.
Covered in zombies.
At least two were falling off the top, a few were holding on to the sides.
They should have installed spikes.
Crazy how people know their in a zombie apocalypse and still don't prepare for it...

Another text from my wife. She's is actually asking me why I didn't eat the steaks that were in the fridge. I guess they're all good there. Still, iron doors are expensive to install, but so worth it these days.

I'm going to sit it out. And right now... well, just now, I fired off 3 rounds. Killed 3 zombies right now....or just then, however it works. An immediate blog is different than texting it or typing it when I have the time. I just leaned back inside this dark hole. I hope that someone saw me or heard me shooting. I would like help. I texted back to my family that I'm in the old water tower, I should be hearing from someone soon. I hope.

If there are any zombie fighters out there, could you send an S.O.S. for me through twitter? It'd be great to hear from someone right now. I've been reading FAIRWEATHER for a while now. If you haven't seen her zombie art your really missing out. Its got to be the best out there. I keep asking for an advanced copy but cant talk her into it. I don't blame her for protecting it till the end.

Ive also been reading Days with the Undead. A freaking horrifying blog I came across whilst on Twitter. Her situation is incredible. The zombies that they are dealing with are different than here. Her and KALEB both have unique situations. If you don't get back to me by tomorrow I highly suggest checking in with them. Information is key during a hostile government issue zombie apocalypse. I guess zombies are different all over the world.

So until the help comes, or the zombies give up and walk away.. I'm going to save the rest of my phone battery.

I'll check back in this week. Till then.


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  1. I hope you pulled through the doom tower. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm neck deep in zombies that seem to be communicating in orlando I would have gotten there. I tried to check out cape canaveral for you but even though I've got the twin AA-12s and the gatlin turret in the bed of my truck I still couldn't get within 5 miles of the base. The hordes that I was blasting through had hundreds of zombs. Then there are the ones I avoided. The numbers in those had to be in the thousands. If I can find anything out I'll let you know.

    Leave 'em in pieces