Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Location, Handle, and Weapon of Choice!!!

These are the kind of zombie fighters everyone needs. Im not going to talk politics, or conspiracy or anything crazy like that. This post is for these guys out there killing zombies like we all should be doing. In the trenches.. My hats off to the new zombie fighters. Thanks for keeping in touch. I check my email daily so dont think your not heard. We do need to get you added to the friends list so we can make you honorary ZFC heads. But thankyou anyway for all your work. Kill those zombie bastards!!!

Here is the follow up email I was sent this evening:

Hello its me Brandon. I'm sorry for the short email. Well I battled zombies at that time, like I said. Me and my friend Kevin are recruiting new soldiers. 

New zombie fighters. Don't forget, with your emails: Send me your location, how many zombies are in your area, and what your weapon of choice is. Also, some people have 'handles' so they aren't identified by the ASMZ or other secret groups.

Thanks again

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