Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm at work and I was watching the news. They were talking about the crime across Houston, they of course talked about the national budget crisis, and briefly, just briefly they mention Obama's new law.

The zombies apparently are not doing a good job, because the ASMZ just enforced a law that Obama came up with making birth control and the morning after pill free of charge to men and women.

Now, some might applaud this new rule but hear me out. Whats to stop people from completely abusing the right to birth control? Now men are held even less accountable for their actions. If the drugs are totally free, there's nothing to stop the karma train from crashing.

If you haven't noticed, children and family aren't pushed by the news and media. And we see less and less of them as the years go by.

The zombies are definitely doing their part. Especially with the elderly. Even so... for the first time in our nation's history, there's more older people 70 and up than there is children 0-12.

And if the complete health care bill goes through, the elderly wont be able to afford their medicine for cancer and other huge old people killers. The zombies won't even be needed anymore.... is that the plan?

To kill off the elderly with politics and slowly convince adults to not worry about children or families?

Just the surviving middle class will be left to beg for scraps from the rich. And zombies will surely be modified between now and then.

A world without children... what are we doing?

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