Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Return of the silver disks?!

I ripped the arm off a zombie to get this thing.
The grip that zomb had was incredible. I knew there would be more to show up. But I didn't think they would be this big! I'll fill you in later. I'm hiding in an industrial field. None of the oil workers here knew what they were doing, so now there's twice the danger. Infected people change so fast now. One little nip and they immediately start talking jibberish. They look at their hands as if they are hallucinating, then it happens. Their eyes are the first to go. Then comes that cold dry scream. Probably what makes them moan that way. I'm getting off now. Afraid the light from my phone will give my 20 away. Be back only later.
Too many to fight.



    some Zombie killin music

    -Lord Micah

  2. be ready - practice makes perfect!