Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hiding again. Something I don't pride myself on. After the ASMZ left the other day, we've been worried about whats going to happen with our neighborhoods. They told us that after the NASA program shuts down, everything will be fine because all the jobs are still so important. That's not the case. It was just days after the end of our space program that the zombies got really bad in Clear lake. Nasa Rd 1 is completely littered with zombies these days. During the day its not so bad, but at night.. well the story changes a bit.

So, here I am. With my family and my shot gun. Hiding. The worst feeling in the world. Not enough food to last a month and because of the heat, there are rolling blackouts every where. I was lucky enough to take my motorcycle in to Yamaha today to get the mounting brackets for my M16's tightened, and they had two blackouts while I was there. But I'm counting my blessings. I'm alive with my family. That's what matters.

Gunshots in the distance, a good thing. No ambulance or police sirens out there... a very bad thing. When first responders don't even get out you know the zombies are thick tonight. Its like Bay City where I grew up. The cops wont even drive down certain areas (Avenue C) because the gangs were so bad. Its still like that now. And for my friends still stuck in that arm pit, I'm sorry.

My dining room table is barricading the front door tonight. I've never really seen how many gouges there are in this poor thing till now. My nose is an inch from the surface and I don't smell wood polish. Rather remnants of mustard and macaroni and cheese. But the moans keep coming.

I looked at the outside video feed of my home-security and saw countless zombies roaming around the street. Peering into parked cars and tripping on the curb. There were even dead zombies. Dying from exhaustion or just bleeding out. Zombies have always fed off each other when there's no prey around, but only a few seem to be doing that these days.

My wife and sons are asleep. They should be. Tomorrow could be a rough one. By the look of the zombies in my front yard, everyone could use a little more sleep in preparation. And if I haven't said it before. I HATE ZOMBIES!! They are such vile roaches. I'm so tired of cleaning blood off my arms. Worrying if my shower will do its job and keep me clean. Sleeping is hard too. I can constantly hear those hollow moans when I close my eyes. As a zombie fighter and ZFC leader I shouldn't express such pain, but I have it. And zombies cause it.

 Zombies aren't just bad here either. They are to blame for the European economy taking a dump. There's even underground talk of the government planning terrorist attacks to cover up how bad the economy is. And no one wants to tackle the infestation problem. Just let the zombies destroy a once powerful nation and not talk about it.

Here is no different. The biggest thing in the news is the stinking tea party movement. Again. No zombies mentioned anywhere. Are they not allowed to tell the truth about the state of the Union? (short answer is yes, they aren't)

The same "underground" talk is that the next terrorist attempt in the U.S. will be caused by a "tea party" group. Yup, its even to the point where our own vice pres. is calling them Terrorists. Man, would I love to set them all in an honesty chair. Elephants and Donkey's alike. They're own policies and secret agendas created these stupid zombies in the first place and they wont fess up to it. Which brings me right back to good ol' conspiracy theories.

Why would people think that things are just hunky dory? Despite the obvious collapse of the most powerful nation in the world. Despite the stock market visually taking a crap on itself. Despite every other nation in the world pointing and laughing at us. Here's a thought.

The government can create zombies to control population and blame it on bad luck.. or...... they can continue to create devices to break society down upon itself. Read what I found on a device proven to be used by the FBI and other branches of government.

I know, I know. Star Trek right? That's what I thought till a member of the GYPSY GROUP introduced me to the device. There's more too. Are they numbing our minds to agree with the zombie population? To just agree to put up with it? If what Lord Micah says is right, the governments have been involved in zombie creation from the beginning. Knowing that they are part of their own progression. And our demise.
Speaking of our demise. Besides the zombies getting faster, stronger, uglier, and worst of all stinkier... Our cute little zombie creatin' government has another secret they got busted on. FEMA was cornered with Intel against them and they had to come clean. I cant really go into it much because I'd probably put my fist through the computer screen and stomp around my house like a two year old (ultimately giving away my families position). But its complete martial law. Camps secretly made managed by FEMA to prepare us for a total Police State. Zombies are supposed to be what they will be protecting us from, at least that's what they are using for the cover up... (they wont report that either)
anyway, here's the story.

I could go on for days at the bad taste in my mouth over this, but I wont. There are too many zombies on my front lawn. Every once in a while they bang themselves on the garage door, attracting more zombies to the area, but no more than my neighbors garage door. Its like a video of 'STOMP' with zombies. There's almost a rhythm you can hear by all the banging outside.

 I have a fence that wraps around the side of my house, and if zombies ever figured out how to get over that....were screwed. I have a sliding glass door that leads into my house. I don't think I have enough ammo for that scenario.

I hear some scratching from the other side of the living room. I don't want to give up my position next to the front door. One, because I feel the house is more secure with me right here by the door. Two, because its really comfortable and it took me a while to get that way with this cumbersome IPAD. Don't get me wrong, I love me some apple products. But during a zombie apocalypse they aren't as user friendly as they'd like you to think.

Until the hordes go away.

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